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Thank you Running Man

Today, same as Wednesday, is not a good day. I woke up, read the news and well….Running man, my favorite show for like 7 years is going to be cancelled. Honestly, I preferred that over Kang Ho Dong joining. I’m not really fond of him, you see, but somehow deep down I didn’t want Running Man to end ever. After family outing was over, it was a bit empty, I kept on looking for similar shows, but none caught my eye and suddenly RM started, I would come home Monday thinking about the new Running Man episode. My mondays were never boring, because of Running Man and to see that suddenly it’s gonna stop, it breaks my heart. But the only thing I can do is to thank all the cast and the staff for these amazing years of laughter.

Thank you Yoo Jae Suk for being who you are. An awesome MC, a jokester, Yoo hyuk, Grasshopper, for your rivalry with Jong kook which was always funny, for your “outburst” with Haha and Kwangsoo, for being Ji suk jin’s sunflower, for your finger hearts or however is named, an overall honest person. You are one of the reasons why I started watching RM. Coming from Family outing and already knowing you was like a plus and you grew on me. I now know why people call you Yooneunim. Sincerely thank you.

Thank you Kim Jong Kook for being the Tiger and Mr. Capable. I also knew you from Family outing but man, you started to be more talkative with some time XD. Thanks for being the capable one, the scary chaser XD, the guy who would glare to his hyungs with no problem, the hyung with the kids who would get scolded every now and the, for being Coach kim and try to teach athletes how to do their jobs, for being the muscle guy and more.

Thank you Song Ji hyo for being the kind of actress who is not afraid to get dirty just because she has an image to maintain as other actresses or idols. Thanks for being a woman who can stand its own against all the males in the cast, let’s all remember one of the latest episodes where they had to piggyback the girls and neither Gary nor Kwang soo could move because Jihyo would squeeze them (I was cracking up,for real) ; thanks for being Meong ji, the girl who can fall sleep almost anywhere, worth mentioning the Jenga tower. Thanks for being part of one of the longest love-lines out there, the monday couple, thanks for being part of the candy alliance, the kwang-mong siblings that I seriously love, the song-song couple, spartace and so on. Thanks for being such an ace.

Thank you Kang Gary for being Gary-ssi and Random Mr, Capable. When you appeared for the first time…I didn’t know who you were, I just didn’t know about Leesang or the hip-hop scene in south korea but by far, I could tell you would fit well in the show. You always had the most normal and humane reactions ever, your speech with -seumdwa was always something that I don’t know why, it made me smile​. Thank you for being oblivious Gary, peaceful Gary, Random Mr. Capable, part of the monday couple that most people love. Thank you for being the amazing person you are.

Thank you HaHa for being the kid of the show, for being the schemer and cool person that you are. I already knew you from Infinite Challenge and although the characters on both shows are similar, they are not the same. I could always tell Haha is a smart cookie. He’s clever and witty and I have always laughed whenever he got annoyed either by Yoo Jae suk, Ji hyo or the guests. Also, thank you for being the “dongsaeng” to “uri hyung”, Time controller, Haroro, Haha the playboy or the kid who wants to be the villain. And as your stage name, thank you for the laughs.

Thank you Ji suk Jin for being the old ambitious guy of the show. At first, I admit that I didn’t like him, I always felt he was annoying and was craving for attention but as time passed by, well, I saw he was trying to be funny and honestly for a person his age, it must’ve been difficult to be running around with no problem. Thank you for being the race starter, the impala, Jaesuk’s sunflower, the only cast member who always was ready to face the female guests with no problem, the old guy with the cheesy lines. Thank you for being in the traitors club with Kwang Soo and in particular, thank you for being Wangko ahahahha

Thank you Lee kwang soo. What can I say about him? Similar to Ji suk jin, at first I didn’t like him, the whole framing and betraying simply wasn’t my style but over the time, his character grew on me. He is like a gem for the variety show scene of south korea and an awesome actor too. Thank you for being the giraffe, framer Kwangsoo, avatar Kwangsoo, traitor Kwangsoo,kwangtoad,  unlucky Kwangsoo and a million of other nicknames. Thank you Kwangsoo for being the gem that the show needed.

Last but not least. Thank you Joong Ki. When running man started I was relatively new to dramas so I didn’t know what types of drama he starred in, but guys, he’s such a good actor. You all know him now because of Descendants of the Sun, but what made me say that he is an awesome actor, was the movie “a werewolf boy”. Honestly, he was the flower boy of the bunch, I always loved how he seemed so close with everyone. Thank you for being active Joong Ki and the guy who cannot draw well. Thank you for the time you spent with Running man and all of us until you parted ways.

Special thanks to Kwon Ryeol VJ, Dong wan FD and Lizzy. These guys were always such a laugh. I was planning to write more, but I’m started to tear up and my heart feels so heavy

Running Man family, you’ve worked hard. Thank you for all the laughter these 7 years. You will always be in our hearts.

Little Keith, Shiro, Matt and Pidge play spaceman
  • Keith: BWOOOOOSSHHHHH!!! I've landed on a weird planet!!
  • Keith: * hops out of the wooden spaceship and holds his Walkie-talkie up to his face * I'm now looking for signs of alien life.
  • Shiro: RAWR!! * hops out of the bushes *
  • Keith: Ahh! Its some sort of Alien giraffe!!
  • Shiro: * runs towards Keith * RAWWR!!
  • Keith: Ahhh!! Its coming to get me! * is running away *
  • Matt and Pidge: * hops out the bushes in front of Keith * Rawr!!!!
  • Keith: Ahhh! More aliens!!! * runs towards his wooden rocket ship*
  • Keith: * hops in the rocket ship * Backup! I need backup!!!
  • Shiro: * hops in the rocket ship and hugs Keith *
  • Keith: Nooooo! He got me!!! * giggles *
  • Matt & Pidge: * hops in the rocket ship to hug Shiro and Keith *
  • Keith: Nooo!!!! I'm dead!!! Bleh.. * plays dead *

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*Pokes head in.* Hello! I-I'm not exactly new, but I've followed alot of activities from you over the last few months, and honestly it feels great finding someone who shares a similar, positive attitude! You keep being happy big guy, and don't let anyone take that from you! Happiness is a hard thing to come back in this world. < 3

I mean it’s way better to be happy, right? =D I hope you can keep being happy too!! =D Thank you king-sized game-winning home run!

Dear Journal,

Today we went to the zoo. Sirius had bought tickets for a suprise for our family. Not only Teddy never went but Regulus dreamed about going.

“You’ve never been to the zoo?” His girlfriend, Sophie asked.

“No actually.. I always wanted to go!” He smiled excitedly.

So we packed ourselves a picnic and headed to the zoo. James, Lily and baby Harry would meet us there. The car was packed! Regulus and Sophie were cuddled in the back seat. Teddy really liked car rides because that meant he could be in his baby carseat. Sirius sat in the passenger seat and I drove. It wasn’t such a long ride but it was a good 20 minutes so Sirius put on some songs and we all sang along! It was really funny because Teddy just kept laughing since he kind of only knows the teletubbies theme song. Arriving at the zoo, everyone was excited. I put on a little bit of sunscreen on Teddy’s cheeks and nose and put in his hat. It was a quidditch baby-hat that James got him.

“Hey you guys!” Lily said, walking to us with Harry wrapped in her baby carrier.

“Oh hi! Ready to see some animals?” Sirius said.

“I really hope they have a few stags..” James laughed.

Inside the zoo, animals could be seen every to steps we took. Elephants, tigers, bears, Exotic birds.. all kinds!

“Oh Teddy look at the lion!” I said, pointing the furry animal.

“Oohhh!” He said with big eyes.

“What does the lion say?” Sirius asked.

“Wrarwww!” Teddy said.

“Goodjob Teddy bear!” Sirius giggled, kissing his cheek.

We the saw the insects. I couldn’t even look at the tarantulas. They scare the hell out of me you can’t even understand! It was now time to go see the sea animals. Teddy had both of his small hands on the glass seperating him from the baby beluga. I traced my finger on the glass so it could follow it. Teddy kept laughing at how the beluga followed my hand.

“Do you want to try it?” I whispered in Teddy’s ear.

He nodded and smiled. I took his hand in mine and we traced different shapes on the glass making the baby beluga follow us. This time, Teddy didn’t laugh. He was amazed. His eyes were big and his mouth was slightly open. Sirius was smiling at us.

We had a picnic next to the baby sheeps. Teddy could keep his eyes on his lunch, he was too interested by the animals around us.

We spent the rest of the day on a safari. Teddy was sitting on Sirius’ lap. We saw giraffes running through the fields! They looked magestic. The sun was setting down and we were about to leave. Teddy was exhausted but he loved it. We walked past a stuffed animal stand and Sirius smiled. He new how Teddy loved his stuffed animals.

“Teddy what was your favorite animal?” Sirius asked him.

“Weluga!” He said, smiling.

So Sirius got him a baby beluga stuffed animal. He was so excited. During all the car ride, he was hugging his new beluga friend. He eventualy fell asleep with it in his arms. I looked at Sirius who was smiling.

“Thank you for today. It was amazing.” I said.

He smiled and kissed my cheek.

April 29th 1978

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Ok so I haven't seen anything like this but listen here. Aftg zoo au.

Revolutionary, anon. Alright so, shoutout to Una for her input on this.

We’ve got Wymack as head keeper, Abby as the resident vet, and Bee running the gift shop (with an endless supply of sweets for a certain blond keeper of course).

Dan runs the elephant enclosure and Matt’s on the neighbouring giraffe experience.

Nicky runs a seal show where he gets them to twirl around and jump through hoops, but most of the time he’s just around the park feeding ducks and getting all the gossip.

Aaron’s on penguins.

Una’s convinced that Neil would be turtles and Andrew would be a crocodile wrangler but that’s because she’s only on book one.

So we have Neil hiding out in the reptile house, but he was in training with big cats until he ran away from his father’s circus (which incidentally provides services to the rival Moriyama Safari Park) and became a zoo keeper.

Kevin’s on gorillas, but used to be a tiger trainer at the Moriyama Safari Park until his hand was suspiciously mauled by one of Riko’s lions.

Neil likes to chill with the tortoises because their slowness calms his desire to run, and he often hangs out with the stoic keeper of the primate house, Andrew.

Andrew’s main focus is on the small primates, and he has names for all the pygmy marmosets. One day Neil walks in to find Andrew with a marmoset clinging to each finger, and he’s just going about his daily tasks regardless.

Wymack’s in charge of most of the big cats but Renee takes responsibility for the Snow Leopards.

For some reason when I thought of Allison my mind jumped straight to camels? You’ll have to fill in the blanks with that one because honestly I… don’t know? Maybe her father is a Saudi Arabian Prince and she’s furious over the unjust deportation of Qatari camels so she moves to America to aid in their breeding programmes.

Riko of course dies in a tragic accident that taints the name of his safari park forever oh how sad.

Delaying the Inevitable - Chapter 24

Filming after that was relatively easy โ€“ maybe from riding off from the good mood that she was in thanks to the girls โ€“ despite having to be hit on the cheek repeatedly from Soo Kyung, who played her on โ€“ screen sister. It was a good drama that she had decided to work on โ€“ the perfect combination of writers, directors, producers and cast which made filming 12 hour days almost a breeze โ€“ and one which was doing well ratings wise. They only had 3 episodes left to shoot, including the one in Jeju Island, and despite having such a good time filming and getting to know loads of people, she was looking forward to the break. She looked forward to the times when she could sleep until noon and then eat ramyeon (not telling Jong Kook of course) and then go back to sleep. She looked forward to the days where she could give her body some rest and time to recuperate from having to attend 5am shoots and shoot all through the night. It also meant that she could spend more time with her boyfriend, doing whatever couples did, which until a few days ago wasnโ€™t at the forefront of her mind.

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