I’m still healing, but
quite honestly
I’ve been better since you left.
Sure, it hurt.
It hurt a lot.
But it was the best thing you could’ve done for me.
Because the truth is-
I would’ve of never left and you’d still be hurting me continuously and I’d still be fighting for your love that wasn’t mine to begin with.
I’ve began writing again.
Writing and photography.
And I keep finding these pieces of myself I thought were forever lost.
And I’m happy again.
Genuinely and completely happy.
And maybe I’m not ready to love again. But
today, this cute boy passed me this note with his number and a drawing of a giraffe.
Little did he know, giraffes are my favorite animal.
And like I said, maybe I’m not ready to love again.
But I think it’s time to at least open myself up to the idea of letting someone in again and loving them.
I just got probably the best, most awesome gift I’ve ever received.

My birthday is this coming Tuesday (wee!), and this morning my husband woke me up and told me he wanted to give me my gift today because he just couldn’t wait anymore. Now, he’s usually not a big gift giver at all, so I was surprised just by the fact that he told me he got me something (usually we go out to dinner or something for my birthday, which is super awesome). 

So a little backstory - my favorite animal has always been a giraffe, since as long as I can remember. When I was three years old, I got a giraffe stuffed animal (which I proceeded to name Giraffee, very creatively), who quickly became my most beloved toy. Giraffee went with me EVERYWHERE - every slumber party, sleepover camp stay, vacation, long car ride - everything. I still have him and he still sleeps in my bed with me (yes, I’m in my 30s). He even came with me to the hospital when I had surgery on my arm 3 years ago.

When I first started dating my husband, I learned that he ALSO has a beloved childhood stuffed animal (a bear named Gund) who he ALSO still sleeps with and was incredibly important to him growing up. It became something special to both of us and so unique to our relationship that we both had these awesome stuffed animals who stayed with us (they sat at our gift table during our wedding, for example).

SO… back to the birthday… apparently my husband has been on an incredibly long quest to find me a “New Giraffee” - to find the EXACT toy that I got when I was 3, but a new and improved one to be friends with the OG (Original Giraffee), especially since Giraffee’s little horns got chewed off by a dog (not my dog… grr…). Apparently this particular model was pretty rare and was only made for a very short period of time. He’s apparently been searching on Ebay and other stuffed animal trader sites for the past few YEARS…

So today I get a wrapped gift and it’s… A NEW GIRAFFEE. It’s seriously just the most awesome and thoughtful and amazing gift ever. 

I’m just… I’ve been smiling all day. This is so weird to be exited over, but it’s just so freaking awesome. I don’t even know how he found him! And HE was so excited about it he just had to give to me early. 


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