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Kajsa having fun by Heidi Dubourgh Pedersen
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A Lost World ~ Danger

“We aren’t alone!” Marcus interrupted standing still, Abby looked up in surprise and would’ve nearly given a cry of fear if he hadn’t gripped her arm, for before them just coming out of the trees, taller than a giraffe; was a dinosaur.
 It looked like a cross between a raptor and Tyrannosaurus rex. The creature noticed the two humans standing in its way and opened its mouth in a snarl, showing gleaming rows of sharp teeth.
 Marcus stood a little in front of Abby protectively and she gripped his arm, terrified. “Don’t move,” he whispered, “maybe..” he didn’t finish what he was going to say for then the great beast suddenly let out a roar which gave them the reason to throw all caution to the winds and turned and ran for their lives. The dinosaur was after them and Marcus and Abby fled as fast as their legs could carry them.
 Ducking and dodging as they ran, the creature narrowly missed Marcus as it lunged forward but he jumped out of the way. “Look,” cried Abby, “Ahead!”
Right a head, about a stones throw away, they noticed a gnarly tree with thick branches, there wasn’t much time and no other place they could run. With all his will power Marcus ran to it and jumped up grabbing the first branch of the tree and hauled himself up. Being naturally tall it was easy to swing up and over to climb, but poor Abby had the harder time of it, being the smaller of the two of getting up the tree.
  She had gotten no further then the second branch when the dinosaur was on them.
“Marcus, help!” She screamed, he looked down from where he’d been climbing up not far above her and saw Abby’s pale face and frightened brown eyes looking at him. Shimmying downwards, Marcus was able to reach her and grabbed her hand so she was able to pull herself upwards further up the tree. The dinosaur was roaring so loudly it felt like the whole forest shook.
 The two got to a branch which was about fifteen feet from the ground, Abby with her back against the tree trunk and Marcus in front of her so they were sandwiched in and clung to each other for dear life.

I was repotting my succulents into slightly bigger pots because I was concerned for how cramped the post they came in were, and of course decided to do this at 7 in the evening when it was becoming dusk. And of course I decided to do this outside while not wearing shoes. So I ended up stepping on a twig shed by our thorn tree X’D which sounds lame until you realise this is a giraffe thorn tree;

I pulled it out but damn if my foot is not killing me right now D’X

Word to the wise; if you have a big-ass African thorn tree in your garden… don’t go walking around in the dark without shoes on.



It was the day of the biggest, brightest SMILE contest and the jungle animals were busy making sure their teeth looked sparkly and white.

Elephant was polishing his teeth against the bark of a tree; Giraffe was rubbing her teeth with a bunch of leaves, and Monkey was picking bits of banana from his teeth.

Soon everyone was beaming with big, clean, toothy smiles.

Everyone except for Lion.

“I wish I had a nice smile,” Lion sighed.

Lion had terrible teeth. He ate sweets all day and drank lots of fizzy jungle juice. And worst of all – he didn’t EVER clean his teeth!

“I’ll never win the contest!” he said.

“You might win – if you clean your teeth and eat more healthily!” said Hippo.

“Maybe a visit to the dentist would help?” suggested Monkey.  

Lion was a bit scared of Zebra the dentist, but he really did want to win the contest! So he went with Monkey to see Zebra. It wasn’t scary at all, and Lion’s teeth were soon cleaned and polished.

“Remember, keep away from sugary snacks!” said Zebra.

“Your smile is so white, it’s blinding!” Lion’s friends joked when they saw him.

Lion roared with laughter; he just could not stop smiling!

“No more jungle juice and sweets for me!” he grinned.

Soon it was time for the contest to be judged.

And guess who won? Lion, of course! He was SO happy with his lovely clean teeth that his smile was the biggest and the brightest in the jungle!

© Claire Freedman 2016
Recording (p) Simon and Schuster (UK) Ltd
Created in association with Simon and Schuster (UK) Ltd
Illustrated by Chloe Batchelor
All rights reserved


Finished up some pokemon variants I attempted a while back but then abandoned for a while, but here’s some Pansage variants mixed with Nidoran, comes in two colour variations; Purple Haze and Blue Dream and then another mixed with Mawile known as the Bug Trap.

Also some sketches of a Scraggy/Scrafty variant [it’s head plant is based on an echeveria] and a Girafarig variant [based the head plant on a giraffe trees leaves a bit]

I rlly love Pansages!

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