giraffe colors

One thing that I really wish they’d address on JTV (which I highly doubt they will) is that Mateo’s recent acting-out is almost certainly linked to Michael’s death. (Especially since, according to Jane, he made it through “the terrible twos” without too much trouble. It’s only now that he’s in his fours–and he’s beginning to understand the world more fully–that we are really seeing behavior problems.)

Even though Mateo is really too young to fully process what happened,  (and will likely forget some of the few Michael memories he has retained in a few years), Mateo clearly feels an absence of someone he adored and trusted.

The fact that the martial arts instructor was almost immediately able to calm Mateo down and that Mateo immediately started mirroring his behavior illustrates that Mateo is clearly looking for another male role model to take Michael’s place (since “Zen Raf” alone isn’t going to cut it).

Another thing is that he was able to immediately pick up on the fact that “Mommy was thinking about Michael” when Jane had the panic attack over the giraffe coloring book page. To me, this suggests that “Michael” is still very much part of Mateo’s world, as well as Jane’s. And that Jane isn’t the only one who has frequent  sad thoughts about missing Michael.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for seeing Jane’s grief as much and as intensely as possible (we deserve at least that much for putting up with this pointless death). But we also need verification that Michael’s death doesn’t only impact Jane and the Sin Rostro case. 

Armed Detective Agency: *currently in heated argument about what color giraffes’ tongues are*

Kunikida: Everyone shut up, I’m getting a call from the President.

Dazai: yo pass the weed!

Ranpo: *various sex noises*

Tanizaki: get me another beer!

Kenji and Atsushi: Tell him I said hi!