“I have the necessary koalafications”
“Your koalafications are completely irrelephant”
“Don’t listen to him. He’s lion”
“This arguing is becoming unbearable”
“Indeed. It’s making my voice horse”
“Horse please. When do you ever say something smart? Don’t worry, owl wait.”
“Ouch hawkward”
“I’m out of here! You all are giraffing me crazy”
“Alpaca your things”
“Let minnow when you get there”

6/16/14 10:20pm PST

that one time Em and I wore floral rompers and giraffed in forsyth.  i can’t wait for fall quarter so all the peachies can be together again and we can continue to come up with bad, but really fun, ideas that mostly involve us getting on each others shoulders in weird places.