giraffe doodle


All our love well it put us at ease
And it somehow made time freeze
And it seemed like it’d never end
Both of our hearts seem to intertwine
When we met for the first time
And now I can’t stop thinking about those
Photographic memories.
And they’ll die on with me.

Hope is very hard when
Hope is very hard when you
Lost the thing you had before
I took all the right steps
I took all the right steps
And I unlocked the right doors.
All the neon fires died out in my brain
I grew numb to that feeling of pain

Why did you have to go?


I made my own design for Rabbit! Keeping up with the ever-changing looks is hard, so I made a design that ties together most, if not all, past Rabbit looks! Copper? Check. Red core? Check. Mismatched eyes? Check. Rabbit ears, teal hair streaks, pants, corset, boots, belts, bow, boob window, nose arrow, cheek teeth, and brass goggles? Checkeroo.

Everyone is welcome to use this design as long as the proper credit is given! Please don’t repost and claim as your own!