giraffe colors

Armed Detective Agency: *currently in heated argument about what color giraffes’ tongues are*

Kunikida: Everyone shut up, I’m getting a call from the President.

Dazai: yo pass the weed!

Ranpo: *various sex noises*

Tanizaki: get me another beer!

Kenji and Atsushi: Tell him I said hi!


Cutout Paper Animals Silhouettes Colored by Natural Landscapes

Russian artist and photographer Nikolai Tolsty shares on his Instagram account beautiful artworks in paper that interact with nature and the real world. He cuts animals’ silhouettes into a white paper sheet and superposes it on natural backgrounds. We find a pink flamingo with buds patterns, a squirrel on red branches, a fish colored by roses or a fox on autumn leaves.


Woo! Robot trio complete!

I’ll do some backgrounds, probably not for a bit since I’m packing and whatnot.  But yeah, Hatchworth has a sandwich.  Because obviously.

And seriously, you guys are great, thanks for sharing my stuff :3

Also, thanks to Steam Powered Giraffe for being so awesome and creating fantastic and incredibly interesting characters that are super fun to draw!  Incase you are reading this and somehow DON’T know who they are, go check them out! I highly recommend typing that name into youtube on a day off and losing a few hours to their unique and wonderfully weird brand of entertainment.