Dear friends

I feel like work has put me into a disconnect. Can we like, get together and talk again? Even if just for a bit? Either on text messages, skype, snapchat, or on here via inbox?

I feel like I know nothing about what all is going on in my loved ones’ lives thanks to not being able to be 100% social anymore.

And it kina makes me scared that my friends are gonna poof away because of this really shitty job.

So yeah. Hello?

(not tagging Niky cause we both tend to be the ones talking to each other)

gir0uxsalem replied to your post: “More points about Auggie’s possible breed mixture.”:

Does Auggie have pit bull in her? Looking at her face, it’s the same similar shape as a pit bull face

We aren’t 100% sure. But I do know that upon reasearch of typical Pit Bull personalities (not the stereotypes), she doesn’t really fit into the mold. so if she does, she only has it for the physical traits. Looking at her next to Kovu, they look very similar. I don’t have the best pictures of Auggie to compare, but that’s what we think she might be. She has a LOT of characteristics of Akita and Lab, and as a puppy she acted a lot like a Shep and she had Shep colorings. So that’s what I’m thinking.

Our vet also thinks she doesn’t have Pit in her….

M - music. It seriously is the blood pumping through me. I grew up desperate to be a music teacher and a musician. Sadly, this has fallen through, but my desire to hear more music of any genre, investigate the artist and their creative process, and dissect each song until I know it inside out still is there.

and I love to share it. It actually kinda hurts when people ignore my music recs because I just love music SO much and just want to share that love.

R - with an R? My mother, Rita. She is seriously one of the nicest ladies in the world. However, we both share that desire to be loved and not be alone, and she can be clingy, but I know it’s only because she wants me to be happy and to be loved like she wants for herself. I love her more than anything in the world.

S - I loved loved loved Spencer. My first dog. My parents got him as a puppy before I was even born, and my mother was afraid he would hurt me when they had me. But he didn’t. He would sleep under my crib. He would growl at people other than my parents that tried to get near me. If I was playing on the floor, he would curl up beside me. And when I learned how to walk? he walked beside me in case I was going to fall and somehow he would catch me. He was my other father and I miss him terribly.