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Weird AU thing I'm making: Eddsworld x Steam Powered Giraffe. Tom is The Spine, Edd is Rabbit, and Matt is The Jon/Hatchworth/Zero. Haven't worked out the rest. (If you don't know what Steam Powered Giraffe is, look them up on YouTube. They're cool.)

I’m assuming this is a reference to something???? But idk???

all systems are go : 10 tracks, 36 minutes

every planet we reach is dead : gorillaz // automatonic electronic harmonics : steam powered giraffe // done wrong : pretty lights // circuitry : steam powered giraffe // major tom : shiny toy guns // mega man 2 medley : super smash bros ost // technologic : daft punk // doomsday : nero // the vulture : pendulum // destroy them with lazers : knife party

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Make your aesthetic based on your personality and interests with only photos you have saved on your device no searching and saving new photos.

I got lucky and was on my PC instead of mobile and I have a LOT of art and pictures on my hard drives :D

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Love to hate you; A padlock inspired playlist.
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Of All The Gin Joints In All The World - Fall Out Boy // I Would Do Anything For you - Foster The People // Take It Or Leave It - Sublime // Irresistible - temposhark // MakeDamnSure - Taking Back Sunday // Yeah Boy And Doll Face - Pierce The Veil // Situations - Escape The Fate // Dead! - My Chemical Romance // Right Now - SR-71 // Clarity - Zedd // What You Know - Two Door Cinema Club // (One Of Those) Crazy Girls - Paramore // Honeybee - Steam powered Giraffe // A Little Irony - Tom Milsom // Be Human - Scott Mathew // She Had The World - Panic! At The Disco // Why Am I Always Right? - Nightmare Of You

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Jesus christ my heart it must be like standing near a handsome breakdancing giraffe