giraffe colors

Suspender Man is one of my favorite SPG songs, so I combined what I always thought he looked like and the artwork Bunny Bennett did of him
I always thought the Suspender Man was possessed, so I gave him glowing eyes

[Image description: an ink and colored pencil drawing of the Suspender Man from Steam Powered Giraffe, who grins menacingly. He’s an aging black man with glowing yellow eyes, a purple button-down shirt, tattered jeans, a red bow tie, and big red suspenders. He wears a beat-up green hat with an ace of hearts and a striped feather stuck in the ribbon. He holds a banjo with a broken string. He’s sitting on a log in the middle of a mangrove swamp, beside an urn with two cents next to it and a wooden shepherd’s hook with a lantern hung on it. Reflected in the river water are the words “My music’s gonna blow your mind”.]

Sometimes I take time-lapsey photos of drawings as I work on them.
Side note: coloring in Rabbit’s hair completely took the life out of my brush pen but it was worth it

[Image description #1: It’s a pencil sketch of The Spine, a robot with black lines outlining his cheekbones, jaw, and eyebrows. He also has vertical lines on his mouth and horizontal lines on his neck. He wears a fedora and a striped button-down shirt. Beside him is Rabbit, a robot with defined face plates, long and slightly unruly hair, a metal rivet hair clip, and vents in the side of her face. Her head is held up by wires in place of a neck. Her angular collar can be seen. Both robots are smiling.
#2: The picture is now inked with black pen, and every line is straight except for the lines on the robots’ clothes.
#3: The picture is colored in with colored pencil. The Spine is silver, with green eyes. His shirt and fedora are both black and gray, and part of his collar is red. Rabbit has black hair, partially oxidized copper face plates, a red collar, and heterochromatic eyes (one green, one blue).]