After spending most of the night sitting on the bathroom floor this guy is crawling back into bed with a stack of comics, all the Cap movies and a huge bowl of mom’s chicken soup.Keep your fingers crossed it stays down and not come out the wrong way like everything else have been doing all night.

A very common argument I’m seeing around this thread is people going “I can’t check the entire metagame with my team of 6 Pokemon, this is bullshit!”  Did…did you all forget how this game works?  No shit you can’t counter everything with the same six Pokemon.  If you did, everyone would just run those six.  It’s why I hate Landorus-Therian so much: regardless of what team you’re making, he’s on it.  He’s one of those Chosen Six that will always and forever be useful.  What you are clamoring for is the death of team variance.  You are actually excited at the prospect of everyone using exactly the same Pokemon on every team.  You all disgust me.


i’m gonna be here more. maybe. more as in more than 1 every several months.a nd going to try and use it as where i post my writing and ( if i ever do it again ) art

but right now my car is shitty and i have to dump money in it with the idea of buying or leasing something new. and my laptop is old and is fine unless i use it in which case i watch the battery slowly die and wow if that’s not great for anxiety

and work is weird again. idk what’s going on with that.

and other stuff? i don’t know. but hi?

Shuffle Test Tag


Just put your music player on shuffle and answer the questions below with song titles. No Cheating! (Tag your friends)

I was tagged by teruteruhauntingbozu and kickthejp

1. The song that describes how you will die: Send It Up- Kanye West

2. This song describes your love life:Reflektor- Arcade Fire

(I guess?)

3. This song will play at your wedding day: Twisted Nerve- Bernard Herrmann

(My husband would have to be a huge Kill Bill fan lol)

4.Add “in my pants” at the end of this song: Blame game “in my pants”- Kanye West

5. This song will play at your Funeral: Rum pum pum pum- f(x)

(-No comment-)

6. Add “with a shovel and screwdriver” to this song: Midnight City “with a shovel and a screwdriver”- M83

7. This song describes your week: Children of the Damned- Iron Maiden

8. This is your theme song: American Boy- Estelle ft. Kanye West

(I can see this )

9. The song will play when you think of someone you love: The Cage- Death Grips

10. The song will play when you miss someone: Riviera- Shadow Shadow

(Man I forgot about some of these, I shuffled all of my music and I’m surprised I didn’t get more kpop tbh lol)

I tag cappuccinostars centaur-hentai yagami-chan latency-chan merkelcare c9meteos animay-tiddies miiky-chan misterbonesofficial rachie-chann and whoever would like to do this tag I would tag more but I don’t really want to bother you guys.

“I like the prospect of bringing certain uber’s down in general. Maybe Giratina-O will be over-centralizing but I don’t think it would wreck everything in the tier. It will probably lead to higher usage of fairies and steels to compensate.”

Oh, I see.  So over-centralizing is only bad when it’s something like Mega Mawile.  Fucking hypocrites.  But seriously, I can’t wait to see EVEN MORE Steel types.  It’s not like those are overused as hell or anything.