français | animals

amphibians/reptiles 】

  • le caméléon (m) | chameleon
  • la grenouille (f) | frog
  • le lézard (m) | lizard
  • le serpent (m) | snake
  • la tortue (f) | turtle
  • le têtard (m) | tadpole

aquatic 】

  • l’anguille (f) | eel
  • la baleine (f) | whale
  • le calmar (m) | squid
  • la crevette (f) | prawn
  • la méduse (f) | jellyfish
  • le dauphin (m) | dolphin
  • l’hippocampe (m) | seahorse
  • le homard (m) | lobster
  • la morue (f) | cod
  • le pastenague (m) | stingray
  • le phoque (m) | seal
  • la pieuvre (m) | octopus
  • le requin (m) | shark
  • le saumon (m) | salmon
  • le thon (m) | tuna
  • la truite (f) | trout

birds 】

  • l’aigle (m) | eagle
  • l’autruche (f) | ostrich
  • le canard (m) | duck
  • le caneton (m) | duckling
  • le colibri (m) | hummingbird
  • la colombe (f) | dove
  • le corbeau (m) | raven
  • le cygne (m) | swan
  • le flamant (m) | flamingo
  • le hibou (m) | owl
  • l’hirondelle (f) | swallow
  • le merle (m) | blackbird
  • l’oison (m) | gosling
  • le paon (m) | peacock
  • le perroquet (m) | parrot
  • le piaf (m) | sparrow
  • le rossignol (m) | nightingale

mammals 】

  • l’âne (m) | donkey
  • le cerf (m) | deer
  • le chat (m) | cat
  • la chauve-souris (f) | bat
  • le cheval (m) | horse
  • la chèvre (f) | goat
  • le chien (m) | dog
  • le cochon (m) | pig
  • l’écureuil (m) | squirrel
  • le faon (m) | fawn
  • le fourmilier (m) | ant-eater
  • la girafe (f) | giraffe
  • le hérisson (m) | hedgehog
  • le lapin (m) | rabbit
  • le loup (m) | wolf
  • la loutre (f) | otter
  • le manchot (m) | penguin
  • le morse (m) | walrus
  • l’ours (m) | bear
  • le paresseux (m) | sloth
  • le renard (m) | fox
  • le singe (m) | monkey
  • la souris (f) | mouse
  • le taureau (m) | bull
  • le tigre (m) | tiger
  • la vache (f) | cow


  • l’abeille (f) | bee
  • l’araignée (f) | spider
  • le cafard (m) | cockroach
  • la chenille (f) | caterpillar
  • la coccinelle (f) | ladybug
  • la fourmi (f) | ant
  • la libellule (f) | dragonfly
  • la mouche (f) | fly
  • le papillon (m) | butterfly
  • la puce (f) | flea
  • la sauterelle (f) | grasshopper
  • le ver (m) | worm
Me, You and the Zoo - Josh Pieters

Originally posted by pizza-blogs

Pairing: Josh Pieters & Y/N
Words: 1.5k+
Warning(s): none
Summary/Request:  josh imagine of maybe anything where you’re friends beforehand and want something more? I know there’s a lot of these out there but maybe you’re on a day out with the lads or something to the zoo an josh is being really cute?
A/N: its a shit title I know but it rhymes

You had met Josh through Joe and Caspar. You had been helping them out with hair and makeup for the two hit the road films that they did. Through that you got to know the two crazy boys, eventually getting invited out with all of them to go on nights out. You hit it off straight away. The easy-going attitude and his sense of humour making it easy for you to talk.
You became better friends with Josh than anyone else within the group, helping him out with small pranks on Caspar and Maddie, helping behind the camera and writing little bits here and there for skits.
But because of this you were on camera sometimes. When you started becoming proper friends with them they sat you down and had a serious conversation about whether you wanted to be on camera or not. You immediately said no, being in front of the camera was not your forte. However gradually the viewers would see short clips of you, whether it be your legs in shot while handing over a prop or the back of your head in one of the boys’ vlogs.
Eventually the boys became so used to you being around that some of them forgot when editing their videos. The first few were fine, millisecond clips of your face that none of the viewers noticed. However, it was during one of Joe’s vlogs that he had been in his kitchen and had gotten you and Josh messing about in the background.
Within a few hours there were hundreds of tweets, gifs made and screenshots about you and Josh and people trying to figure out who you were.
Joe apologised profusely when he found out about it and promised to take it down. However, you just laughed, knowing that inevitably, with the boys’ lives being online it was bound to happen sometime. You agreed to do a small guest appearance in Joe’s livestream he was doing later in the day, hoping that a live you would be better than an edited, video version of you.
That brings you to now. You were known to the boys’ viewers, but you never featured in any of their videos, you liking to just be in the background with no spotlight on you. However, the viewers noticed how close you and Josh were. Seeing the cuddles on the sofa in the background of snapchats, seeing the piggy backs you forced Josh to give you when you got tired in the background of vlogs, and they saw the blush rising on your cheeks and the matching cheeky smirk on Josh’s face whenever he said something flirty or inappropriate.
They liked you two together, so much that even the boys agreed with them, making jokes at every possible option.
You and Josh had talked about it, a heart to heart at 5 in the morning sitting on his balcony watching the sun rise. You both agreed that you liked each other, a lot. However, you both decided that just letting things happen on their own rather than forcing it would be the best way to go about it.

It was a beautifully sunny day when Joe rang you asking if you wanted to go to the zoo with all the boys. Reacting like a child on Christmas morning you swiftly agreed.
You were on your way there, Josh, Joe, and Caspar in your car, Josh sitting in the passenger seat to keep you company. You both talked like there was no one else in the car, puns and flirty jokes coming from the both of you. In the back-seat Joe and Caspar gave each other a smirk, turning on their vlogging cameras to get footage of what was happening between you.
Eventually getting into the zoo all the boys turn their cameras on, letting it know that they had arrived and how excited they were to go see certain animals. You walked ahead slightly, not wanting to ruin their shot, but also not wanting to be too close with Josh in case the viewers go crazy again. It was frustrating because all you wanted to do was joke about and enjoy the animals with him.
After the boys staring and making bad jokes about one animal for 40 minutes you were getting bored. So, you wandered off, walking up a ramp and coming to a glass railing where you could look over into the large sandy enclosure. You looked out and saw the baby giraffe hobbling beside its mother on long and unstable legs. You smiled out at them, glad to be getting some quiet time. You loved all the boys but they definitely got very loud at times.
You were in a daydream when you heard a voice very close behind you.
“You’re giraffing me crazy.”
You turned to look in his direction, finding the tall man with a cheesy smile plastered on his face.
You chuckle, shaking your head as you turn back to face the animals.
You feel strong arms wrap around your waist, Josh’s head rest itself on your shoulder.
“That was awful,” you tell him, turning your head slightly to see him better.
He smiled, and turned to place a soft kiss to the apple of your cheek.
You smile but look to the other side of you, assuming that since Josh was here the rest of the boys would be too, having a field day with the footage they would get. However, they weren’t. Josh assured you that it was just the two of you for now, the boys being too busy to pay any attention when yous left.

You and Josh walked around the zoo by yourselves, you both enjoying it so much that Josh forgot to vlog anything that was happening. You went to go see certain animals, played a short game of hide and seek (which you won because let’s be honest, Josh isn’t exactly small is he), and along the way there were lots of hugs, jokes and cheek kisses that were getting closer and closer to your mouth.
Around lunch time you received a call from Conor, asking if you and Josh wanted to join them for lunch, a lot of jeering and jokes being made about you both being alone together.
You walked to the restaurant that was located in the middle of the forest-like surroundings. Along the way, you and Josh were talking, eventually your brushing hands becoming intertwined with each other, not really realising it, just doing what felt natural.
All the boys were in the restaurant, waiting at a large table by the window for you to arrive. They were all talking about nonsense things when Oli looked out the window to see you both holding hands. He alerted the guys, all of them scrambling for their cameras and pushing and shoving to get to the window to see more clearly.
“My boy’s grown up,” Caspar said with a fake sadness to his voice.

You were now sitting up against Josh’s head board, duvet snuggled up against you as you scrolled through your phone waiting for Josh to finish editing the little of his zoo vlog that he had.
You had just refreshed your twitter feed when you received a lot of notifications, all being about Joe’s latest vlog and how cute you and Josh were.
You clicked onto Joe’s latest vlog and called Josh over to watch it with you, not knowing what any of the boys had captured from that day.
He comes over to his bed, lifting up the side of the duvet that was closest to him and got underneath it, sighing in content at the heat that had built up from you being underneath it.
He rolled over to be right beside you, wrapping an arm loosely around your waist as you waited for the video to load.
Towards the end of the video is when they got the moment of you both walking hand in hand, cheesy grins on your faces as you laugh at a bad joke that Josh had just told.
In the background you can hear the cheers of the boys and the cheeky comments made until you heard a clearer one from what sounded like Joe, assuming he was closer to the camera’s mic.
“They’re so freaking cute, I’m kinda jealous.” He said, amusement lacing his tone.
Josh turned to you, a smile gracing his face.
“We are pretty cute, aren’t we?”
He turned so that his body was hovering over yours, his weight supported on his elbows.
He leaned down, pressing kisses to your forehead, to your cheeks, the tip of your nose and along your jaw. You giggled at the silly act of affection, reaching up to steady his face, bringing it down gently to meet his lips with yours.
Your kiss is sweet to begin with, gradually it became more heated as your lips got firmer on each other’s as Josh brings one hand to rest on your waist, pushing your shirt up so that he could trace small circles onto your skin there.
You both pulled away to catch your breath when a smile overcame your face.

“I think we need some koala-ty time alone.”


Because she has ballooned and she still bloats mildly when being tacked up, it takes a while to get Abba’s girth done up, so today I spent some time seeing if she could be convinced to be a show Arab for treats. After five minutes with the clicker, she had realised stretching her neck wasn’t enough, she also had to giraffe her head up, which she thought was an excellent idea. We left it there, because I don’t see the point of the stretched stance myself, but anyway, here is Abba half-heartedly trying to boop my hand in return for pieces of apple.