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M - Milkshake flavour?
N - Number of siblings?
O - One wish?
R - Reason to smile?
S - Song i last sung?
U - Umbrella colour?
V - Very best friend?

M - Milkshake flavour?: plain old chocolate

N - Number of siblings?: 4

O - One wish?: wish I had a whole chocolate cake to myself

R - Reason to smile?: cats are everywhere

S - Song i last sung?: ummmmmm I think “Don’t go breaking my heart”

U - Umbrella colour?: blue

V - Very best friend?: oh fuck I have more than one. Here’s the ones who have tumblrs @f-e-a-t-h-e-r-t-a-i-l @clumsy-giraffe @skelestamp @gild-tesoro

Thank you!

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i get peeved when people draw the heads big but they don't match the necks to the heads and the back part of the head bulges out alot bc the neck is too small and they end up looking like a giraffe sometimes bc they draw the neck small AND long and this problem is even prevalent in artists that are popular and it pisses me off sometimes sorry i gotta get it out of my system thank you i love you mods

You mean people aren’t giraffes?

But yeah, I don’t get it either. Didn’t think there was such a vivid market for long necks, anyway. It’s not exactly appealing by any stretch of the imagination, but I mean, fuck, it’s selling. Might as well be those unrealistic standards of beauty I’ve been hearing about.

-Mod Hopper

Reptile Boy

Directed by: David Greenwalt

Written by: David Greenwalt

Starring: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alyson Hannigan, Nicholas Brendon, Anthony Head, Charisma Carpenter, and David Boreanaz

Welcome to episode five, in which Buffy deals with a whole bunch of dudes telling her what to do. Not unlike Wonder Woman, which I just saw and actually enjoyed despite it being a DC film.

Buckle up, because S’about to get political, y’all.

Outfit 1

Whatever it is, it looks comfortable. I do love Willow’s overalls. Overalls. Keep that in mind. Overalls.

I believe they’re watching a Bollywood film and are confused. What’s not to get? There are wonderful musical numbers and it’s all a beautiful rollercoaster of emotions. Geez. Please watch my favourite Bollywood film Om Shanti Om immediately if not sooner. 

Outfit 2

I loved a patterned pant. Is this technically giraffe print? I had a red jumper very similar to Willow’s and I loved it. LOVED. IT.

I’m sure I had wrap tops like the one Buffy is wearing. I definitely had a black one I wore with, yep, you guessed it, bootcut jeans.

We’re in the middle of strappy shoe season. I’m trying to embrace it because before too long we’ll be back to boots. I wanted all of them but knew instinctively the heel was too high for me. I had a steep driveway to navigate.

Also I love Willow’s skirt. And that she wears tights and sneakers.

Anyway Buffy’s avoiding Giles who is being stuffy as hell and is about to meet some new boys:

The Trump brothers! Seriously. These guys look like they’re involved in a scandal. Run away immediately, Buffy. And Cordelia.

Incidentally the one on the right would go on to play Dan, the Halliwell girls’ neighbour on Charmed.

What I love about Cordelia is the work she puts into every task. She’s got her preppy senator’s wife look and she’s reading a book on how to snag college dudes. Unfortunately she didn’t need to work that hard. And also there is no reward of any kind.

Outfit 3

Buffy’s training gear is getting more practical. She must love this shirt because she has them in several colours. I do not love these shirts.

There’s been some solid Adidas representation throughout the series so far.

I like these nails. They could be Buffy’s or a stand-in.

Buffy patrols in her training gear, which seems very reasonable, and runs into Angel.

They have the weirdest, awkwardest, bad dialogue-filled encounter in which Angel halfheartedly tells Buffy to stay away from him. Maybe stop stalking women, you jerk. Also stop telling them what to do or acting as though you know what is best for them. But also he’s right - Buffy should stay away from him.

Outfit 4

The hair is off. I think they’re trying to save time by keeping her hair the same for the second half of the episode. I never really liked her hair curled at this length. The shirt is cute as hell.

Cordelia has abandoned the highlights, which I think is great. I think the darker hair works so much better. I can’t wait until the fringe follows suit. Again, Buffy’s shirt is lovely.

I loved this ensemble.

It feels very 90s to take a patterned shirt and match different pieces to it. Buffy did it in School Hard as well. It’s to better effect here, I think.

Buffy lies to Giles about going to a Frat party with Cordelia because he’s being a pain and one of the Frat douches was nice to her and Angel was a dick to her and Xander’s being unhelpful as usual because he’s hurt she doesn’t like him like that. It’s a shit-storm of dudes being fucking dickheads.

Outfit 5

I thought black was Cordelia’s thing?

They both look cute. I love Cordelia’s dress so much. The lighting at the Frat house is so dark and she’s a beacon of beautiful light… blue dress that is easy to see.

I couldn’t get a better shot of the shoes. They. Are. A. Delight.

Xander sneaks into the party and the douches humiliate him by dressing him like a woman. Because get it? Femininity is ridiculous and looks really stupid on boys! HAHAHA. I get it.

So it comes as absolutely no surprise that the Frat Boys see women as commodities to be traded in for elevated status. In this case, offering them to a weird looking demon. Didn’t these guys realise that they don’t need the demon, just their male privilege? Silly billies.

Luckily Buffy is great and the Scooby Gang are pretty good and they fuck these bros off.

Giles is the hero of the dudes because he actually sees that he has oppressed Buffy by assuming that his perspective on being a Slayer is the better one and hasn’t taken her abilities or experience into account. Good work, Giles. You relatively woke bae, you.

Outfit 6

Sparkly jumper alert.

Xander reads the flow-on effect of exposing these idiots for the murdering psychos that they are. I’m pretty depressed these guys getting punished to the full extent of the law seemed like the most unrealistic part of the episode.

This look is killer. The curls, while being very 90s, are right. And the make-up - perfecto.

Buffy really is at its best when the monster of the week speaks to a real high school experience. Admittedly this episode’s brilliance is somewhat diluted by a love interest who stalks underage girls and one of the main characters comparing female characters to sex workers in a negative way.

At its core, the message of Reptile Boy is a very important one: beware of the ‘nice guy’ because he’s usually the worst.


Next up, it’s Halloween in Sunnydale. It gets scurrrrrrry, guys.

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Ugh. Until then, Slayerettes.

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Congratulations for the followers! You deserve every single one of them! I was thinking about requests for headcanons when I saw on your list of rules that you also write for Doctor Who. I haven't seen any fics around here for this fandom, so I thought about sending the following request: headcanon for "becoming the 11th Doctor's companion". Can you do this?

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  • You met him in a library when he was looking for books about some strangely named empire. You said that such a thing never existed and, indignant, the Doctor says he can show you, right now, taking you to the TARDIS.
  • Well, you can’t refuse ‘all of time and all of space’, can you? 
  • “What is a shawarma, Y/N? Is it food?” 
  • “Come along, Y/N!” 
  • You laughing till you cry when he dances. 
  • “Drunk giraffe! Y/N, dance with me, don’t sit!” 
  • Him taking you to the weirdest places in the Galaxy just so you can try ‘space food’
  • You not liking the taste but enjoying the trips. 
  • “It tastes like grass.” “It’s so salty!” 
  • His excitement being so contagious that you sometimes catch yourself on twirling around when you’re happy. 
  • You explaining things that are common and normal to you, but not to Doctor. 
  • Him being stunned and amused all the time. 
  • Messing with his hair and giggling when he makes an offended face.
  • “Oi, you!” 
  • So.Many.Hats. You had no idea that there are so many different types of hats. Doctor has a room in the TARDIS only for his hats. The collection is still growing. 
  • You getting used to be kissed on the forehead and pouting when you don’t get your greeting or goodbye kiss. 
  • The Doctor being your best friend and you being his.  

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Okay, so I decided to translate some of UMFB into Cockney slang for no reason and it may actually be one of the best things ever 'Viktor let aahhht a brief giraffe at the statement. “I 'ave an apartment in the city for chicken pen I need ter be 'ere for official business. If ya need somewhere ter Bo-Peep tonight, ya can come and stay wif me.” Yuuri norf and souf dropped open in shock, 'is St. Martins-Le-Grand clutchin' the Dog and Bone so tightly that its imprint was dented into 'is Vera Lynn.'

there’s a local Drum just a few streets from ‘ere that does Robin Hood In The Nude.” ‘e told yuuri, 'oo was Beechams Pill 'overin’ awkwardly by the Dorothy Lamour, not Bobby wot the polite fin’ ter do would be. viktor was stretched aahhht across the only couch but 'e lowered 'is bacon and eggs chicken pen 'e noticed yuuri lookin’, makin’ space. yuuri blushed, 'opin’ viktor 'adn’t though 'e was bein’ rude and demandin’ but went ter perch on the edge of the couch anyway


oh my god, this is hilarious! 


Idk what giraffes think or anything about them, but I’m pretty sure this one was judging me

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Junjou/Sekaii characters favorite animal?

That’s a tough one!

Junjou Romantica

Misaki Takahashi: penguin

Akihiko Usami: bear

Hiroki Kamijou: dog

Nowaki Kusama: panda

Shinobu Takatsuki: eagle

Yoh Miyagi: gecko

Ryuuichirou Isaka: peacock

Kaoru Asahina: elephant

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

Ritsu Onodera: dolphin

Masamune Takano: cat

Chiaki Yoshino: duck

Yoshiyuki Hatori: snake

Shouta Kisa: tiger

Kou Yukina: horse

Takafumi Yokozawa: cat

Zen Kirishima: giraffe