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hey guys!

this blog is about a month or so old, but i just recently got a bunch of new followers, and realized i never really introduced myself on here. so just wanted to say hi, fellow roomfriends and b99 fans! i’m elyse :)

i’ve been following a bunch of NG, b99, zooey deschanel, the lonely island, and andy samberg blogs from my personal account for years and i’ve been obsessed with all things zooey deschanel since like 2007 and all things andy samberg since like 2006. so the only new thing about this for me is actually being active in the fandoms and creating my own content occasionally.

sorry for literally leeching onto everyone especially you roomfriends who are probably like “get this bitch off of all my posts and out of my messages”, (@jakeyjohnson @zooeyslaychanell @dreamsofsleepingin @jmort124 @newgirlystuff @pepperwoodnights @livelovecaliforniadreams @myfictionalfavorites and everyone else i’ve done this to lately), but creating this blog and losing myself entirely in new girl for the most part (and b99) has been really therapeutic and my first real source of happiness in months.

so thanks for welcoming me in despite the level of annoying i am. and if anyone wants to talk about anything (ng, b99, or otherwise) please get into my asks or messages. :)

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hc: before the war, Bucky used to babysit the neighbor children a lot. When he walked down the street there were always several kids who'd run to hug him or just screamed his name (James always smiled to them and waved back). This image of an ideal guy, a handsome handyman who was also good with kids, made most of the girls in Brooklyn crazy about Barnes. Though, James just liked to be an older brother and to take care about someone and help if he could...[1]

[2] and during the war, Bucky used to put off a small chocolate bar which they got in their rations, in case they’d meet someone. There were so many lost kids and that’s all because of that war and James just wanted to make someone to feel a bit better in that terrible time, even if it was just a chocolate or a couple of kind words. Howling Commandos used to call Bucky “Mama Barnes” because that overprotectiveness of his.

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can I hug words because this is just so amazing, I wanna hug it (and you ofc)

okay and steve as like the dad™ because he was all responsible and shit, and the howlies behind steve and Bucky’s backs referred to them as “mom and dad”, like if something when to shit it would be watch out mom and dad are pissed. Bucky knew but he didn’t really care because it felt good to be taking care of people again, doing something normal, to make up for all the death. When Bucky fell none of the howlies used the nicknames until years later when they would meet up and toast the glorious dead and remember what it was like to know them.

When Steve brings Bucky to the tower after everything has fallen apart, been fixed, fallen apart again and been actually properly fixed, Bucky starts to get back to his taking care of people ways, just small things; have you had breakfast yet?, if someone gets injured on a mission he’s the first to ask how bad? and not leave them alone until they’re honest, Steve take a goddamn jacket! - I don’t need one Buck - You are going to Siberia!

Tony after being told no you are not having another coffee until you eat something solid remembers something his father said about mama Barnes and papa Steve. After that they get called mom and dad to their faces. The others are a little hesitant at first, but Nat embraces it with relish.