• Clarke: How do we tell these people that the world is ending after everything they've been through?
  • Bellamy: We don't, not until we know A.L.I.E. was telling you the truth.
  • Clarke: It was the truth.
  • Bellamy: Still, keep it to ourselves until we know what we're dealing with and how to stop it.
  • Clarke: You're afraid of how people will react.
  • Bellamy: Yes. Besides, I could you a break from keeping you alive. You gave them back their pain, Clarke. Let's not add to it by telling them they're gonna die in 6 months. Once everyone's down, we go home, we get to work. We did't survive this long just to let a little radiation take us out.
  • Clarke: Thank you for keeping me alive.
  • {woman wailing} {clarke runs to her aid}
  • Bellamy: You don't make it easy.
  • {chases after her to protect her}

I’m reading through comments about ep 10 and I’m honestly like ???? Why are you all in doubt for bellarke? I admire the way it made us go “What the fuck” . I wasn’t expecting the sudden turn of events, but you know what? I’m glad they’re pushing them. Remember the last time they pushed them, it ended with Bellamy realising he loves Clarke by keeping her locked in. It made them talk it out and hug. She is literally doing the same, except now it’s reverse. She locks him in, they talk.

They’ll work it out because that’s what they do. People do stupid things when their feelings get involved, and Clarke’s been on edge, not with just her feelings for Bellamy but for herself and humanity. The girl has lost it! She’s desperate to keep the one person who keeps her sane safe. She needs him.

Do I condone? No, same way as I didn’t when Bellamy did it to her.

People just need to chill. This wasn’t spoiled to us. They kept this part hidden for a reason, so the question you need to ask yourself is what else are they hiding from us? Maybe canon confessions?

Okay so people don’t want Octavia as commander - a person who has done nothing but respect grounder culture - just because she’s a 17 year old girl who doesn’t know how to lead or make hard decisions?

But they’re fine with Clarke - a person who has only ever disrespected and treated the grounders like savages and like shit, who tried to force herself on them as their commander. 

Sure Jan. The only difference between these two in the long run is the one year age difference and how they treat the grounders.

And honestly, shouldn’t it be, oh I don’t know, the GROUNDER’S decision who their next commander is? Since it’s, you know THEIR CULTURE. A culture Clarke has shit on time and time again. But like it should be up to the grounders - not to y’alls biased asses 

Sorry to break it to y’all, but the Grounders trust Octavia. They don’t trust Clarke and they probably never will again. And it is will within their right to not trust her

Taylor is also grateful to be able to play a character who isn’t simply a girlfriend or a damsel in distress…

The thing that I really adore about playing Clarke and that I’m so grateful for is actually getting to depict a strong female character. For 15 years now, I’ve played the dumb one; the slutty one; the one who dies first in the horror film; actually being able to play a strong female character and be the lead of a show is just amazing and it doesn’t change season to season, I’m so grateful. And also being able to have a normal body on screen and not being told to be super skinny… being able to look strong and feminine to me is hopefully affecting young women out there and that’s always been my dream.”  - Eliza Taylor


I am currently following as many Alycia Debnam Carey/Clexa blogs as I can because I am absolutely heartbroken right now and my precious cinnamon roll deserved better!!!

Yu gonplei ste odon! 😭💔

May we meet again! 😭💔

RIP Heda. You were too good for this world anyways ❤️