gir and cat

Au where humans are anthropomorphic cats and dogs instead of ppl. Irkens are normal and Zim has to wear fake ears and a tail to blend in as a cat. Gir disguises as a mongoose. Dib is a pitbull. And I want to die B-). Jk jk this au is actually fun AND funny. It will be called IZ furry au, and will be tagged as such. Cursed.

i wrote this poem a few months ago for my English class. I hope you like it, or don’t, i don’t really care. sorry for the shitty video. And sorry for the awkward pause and weird hand movements… i’m a very uncomfortable person

here are the words to my poem ( there may be typos)


Why should I be paid less but work just as hard,

and forced to need a sign that says, ‘baby on board’?

And why is it okay that a man gets to vote on what I can do with my body?

Today we live in a word where shouting, 'fire’, is more affective than 'rape’

and I terrifies me that my daughter,

someday, will share the same fate

of a place where her clothes give more consent than her precious voice

and she will accept being objectified because, ’boys will be boys’


Isn’t that what we do?

We make excuses for the problem then blame those it effects.

Because she was asking for it,


Even with her mouth stitched tight with fear her dress,

still screamed yes,

didn’t it?

But since when did inanimate objects have a voice?

This isn’t a childrens book,

this is my choice!

I don’t want her to fear dark parking lots,

or need a man to say no for her, and

she should never have to use the excuse that,

she already 'has a boyfriend’,

because in what world is it okay that an imaginary person,

hold more respect to a man than her actual right to say no?

And no means no,

there is no other meaning.

And she shouldn’t have to grow up in a world where she is treated more like property,

and less like a human being.

So take a step back  and really look.

Maybe all men aren’t like this, but the point is,

none you should.

And you have the audacity to be upset because, we offended your gender?

Well maybe you should do something,

because it isn’t getting better.

These women are your mothers, sisters, daughters, and wives

and you wouldn’t be here without us

so give us the respect we deserve, and although we had to row up with this world,

no other girl should

have to look over her shoulder every time she walks to her car,

or god forbid, leave her drink unattended  at a bar.

So no more excuses, no more ’boys will be boys’

women are not toys to be played with.

So learn from you mistakes and make a


Because what you fear most about prison is that,

'boys will be boys’.


So, I just got to the conclusion that Macavity is so fun to draw

1 & 2.- Just some doddles- practice I made bc I was bored.

3 & 4.- Have you ever seen the Japanese versión of Macavity? He looks like fucking Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon wtf. So, I couldn’t help myself and ended drawing how wolud the Macavity of the film would look like with the outfit of the Japanese one. Plus Munkustrap laughing at him bc yes lol

5.- Lovely Mungojerrie and sweet Rumpleteazer with their angry and salty boss xd

And that’s all. Hope you like it!