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Girl Meets Screen Time - Crazy Hat

Welcome to another installment of Girl Meets Screen Time. I know I was late with the posting of this installment, but I hope to be at a normal upload time by next week. This post will be focusing on the screen time of the core four in the episode Girl Meets Crazy Hat. It will also contain the series total so far. If you missed the last post about Girl Meets 1961, and wish to check it out, here is a link:

I will be adding the parameters to every post of this series so newcomers will know how I obtained my statistics.

*Please Note: I am human so the numbers might be off by a few seconds, but I tried my best to be as accurate as possible. I have decide to focus only on the core four for the time being. I will add Smackle and Zay to the total by popular demand, so if you would like me to add them, please let me know.*                                                    

Here are my parameters for the experiment:

  • Time is based on when a character is in frame, regardless of whether or not they have dialogue.
  • They have to be recognizable enough that the audience knows who they are.
  • The only exception to the first parameter is if a character has dialogue over the shot and they are not in it.
  • Obviously the theme song appearances DO NOT count towards the total.

The statistics and random observations about the 10th episode, Girl Meets Crazy Hat, as well as series totals, below the cut.

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