I took a video during the Dinner with SPG on Friday. I’m the one introducing The Spine cat and The Spine dinosaur to robot The Spine. 

((ooc post))

Sorry guys……but my dash did a thing…….it fused my fandoms together into BUNNY TOOTHLESS……. O_o should I draw that…..?

Look at her. It like “How did I get more amazing? Oh yeah by being me in a toothless hoodie” XD love you bunny!


So I’m opening up some emergency crochet commissions. Everything will go through paypal and I’ll take payments first. Please no SPG characters, but I can make your OC’s! 

Chibis will take about a week.

12 inch dolls with take about two weeks.

And the Super High Detail ones can be from 2-4 weeks depending. 

Eggs, Candy Corns, Pokeballs, Hearts, oreo cookies, Can be done in a few days. I have a huge assortment of colors so let me know and I can send you a picture sample!

Have a particular hat in mind? Let me know! I can make Kitties, Bears, Dogs, Lambs, Bunnies, and anything you could think of! Depending on their detail they will be between $25-30!

Thanks guys! Please spread it around!


Smokes, Fox and Jimmy, as designed by giraffesonparade and jazzpancakes (requested by giraffesonparade)!

Ordinarily I’d only do one ‘bot to a page, but they’re a trio, and it seemed odd to separate them. 

I apologize for the blur, my camera was not happy today.


If you would like your fanbot or Walter Girl/Boy drawn for free as part of this project (please refer to the ‘About The Project’ page) please submit their name and a reference image to the blog.