UK Medical School FAQ: UK Medblrs

Most of the excellent medblrs on Tumblr are from the US. I often see asks about UK medblrs, so I thought a list would be useful for all the prospective current UK medical students who sometimes need more locally-relevant advice. Feel free to direct any UK medicine questions our way!

This is a list of UK medblrs that either openly post about being a UK medblr/have it in their description, or have told me they’re a medblr and would like to be included. I’ve crossrefrenced it with wayfaringmd‘s amazing medblr spotlight, but it’s far from complete, so feel free to add yourselves in replies and I will be happy to add you onto the list.

New medblrs will be added to the bottom of each sub-section.

UK medical students:

UK medblr docs:

Future med school hopefuls:
If you’re interested in applying to medical school, these awesome individuals are your peers and hopefully future colleagues!

If you’re a UK medblr, whether you’re a hopeful at school or in another degree, an international student, school leaver, grad or doctor or even former doctor, feel free to reblog and add yourself to the list! I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who’d love to have more Medblrs to follow.