I keep hearing people say that Cl/xa and L/xa saved the show and I’m honestly really tired of it. I’m beginning to suspect that people don’t understand how to actually read ratings. 

Here’s the deal: If you see an increase or a decrease in the viewership ratings for an Episode, you don’t look at the content of that Episode, you look at the content of the Episode before it. Final viewership numbers are the total number of viewers over the course of 7 days, they include Same Day Viewers, 3 Day Viewers, and 7 Day Viewers. 

With that in mind we begin our nearly episode by episode analysis of all three Season of The 100 and determine what actually keeps this show on the air. It’s long (over 6,000 words) so I’ve put it under the cut:

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I am currently following as many Alycia Debnam Carey/Clexa blogs as I can because I am absolutely heartbroken right now and my precious cinnamon roll deserved better!!!

Yu gonplei ste odon! 😭💔

May we meet again! 😭💔

RIP Heda. You were too good for this world anyways ❤️


IT’S FINALLY HERE!!! I hope you enjoy it :)


Am I alone for not loving when Bellamy calls Clarke princess? Like, I would actually be okay if he never called her princess again. I mean Finn gave her the nickname originally and she clearly didn’t care for it. A fact he completely ignored. And when Bellamy started to call her princess too it was to annoy her. It doesn’t seem to fit their relationship anymore. Plus something about it has always kind of made my skin crawl.