gir shirt

  • me: idrc about all the disney remakes coming out like.. if you look past the nostalgia they all seem kinda mediocre imo ://
  • nickelodeon executives, busting through my door using the tied together corpses of my family: TAKE YUOR FUCKIGN SHIT ALIEN MOVIE GARBAEG YOUG OTH FUCK, WE OWN YOYUR MIDDLE SCHOOL SOUL
  • me, in a gir shirt and already handing over the entire contents of my wallet: waffles ex-dee

If nothing else, the Zim revival has re-ignited my desire to own a shirt like Dib’s. You know, the one with a :| face…

Nickelodeon/Hot Topic please sell an official one on top of the 10,000 GIR shirts I know you no doubt have primed and ready I can and will pay good money for that crap.

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