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Have a super vibrant picture of Rabbit that I made with watercolor markers that I don’t remotely know how to use

[Image description: There are two drawings. The first is an unfinished drawing of Rabbit (an intricate copper automaton with long hair, defined face plates, a swirl on her chin, wires instead of a neck, and ribbed vents in the sides of her face). She is shown in profile, smiling. She wears a bandana on her head, along with a hat with a pair of brass goggles on it. She is drawn in a loose brush style. The second image is the finished version of the first one, now with vivid, sketchy colors (such as oxidized copper for Rabbit’s face plates, a bright red bandana, and a navy blue hat.]

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How would the companions react to prewar aquariums and zoos, and which exhibits would be their favorite.

Cait: she’d be a little bored with the idea of seeing animals in cages and would complain when Sole actually made her tag along but she’d change her tune when she’d come across the bears, she loved seeing them but she’d end up yelling at them wanting them to fight “Come on! Fight eachother already!!@

Codsworth: he’d enjoy the idea of everyone going to the zoo and his favorite place would probably be the aquarium, he’d love going through the halls that are just a huge fish tank. He’d love the colorful fish the most. “This is magnificent! Such beautiful creatures”

Curie: Much like codsworth she’d love the aquarium the most but she’d love swimming with the dolphins the most, when Sole brought up the idea Curie was confused but once they got in the water with the sweet animals she did not want to get out. “But do we have to leave? They are just so cute non?”

Danse: he’d be a little irritated and would be a little grouchy as they walked through the zoo. He’d lighten up once he and Sole would come to the lions, he thought they where really cool and internally he was really excited but he stayed cool ok the outside and just admired the large animals. “Outstanding! They are truly amazing creatures”

Deacon: he’d freaking love it, his favorite exhibit would be penguins, definitely penguins. He’d try to get in the exhibit with them but sole would quickly drag him away much to his disappointment. “Come on boss! I just wanna join my family”

Hancock: he’d be cool with the idea of going to the zoo and he’d really like walking around seeing all the different animals and fishes, but his favorite would be the sloths. They where just so chill. “My type of peoples or well animals”

MacCready: he’d whine a little when Sole would drag him to the zoo but he’d actually turn out to like it. His favorite exhibit would be the pandas, they where just so big and cute and they looked so cuddly. “They’re just so freaking cute”

Nick Valentine: he wouldn’t mind going to the zoo although he’d prefer to be doing other things. He’d walk around and admire all the different animals but his favorite would probably be the birds. “Wow, someof them can talk”

Piper: she’d love all the animals but her favorite would be the sea lions. "Oh my gosh blue! Look at how cute they are!!”

Preston: he’d love it, he’d excitedly go to every exhibit and he’d love all the animals but his favorite would have to be the giraffes. “Look at how long they’re necks are! Wow they’re so cool!”

X6-88: he wouldn’t really care and he’d have a frown on his face the whole time sole dragged him around the zoo. He’d probably like the turtles though.

Gage: he wouldn’t really like the idea of walking around watching animals but he’d have a decent time and he’d find that he loves sharks. “Wow, look at it’s teeth, that’s badass damn!”

Alright im sorry if this was trash please forgive me T_T i tbh haven’t been to a zoo or aquarium since i was like 6

You're a Giraffe; I'm a Penguin

Alexander x Reader
Word Count: 1400

“What an odd change of events,” Alexander muttered, his arms crossed, petulantly.

You looked up at him, unamused, “Alexander,” you deadpanned before getting back to work on your essay, “I’m nearly done.”

“You said that two days ago!” He whined, flopping down so he was laying on your bed. “I miss you.”

You rolled your eyes, keeping your eyes trained on your work in front of you, “That’s how I feel all the time, Alex,” you argued, raising your eyebrows. “I have to get this finished.”

He nodded his head, understandingly, “I get it,” he mumbled, “But I really think you need a break.”

You sighed, letting your pen drop, “Because you take a break every time I ask you to?” You jeered, looking back at him, daring him to disagree with you.

“This is different,” he muttered, peering up at you, hopefully, like somebody who thought they could win this conversation by being adorable.

“How is it different?” You challenged, raising your eyebrows. “I ask you millions of times to take a break when you get into your little writing moods, and you never do!”

Alexander sighed, sitting up in your bed, “Okay,” he sighed, “How about this, then? The next time you want me to take a break, I will; but only if you take a break right now and go out on a date with me. That’ll be fun, won’t it?”

You looked down to your essay; it was worth 25 percent of your final grade… You’ve already edited it a few times, you’re on your fourth round… I mean, it’s good; you’ve edited it three times, nearly four! “Alright,” you sighed, “Just let me finish this page…”

Alexander’s face was overtaken by his smile as he shot out of bed, “Okay,” he beamed, “I’ll go get ready,” and off he went, to put on his jacket and shoes.


“Where to?” You asked, buckling your seatbelt, looking to your boyfriend, happily. You knew your essay was fine, but had it not been for Alexander, you would still be editing it.

“Fist,” Alexander grinned, “A very romantic lunch.”

A short ten minutes later, you were in the McDonalds parking lot. Upon seeing the golden arches, you chuckled, “Alexander,” you shook your head, beaming, “You’ve outdone yourself, really.”

He looked at you for a moment before leaning over the centre console and kissing your cheek, quickly, “Let’s go,” he smiled, climbing out of his door, hurriedly.

“We’re going to have such a great afternoon,” Alexander said proudly, leading you to one of the many tables; pulling out your chair, dramatically, he grinned, “M’lady; you stay here, I’ll get us our food.”

You smirked, shaking your head, “You’re too kind, Alexander.”

He grinned, leaning down to kiss the very top of your head, “I try,” he said, his voice muffled by your hair. And off he went, your knight in shining armour, to get your McDonalds order.

Upon his arrival back to your table, he placed the tray in-between you two, and handed you your drink; “I am the luckiest girl in the entire world,” you grinned, taking your cup.

Alexander nodded his head in agreement, taking your hand in his, only to kiss the back of it; “Or I’m the luckiest boy,” he smiled, shrugging his shoulders.

You shook your head, beaming, “And what are we doing after this?” You asked, picking out a fry for yourself.

Alexander smirked, but shook his head, “It’s a surprise,” he grinned, “I can’t tell you. Classified information.”

You couldn’t help but roll your eyes; “Okay,” you agreed, “But if I guess it right, you have to tell me, alright?”

Alexander hurriedly shook his head, “No!” He exclaimed, “Last time we did that you got it on your first guess,” he cried, “We’re not doing that again.”

You felt your cheeks heat up, only a little bit; you had hoped he wouldn’t remember that. Biting your lip, you replied, “Maybe that won’t happen again,” you grinned, softly.

Alexander shook his head, “No,” he said through a mouth full of burger, “Not happening.”

You rolled your eyes, “Can I have a hint?” You asked, cocking your head to the side.

But your boyfriend held his ground; “Nope,” he answered, “You’re just going to have to be patient and wait.”

You continued to pout.

“We’ll be there in, like, half an hour,” He sighed, “Can’t you wait half an hour?”

You nodded you head, sighing, “I guess,” you replied, reaching your hand across the table, wanting him to hold it. Once he did, you began to fiddle with his fingers. “Maybe you should eat a little bit faster.”

It was less than half an hour when you and him were finally parking the car; your eyes had been closed, under strict instructions by your boyfriend. “Can I open?” You asked, hopefully, already beginning to open your eyes.

“Yes,” Alexander laughed, keeping his eyes trained on you, gauging your reaction.

You, hurriedly, opened your eyes, excited to see where Alexander had taken you this time; however, after having your eyes closed so long they were taken back by how bright it was outside. Blinking a few times, your face instantly broke out into a smile, “The zoo?” You asked, looking at your boyfriend, excitedly.

He nodded his head, grinning, “The zoo,” he confirmed, unbuckling his seatbelt and getting out of the car.

Quickly you followed him, jogging to catch up, you immediately held his hand in yours. “I haven’t been to the zoo in years!” You exclaimed, “I love the zoo!”

Alexander chuckled, swinging his arm with yours, “I know,” he grinned, leaning over to place a gentle kiss onto your cheek.

You were absolutely beaming; flinging your arms around his neck, you hugged him, tightly.

“Wow,” Alex laughed, wrapping his arms around your waist, “If I had know you’re so easily pleased, we could’ve came here sooner…”

You shook your head before pulling away; “Come on,” you laughed, grabbing his hand and pulling you to the entrance, “I want to see the giraffes.”


All throughout the zoo date, your hand never left Alexander’s; even when you were eating your ice cream cone, you ate with your subordinate hand.

Arms swinging, the two of you adventured through the zoo, stopping at every pen and peering in to see the animals; you’re favourite was the giraffes, Alexander’s was the penguins.
“They’re so cool,” he said, watching as the penguins dove to the bottom, then jumped right back up.

You nodded your head in agreement, “Very cool,” you said, taking another lick of your ice cream cone. “Penguins are the coolest birds; they can’t fly or anything, they don’t let that stop them,” you admired, eyes trained on the swimming little guys, “They’re still adorable.”

Alexander nodded his head, “Very admirable creatures,” he commented before turning his face down so he could see you, “You’re adorable, too.”

You looked up at him, smiling at his offhand comment, “Thank you,” you grinned, “I think you’re adorable, too.”

“Thanks,” he replied, beaming, leaning down to give you a proper kiss. It was only a quick one, on account of you two being in public. You liked it, anyway.

After watching the penguins for some time, you decided to carry on; grabbing Alexander’s hand, you pulled him towards the next attraction. Alligators.

“Not as cute,” you commented, swinging arms with Alexander once again, “But just as cool. They could open their mouths pretty wide… Kind of like you,” you smirked, keeping your eyes down tot he alligator in its pen.

“Wow,” Alexander rolled his eyes, letting go of your hand and instead wrapping his arms around your shoulders, “I call you a cute little penguin, and you call me a creepy alligator?” He asked, forging offence.

You smirked up at him, leaning into his side, “I was just kidding,” you muttered, “You’re not an alligator; you’re more like a… A giraffe. My favourite thing.”

“Heh,” Alexander sighed, “I like that one, I’d like to lock it in,” he smiled, looking down at you, his face completely overtaken by his smile.

You smiled back up at him, “Okay,” you grinned, “You’re a giraffe, I’m a penguin.”

“Are you glad you took a break?” He asked, not bothering to disguise the hope in his voice.

You nodded your head, “Yes,” you grinned, “Yes, I am… Thank you, Alexander.”

“Anything for you, little penguin.”

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Far too young to die

WARNING: Stabbing. Knives. Blood. Fighting. Dad!Bruce to the rescue! Mild profanity.
Summary: Reader gets into a dangerous situation and Clark learns a little bit about the reader’s past and who she is. 
Notes: OMG guys! I did not expect so much positivity from everyone! I was really nervous about writing DC since I never wrote fan fiction for it but I’m much more confident now! Thank you everyone who read it and sent me messages, you’re all awesome! Alright chapter 2! Nervous? You should be! 

@atomicpeacekryptonite @overcasst @jazminwinchester @alelostinwonderland

Chapter 2


    “Dammit Bruce pick up,” you sighed again in fustration. Bruce wasn’t picking up his phone and neither was Alfred. Earlier you finished taking pictures of the pups and people for the article and when you walked out the sun was already setting. Clark was right about that, you would call him but you knew he was with Louis for dinner, you didn’t want to disturb him. 
 “I’ll just walk as far as I can until it’s dark, then I’ll call for a cab,” you said silently to yourself as you were walking on the cold wet pavement. Your pumps had a soft click to the concrete as you walked. As the light got dimmer the cold air and quiet part of the city started to remind you of that horrible night. The night your parents were brutally killed.

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What's your opinion on fire pit tables? Also, would you ever want a pet giraffe? What would their name me? (Ily)

1. where did this come from, i own so many fire pit tables so theyre p cool
2. giraffes are fuckin bomb hell yea , their name would be covfefe :)

i love how people call groups of animals things like “a mischief” or “a murder” thats just so cool to me. a tower of giraffes. a charm of foxes. a congregation of alligators. tag the group of animal u relate with. im an army of frogs

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Hello I noticed you have llamas and ???!??!? ❤️💖💖💕 that's so cool!!!!! Can I ask why you have them and how many there are?

Aaah, thank you!! I got Misha, my first, when I was about 10, because my parents wouldn’t let me get a horse and a llama seemed like a good substitute. (?? Still not sure what 10 year old me was thinking there.) 

After he had a ton of health problems brought on by severe depression related to not having another llama to socialize with (anorexia, blood parasites, megaesophagus, anemia, 4th degree heart murmur, how did he not die honestly), I got two alpacas, and then gave them away after a year because alpacas are /dicks/. Annnd after them, I found Cecil, my other llama, on Craigslist. He was rescued from a slaughter auction and kept in a chicken coop for a year before I bought him. He’s also managed to contract meningeal worms twice, so needless to say, he’s got a lot of lingering neurological/mental issues from the trauma and brain parasites.

And I nearly adopted Baby Doll the llama a little while ago, but since she (accidentally) killed her first owner, my parents vetoed that at the last minute.

 Tl;dr, 2 llamas, as lawn ornaments.

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hi! uhm, im the spine from steam powered giraffe, and lately ive just generally been down and lonely? i think i miss rabbit the most! got anything in your bag of tricks to make this bot feel better?


*slams hand on table* you! Are the absolute best 1# fav amazing! Okay okay I love steam powered giraffe, and you’re probably my favorite! You look so cool and you have an awesome personality, and you’re just amazing! 

Anyway! Feeling lonely is a pretty common problem, especially when you’re missing canonmates! It would probably help just to talk to some people, even if they aren’t canonmates! Just strike up a conversation about anything!

Also! If you keep looking I’m sure you’ll find Rabbit and the others! They probably miss you tons too!

I hope this helps!


Okay so it still needs some work, but look! I made a pretty power core for Lockstitch!
This is gonna look cool as hell when the sun goes down at calico.
The shirt isn’t done yet, so ignore that.
EL wire
Moldable plastic (I’d have to ask my dad for specifics)
Aluminum tape
And a metric shitload of hot glue. So much.