Altar (E.D) PT 1

A/N: my first 2 part (maybe more) story, hope you like it! This ones about Ethan. Y/N is hopelessly in love with him even though he’s engaged to her arch nemesis. Will she win his heart? Or sulk in the corner as she watches the love of her life move on with his new fiancé?

I buried myself deeper into Grayson’s outstretched arms, my tears soaking into his tight fitted t-shirt. But he didn’t care, no. All he cared about was comforting me. I felt as his hand slowly glided up my back and into my hair, his long fingers combing out my knotted tresses. “It hurts Gray.” I cried as he held me closer. “I know Kitten. I’m so sorry.” He said in a hush whisper. Kitten was Grayson’s nickname for me while Ethan’s was cupcake. I dont know why it was but they both agreed to explain the meaning to me when I was ready. I didn’t care at that point as it continued to grow on me whenever they called me it. He pressed a soft kiss against the side of my head as we pulled away. “I know what will make you feel better, we’ll have a Family Guy marathon with tons of Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream.” Grayson beamed cheerfully. I sniffled and wiped at the wetness of my eye. “That sounds great.” I forced a smile as Grayson gave my waist a soft squeeze, directing me to go wait for him on the couch while he fished out the ice cream and a couple of spoons. I sat down, pulling his blanket over my body as I brought my phone out of my pocket. I turned it on only to immediately shut it back off. I was faced with my wallpaper that I really regretted right now. It was a picture of Ethan and I, he kissed my cheek as I stuck my tongue out playfully. I really hated Ethan right now, but at the same time loved him with all my heart. Me, Gray and Ethan have been best friends for about 8 years now. I met them when I was 13. I met Grayson first, he tried to woo me with his charms but adorably failed when I admitted to having a tiny crush on his twin brother, Ethan Grant Dolan. Grayson introduced me to Ethan and when I was 15, tried to set us up. Of course it failed when Ethan stood me up. Well I shouldn’t make him sound like a jerk, he actually promised to go out with a friend for lunch and totally forgot about it till last minute. Little did I know his friend was a girl. Not just any girl. My arch nemesis. Valerie Smith. Valerie was pure evil trapped inside a teenage girl’s body. She hated my guts, but the feeling was mutual. Grayson never liked her either, apparently when she and Ethan were on one of their reoccurring “breaks” she started to seduce him. Grayson being the kind soul he is, rejected her out of respect to me and Ethan. My hate for Valerie grew when I realized she was only with Ethan for his fame and money, not to mention that she’s had her fair share of internet famous celebrities. She dated Aaron Carpenter, Cameron Dallas, and Jack Dail all in the span of 5 months. She had no interest in Ethan until he revealed how many followers he had on social media, after that she was practically on her knees, begging for him. Ethan bought her everything she asked for, no hesitation. Grayson and I scolded him about it but his constant excuse would be these simple words “You do crazy things when you’re in love.”
Sure, Ethan Grant Dolan was crazy but he wasn’t crazy in love. There’s no way he was in love with someone like her. That..snake. Seriously she looked like a giraffe with that long ass neck of hers, but she wasn’t worthy of the name giraffe because it just so happened that giraffes were my second favorite animal, after wolves of course. Any-who, 3 years in of being bestfriends with Ethan and Gray my feelings were starting to grow. I had never felt like that about a boy before, sure I went on dates here and there. I even went out with a guy named Ryan for two weeks. Obviously that didn’t work out, mostly because of me. I wasn’t putting in the effort, I was solely focused on Ethan. 4 years it took me to realize that I was in love with my bestfriend. Grayson figured it out before me, subtly teasing me whenever Ethan was around but now he just pitied me. Grayson was the one who comforted me when I cried when I found out Ethan had asked Valerie to be his girlfriend. Grayson was the one who held me when I sobbed uncontrollably about how Ethan would never love me back, about how I was jut seen as his bestfriend and nothing else. I blamed myself, I blamed myself for catching these feelings and I hated it. Why? Why did I have to fall for my bestfriend?!
4 years later and here I am, shoveling a spoonful of cookies and cream ice cream into my mouth while watching Family Guy with Grayson after my breakdown a few minutes ago. Ethan and Valerie were still dating, well not technically. Ethan proposed to her today and I just so happened to witness it.
Grayson and Ethan had invited me to their usual family gathering. Of course I accepted since I was going to see Cameron, my other bestfriend and Sean. Sean was like a father to me, my dad left me as a child claiming that I was weak and he didn’t want me. Sean treated me as his own and I loved him so much. Even though he knew I had a crush on Ethan he kept insisting that I should go for Grayson for some reason. He said it was the way he looked at me. I remember looking over my shoulder and meeting his gaze, a soft blush rising up to his cheeks as I waved my hand teasingly. I brushed it off though, insisting that I only saw Grayson as a friend and vise-versa. However Lisa, their mother kept shoving me in Ethan’s direction. Yep it was practically a soap opera. And I was the main star with Lisa and Sean playing the die-hard fans who shipped me with one of the male heart-throb characters. I rolled my eyes as I held back a barf, watching Ethan and Valerie share a dance in the middle of the house. 
I felt a soft tap on my shoulder, my head turning back to meet Grayson. He flashed a bright smile and extended his hand, “care for a dance, Kitten?” He asked. I giggled as I grabbed it, he pulled me up and into his chest and he led me out onto the dance floor where couples were currently dancing. They switched to a more intimate song and my eyes glossed over Grayson’s broad shoulder, I watched as Ethan pecked her cheek, moving to nip at her ear playfully. She let out a soft giggle as his hands trailed up and down her waist. He whispered something in her ear and led her off the dance floor. I gulped and turned to look at Grayson, he raised an eyebrow questionably as I sighed. “Ethan.” I muttered as he nodded. “Should’ve known.”
“You’ve gotta stop hurting yourself kitten.” He said. “I cant help it Gray, I love him.” 
“I know you do. And I know how much it hurts.” He replied as his eyes flickered from mines to the fireplace that was casting a red-orangey glow onto his sun kissed skin. “How would you possibly know how I feel-”
I was cut off by shrieks and gasps behind us, turns out me and Grayson were still the only ones dancing. We turned around just in time only to see the very thing that broke me.
There Ethan was, on his knees. Velvet box in his hand, a large glistening ring shining from it as Valerie nodded her head frantically. Ethan stood up from his knees as loud cheers erupted from the house, he pulled Valerie into a loving, passionate kiss and I felt frozen. I couldn’t move, no, I couldn’t do anything. My eyes burned and a soft, but low sob escaped my lips. I removed my hand from Grayson’s grasp and grabbed my purse, hastily shoving my belongings inside as everyone rushed pass me to go congratulate Ethan on his new engagement. Grayson’s eyes met my tear filled ones, knowing how I felt about Ethan he agreed to drive me back to our shared apartment, and stay with me till I felt better, which - knowing me would probably be never. 
When I was going to get over Ethan? I didn’t know, but all I knew was that life sucked. My head hurt and worst of all my heart hurt even more.
And I couldn’t do anything about it.

Originally posted by thedolangifs

Originally posted by thedolangifs

I’m still healing, but
quite honestly
I’ve been better since you left.
Sure, it hurt.
It hurt a lot.
But it was the best thing you could’ve done for me.
Because the truth is-
I would’ve of never left and you’d still be hurting me continuously and I’d still be fighting for your love that wasn’t mine to begin with.
I’ve began writing again.
Writing and photography.
And I keep finding these pieces of myself I thought were forever lost.
And I’m happy again.
Genuinely and completely happy.
And maybe I’m not ready to love again. But
today, this cute boy passed me this note with his number and a drawing of a giraffe.
Little did he know, giraffes are my favorite animal.
And like I said, maybe I’m not ready to love again.
But I think it’s time to at least open myself up to the idea of letting someone in again and loving them.