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You’re telling me in spite of the 173 million black people across the planet we’re going to let this dill pickle with mayonnaise Taylor Swift hold the number one spot on the Billboard Charts? Bitch please.

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Some first few pages in Jamie’s book! :D

“This book is dedicated to Denholm, Rocky and Nina (The Brood).”


“25 years of madness becomes a mash-up inside my head.” 

“Cheap vodka and a rubber flick knife.” 

I’m obsessed with this book. It’s so, so gorgeous. 

Jamie has been such an inspiration to me for years; his art is so expressive and intriguing, full of weird characters and beautiful detail. Tank Girl, Phoo Action, Gorillaz, and so much more amazing ideas and stunning art…. Jamie is one of my favourite artists, and this book really grasps his work. 

I’ll post more pictures for you guys, promise! ❤️