giraffe colors


Video going around lately of a “White” (not albino) Giraffe in Africa

Suspender Man is one of my favorite SPG songs, so I combined what I always thought he looked like and the artwork Bunny Bennett did of him
I always thought the Suspender Man was possessed, so I gave him glowing eyes

[Image description: an ink and colored pencil drawing of the Suspender Man from Steam Powered Giraffe, who grins menacingly. He’s an aging black man with glowing yellow eyes, a purple button-down shirt, tattered jeans, a red bow tie, and big red suspenders. He wears a beat-up green hat with an ace of hearts and a striped feather stuck in the ribbon. He holds a banjo with a broken string. He’s sitting on a log in the middle of a mangrove swamp, beside an urn with two cents next to it and a wooden shepherd’s hook with a lantern hung on it. Reflected in the river water are the words “My music’s gonna blow your mind”.]