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Seventeen going to the Bank

Episode Six: Seventeen visits the bank but encountered a robber.

Jeonghan: “Finally my baby dino is old enough to open his own personal bank account”

Dino: “How many times do I have to tell you hyung, I’m 18”

Jeonghan: “Hello miss, my son here would like to register his first bank account”

Dino: “I have like 3 bank accounts hyung I do not need another one”

Jun: “Are you going to start an account too Wonwoo?”

Wonwoo: “Nope, I already have one”

Jun: “Then? are you going to put money into your account?”

Wonwoo: “I don’t have any savings, I spent it all of it last week on that haircut remember?”

Jun: “Then why did you bring your bank book with you?”

Wonwoo: “Mingyu told me not to tell you”

Jun: “Mingyu?! What did the tall thing tell you!”

Wonwoo: ….

Jun: …

Wonwoo: “Okay fine. Mingyu told me to withdraw money from my account to buy him more food”

Jun: “He did what now?”

Mingyu: “I said not to tell him Wonwoo…”

Jun: “Stop using Wonwoo’s hard earned money to buy snacks! you have like 10 boxes of chips that haven’t been opened”

Mingyu: “One can never have too many snacks Jun”

Wonwoo: “So… do I withdraw the money or not?" 

Jun: "No”

Mingyu: “YES!”

Jun: “Why can’t you use your own money?”

Wonwoo: “Cause he has no money in his account?”

Mingyu: “thanks a lot wonwoo”

Jun: “You don’t even have a single cent in your account?”

Mingyu: “It was well spent!”

Jun: “It was on food wasn’t it?”


Robber: “Put the money in the duffel bag now, the rest of you get down and put your hands up where I can see them!”

Seungkwan: “I’m too young and fabulous to die!”

Joshua: “In the holy name I pray, please protect us dear lord”

Hoshi: *puts hands up* “Mansae-”

Robber: “Who the hell said that?! If any of you make a sound and I’ll put a bullet through your head”

DK: “Just a clarification though Mr Scary Robber, are you going to cut open my head with a scalpel and put the bullet in or-?" 

The8: "Seokmin, now’s not a good time to be curious”

Robber: *puts gun at dk’s temple* “Do you want to find out?”

Woozi: “Well good riddance”

DK: “Honestly?" 

Robber: "Yes, strange horse-looking boy”

The8: “Are you serious right now?”

Hoshi: “Must. Fight. Temptation. To. Dance. To. Mansae. GAHHHHH”

Scoups: “Hosh. NO”

DK: “In all honesty, I actually really want to know though” *smiles*

Robber: “Okay, I’ll grant you your wish and let you find out”

DK: “I didn’t wish for it but alrighty!”

Robber: *pulls trigger* 

Scoups: "Alright! Hold up! Hold up! Sorry Mr robber-nim, please just ignore him, he’s my child and he is a little… you know” *circles finger around his head*

DK: “What does that mean?”

DK: “Are you implying that I’m crazy?!”

Scoups: “Omg Seokmin…”

Seungkwan: “Yeah Dorkyeom, he’s calling you crazy” divaboo alert

Vernon: “Not now kwan… bad timing to be sassy" 

Hoshi: "Must. Contain. The. Need. To. Swing. Arms. In. The. Air.”

Seungkwan: “What? I’m just stating a fact, we were all thinking it, I’m just saying what everyone else was thinking out loud!”

Vernon: “Divaboo tone it down will ya?”

DK: “You want to know what crazy is? I’ll show you crazy!" 

DK: *gets up from floor and starts doing his horse dance while screaming*

Seungkwan: "I can do better than that" 

Seungkwan: *takes something from the floor as a microphone and starts singing and dancing like it’s his solo debut*

Robber: "What is this situation?" 

DK: *scREAms*

Seungkwan: *starts high note battle*


Jeonghan: *screams from over the counter*

Woozi: *screams a note so high that it made the robber drop his gun*

Robber: “What in god’s name was that?!”



Jun: *hits robber in the eye as he swings his arms*


Jun: “Sorry?”

Jeonghan: *giraffe mode on*

The8: *dabbing mode on* stop Minghao 2017

Dino: *Michael chanson mode on*

Wonwoo: *gives deep stare to robber*

Robber: "AHHHHH what is this noise? What is this stare… it makes me feel somewhat emotionally detached…?? it makes me reflect about the despicable life I’m living…”

Robber: “Why are so many children dancing about?! OMG are they multiplying?!?! How many are there? 10? 20? 30?!!” *collapses*

The Po-Po: “You have the right to remain silent, whatever you say may be used against you in court” *handcuffs the robber*

Robber: *still counting*

The Po-Po: “Well done kids, I don’t know how you did it, we’ve been trying to catch this robber for a year now" 

Scoups: "Oh well, my kids just did whatever they usually do at home… and also in every public place known to man-kind, so don’t worry too much about it Mr Officer" 

The Po-Po: "You guys make a good squad, maybe after your career ends you guys can join the police force, we’ll call you squad number 17" 

Dino: "Woahhh I always wanted to be a police officer hyung! I can have guns and shoot people-” *pew pew*

Jeonghan: “No! Gun’s are too dangerous for toddlers!”

The Po-Po: “As a reward, here’s some vouchers to a buffet, please accept it and enjoy your day”

Wonwoo: “I know someone who would be very happy to accept it” *glances over at Mingyu who is currently stuffing free mints into his pockets*

Mingyu: *whispers* “Wonwoo can I borrow your pocket?”

Woozi: “I have an idea, if you want an eternal endless supply of mints, why don’t you just take that empty cardboard box there and sit in it and stay there?” 

The Po-Po: “Thanks once again boys!”

Scoups: “No, I should be the one thanking you police officer, with this buffet vouchers I saved almost $130 on expenses for their food!”

The8: “Actually Sir can I have your number, I have something important to discuss with you about, it’s regarding a boy named Kim Mingy-“

Scoups: *covers Minghao’s mouth*

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Xcy, can you turn into anything cool that isn't a zebra?

Xcy: Yeah. Okay, this is kinda tricky… Let me just take the Laptop outside so I have room.


Khepri: …why are you typing your grunts


Whoo, okay there. Giraffe mode.

Khepri: Very impressive. You realise they can’t see you?

Xcy: …That’s not the point. Do you know any other Changelings who can turn into a Giraffe? No? Then shut up.