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name: clara
nicknames: clarachu, clara beara, clarita, giraffe, emo bean
zodiac sign: sagittarius and scorpio (lmao i really am that extra)
height: 5′4″
orientation: i was confused for a very long time but i have decided i think i am bisexual :)
ethnicity: i am a quarter hispanic, but i am just really white tbh, my hispanic side of the fam is really cool though
favourite fruit: the avocado or pineapple or lemons
favourite season: summer
book: looking for alaska, a collection of poems by robert service that i have :)
favourite flower: daisies or roses or tulips
favourite scent: vanilla or lavender
favourite colour: pastel pink(very light pastel pink), fef65b cos i am dodie trash
favourite animal: giraffes
coffee, tea or hot cocoa: tea and hot cocoa! :)
average sleep hours: 4-7
cat or dog person: both! but if i have to choose cats because mine loooove to cuddle :)
favourite fictional character: this is honestly really hard for me, but if i have to choose probably spiderman
number of blankets you sleep with: one
dream trip: italy!!!!! maybe one day :’)
blog created: july of 2016, we don’t talk about me old flop of a blog lol
number of followers: 168

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Name: Hannah
Nicknames: Used to be Shady but no one really calls me it anymore.
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 5'0" end me
Orientation: Bi-curious
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Favorite Fruit: Grapes or bananas
Favorite Season: Fall
Favorite Book: Impulse by Ellen Hopkins
Favorite Flower: Can’t say I have one.
Favorite Scent: Rain or the ocean
Favorite Color: Blue or purple
Favorite Animal: Giraffe
Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: Probably tea.
Average Sleep Hours: Idk a total I sleep a lot plus naps
Favorite Fictional Character: Red from the Pokemon series
Number of Blankets You Sleep With: 1-3
Blog Created: August 2016

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  • name: connor
  • nicknames: @lizznotliz calls me con; my mom sometimes calls me c
  • zodiac sign: gemini
  • height: 5′………… 7″? 6″? Somewhere in between that? 
  • orientation: somewhere on the demi scale probably
  • nationality: american~
  • favourite fruit: peaches
  • favourite season: autumn and spring
  • favourite books: potter, the guernsey literary and potato peel pie society, howl’s moving castle, the will of the empress
  • favourite flower: sunflowers and forsythia? I guess that’s more of a bush.
  • favourite scent: citrus, fir trees, the ocean, cinnamon tea
  • favourite color: blue, green, and bright, bright red.
  • favourite animal: dogs. also giraffes. 
  • coffee, tea, or hot cocoa? tea
  • average sleep hours: 7-ish
  • cat or dog person? dogs ALL THE WAY
  • favourite fictional character(s): lots and lots and lots. today, minerva mcgonagall, neville longbottom, keladry of mindelan, river song, lizzy bennet.
  • number of blankets you sleep with: right now i’ve got my quilt and my down comforter (a holdover from winter. it’s warm today, but there was a blizzard two weeks ago, so.)
  • dream trip: take me back to ireland, please. but also New Zealand.
  • blog created: oh geez. I joined tumblr for the first time in spring 2009, but I deleted that blog at some point during my first year of college and then made this one…. in september 2011. 
  • number of followers: I honestly don’t know off the top of my head and I’m too lazy to check, whoops

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Name: georgia
Nicknames: gee, george
Zodiac Sign: sagittarius
Height: 5'3 figHT ME
Orientation: gay aF
Ethnicity: english
Favourite Fruit: mango probably??
Favourite Season: autumn
Favourite Book: Flight SQA016
Favourite Flower: lilies bc im gAY and i love imagine me and you
Favourite Scent: petrichor
Favourite Colour: blue i guess
Favourite Animal: giraffe
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: either tea or coffee
Average Sleep Hours: 6 hours probably ?? idk
Cat or Dog Person: i love both !! im a cat person but i have a dog called oscar and hes adorable lil shih tzu
Favourite Fictional Character: jillian holtzmann, regina mills or rosa diaz
Number of Blankets You Sleep With: one
Dream Trip: canada !!
Blog Created: sometime in 2012 i think (ive been on tumblr for too long jFC)
Number of Followers: 1267

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x name: kaitlyn
x nicknames: kait, katie, and my rap name k8sk8
x zodiac sign: gemini!!
x height: 5′2″ 
x orientation: straight
x nationality: american
x favorite fruit: watermelon (even tho i am allergic, im a rebel)
x favorite season: summer
x favorite book: dreamland by sarah dessen 
x favorite flower: hmmm i guess roses?
x favorite scent: vanilla 
x favorite color: it goes back and forth between pink and blue!
x favorite animal: puppies, killer whales, giraffes
x coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: honestly i love all of these so much, but tea is my fav
x average sleep hours: probably 8
x cat or dog person: dog but i love cats
x favorite fictional character: AHH yikes this is so hard..isak, alex karev, april kepner, JJ (criminal minds), blair waldorf

x number of blankets you sleep with: SO MANY too many

x dream trip: travelling to europe and going to various countries there!! that would be so amazing (i want to england and iceland soo badly)

x blog created: omg over four years ago…WTFFFFFFF 

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name | Tatjana
nicknames | Taty
zodiac sign | Pisces
height | 5″3
orientation | Hetero
nationality | German
favorite fruit | Rraspberry
favorite season | Summer
favorite book | The Hobbit + The Lord of the Rings
favorite flower | Hydrangeas
favorite scent | —
favorite color | Green i guess
favorite animal | Giraffes
coffee, tea, or hot cocoa | all of them
average sleep hours | 4-6
cat or dog person | Cat
favorite fictional character | Jack Bristow
number of blankets you sleep with | 1 (sometimes 2)
dream trip | New Zealand
blog created | September 2012
number of followers | 1,574

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Name: Cindy
Nickname: None
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Height: 5′0
Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Favorite fruit: Oranges
Favorite season: Spring
Favorite flower: Sunflowers
Favorite scent: Rose, lavender, fresh laundry
Favorite color: Yellow & purple
Favorite animal: Giraffe
Coffee, tea, hot cocoa: Hot cocoa (I hate coffee and tea) 
Average sleep hours: About 7 or 8 
Dog or cat person: Dogs
Favorite fictional character: Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice
Number of blankets: One!
Blog created: I don’t remember! I’ve been on Tumblr on and off since 2010 or 2011. 
Number of followers: 76 #i’mfamousdon’ttouchme

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NAME | Beztriz
NICKNAMES | Bia, Bea, Cat ( bc when I was younger I used to say that I was Catwoman lol)
ZODIAC SIGN | Sagittarius
HEIGHT | 5′ 7′’
ORIENTATION | Heterossexual
FAVORITE SEASON | I don’t really have one.
FAVORITE BOOK | It’s a brazilian book named suicidas; Under the dome, cold blood && all of Harry Potter books! 
FAVORITE FLOWER | I don’t really have one.
FAVORITE COLOR | Purple, black
FAVORITE ANIMAL | Lions, dogs, wolfs, otters, Giraffes
AVERAGE SLEEP HOURS | 5-6 hours maybe
CAT OR DOG PERSON | dogs ( I actually like cats but they don’t like me :( )
FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTER | Hermione Granger; Nynphadora , Tonks, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Matt Murdock, Danny Rand, Natasha Romanoff, a ton others.
DREAM TRIP | California, Manhattan, Dublin, Canada

BLOG CREATED | January 8, 2016

NUMBER OF FOLLOWERS | 1132 (i still can’t believe in this number lol)

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name: cecilie
nicknames: ceci, cille
zodiac sign: gemini
height: 5’5"
orientation: bisexual
nationality: danish
favourite fruit: bananas
favourite season: autumn
favourite book: the bookshop book by jen campbell
favourite flower: sunflowers
favourite scent: freshly baked bread (yes this counts shhh)
favourite colour: yellow
favourite animal: giraffes or turtles
coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: tea
average sleep hours: anywhere between 3 and 6 on a regular night
cat or dog person: cats but also both and neither 
favourite fictional character: magnus bane
number of blankets you sleep with: 1 or 2 if it’s really cold
dream trip: 2-3 week in ireland by car 
blog created: june 2010
number of followers (you don’t have to put this if you don’t want to): 1k+ 

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Name: Erin 

nickname: i used to be called a koala

zodiac sign: pisces 

height: 5′5"  

orientation: Straight i think 

ethnicity: idk like irish and portuguese mostly 

favorite fruit: Pineapple & pomegranate

favorite season: Fall 

favorite flower: uhh rose or peony 

favorite scent: lavender

favorite color: Black or teal 

favorite animal: giraffes 

coffee, tea, hot cocoa: iced coffee always

average sleep hours: 4-6

cat or dog person: dogs (my black lab is named Brady) 

favorite fictional character: i can’t choose so victor nikiforov, lelouch lamperogue, goku, batman, kirito, eren yeager, yuu hyakuya, inuyasha 

number of blankets: one 

blog created: this isn’t my main so like 3 months ago 

number of followers: 600 something 

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Name: Maria                                                                                                  

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius                                                                                         

Height: 5′2                                                                                          

Ethnicity: Black American                                                                                  

Favorite Fruit: Grapes, Strawberries, Cherries and Bananas                                                                               

Favorite Season: Fall because it’s the fucking best out of them all.                                                                

Favorite Book: Meh I don’t really have one.                           

Favorite Flower: White and peach roses                                                                         

Favorite Color: Black, Red, Purple, and sometimes Silver                                                                                 

Favorite Animal: FUCKING GIRAFFES                                                                  

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: All three of them really.  They all deserve love.                                          

Average Sleep Hours: PFFT                                                                         

Cats or Dogs: I like both but dogs are too pure for this world so I’m gonna go with cats.                                                                                    

Number of blankets: I have two of them and they’re fluffy as hell                                                        

Dream Trip: Puerto Rico, Germany, and the Kingdom of Bahrain because my friends live there and I wanna go to Japan and Brazil                                                                               

Number of followers: 1,094.  Seriously, how do ya’ll even like my ass?                                                                                 

Blog created: 2014

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name: redacted
nicknames: rem
zodiac signs: capricorn sun, pisces moon, scorpio rising
height: 4′11″
sexual / romantic orientation: demisexual gray-aromantic
ethnicity: filipino / chinese
favorite fruit: mangos
favorite season: winter
favorite book: i’m too much of a literature junkie to decide, but if it helps, my two favorite genres are gothic romanticism and post-modernism.
favorite flower: roses
favorite scent: vanilla, petrichor
favorite color: purple
favorite animal: giraffes, cats, bats
coffee, tea, or hot cocoa?: any and all types of tea
average sleep hours: 5
cat or dog person?: both, but moreover a cat person
favorite fictional character: raven ( teen titans animated series )
number of blankets you sleep with: just one
dream trip: greece or italy…anywhere, really
blog created: february 15, 2017
number of followers: 45

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