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Amalgamated constructs, or corpse dragons, are a class of demonic units valued for their physical malleability and human level intelligence. They are utilized in standard military operations by most countries, typically supporting human squadrons.

Like most constructs, they consist of colonies of microscopic demons, but their binding core is the cadaver of a drowned magician. Although their deployment in warfare is controversial and has been condemned by the United Nations since 1956, the practice is still technically legal.


“So I kissed her and I ask her to marry me. And she said ‘oh little archie we are too young! ask me again when we are 18 and I will say yes.’ I hate that I hurt her.“ requested by @aresoperfect

one of my students told me yesterday that he and his friend were going to marry me.  i didn’t get a chance to discuss the finer points with him (”can i bring my wife,” that sort of thing) but i’m sure it will come up again because most of our conversations go like this:

me:  if you headbutt anyone else you will have to stay by me

him:  i love you ms. c

me:  i love you too bud

him:  you’re beautiful ms. c

me:  thank you, so are you

i answered him this way about 50 times in the last few weeks, until he came back after and added “because girls and boys can be beautiful, right ms. c?”

i said absolutely, of course.  we’ve now had this conversation about 20 times every day, because maybe he just needs someone to tell him he’s beautiful.


me and @fishykays did a collab to draw your two OCs in osomatsu style (like this one that you did), we hope you like it!! :D HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY

#LikeAGirl’s Success is Found in One Kid’s Answer

There’s a moment in the first half of Always’ #LikeAGirl Super Bowl commercial that’s truly radical. When asked if his portrayal of running “like a girl” was insulting to his sister, the young boy in the ad says “no…well yeah, insulting to girls. But not to my sister.” It may sound like a throwaway comment, but in those few words we see just how quickly people separate themselves from that which relates to us personally. That our personal experiences and relationships are exceptions to the rule. Which is exactly what makes #LikeAGirl so radical — and proves how we need to push ourselves forward in order to actually eradicate sexism.

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I got to play Rainmaker mode with spatialsphere and magericken!! It was really fun and we make a pretty fearsome team, yo! rain effect is from here but everything else was hand-did