“Many Romani from across Europe made pilgrimage to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer in Camargue, France on 24th May to honour Sara e Kali, the Romani patron saint.

Saint Sara’s statue is taken from the church crypt and processioned to the shore of the Mediterranean in a reenactment of her arrival in France with the ‘Maries’, the mothers of the Apostles. The town plays host to music, dancing, feasting and ritual bathing as Roma celebrate their patroness’ day.”


“ se il mondo dovesse finire domani ,
vorrei correre veloce, come una frazione di
emozionarmi , come se fosse la prima volta
che mi accorgo di avere un cuore ,
non avere un attimo di respiro, sognando ,
senza avere rimpianti,
senza mai tornare sui miei passi ”

Parole e foto: Caterina

“ If the world,may should end tomorrow,
I would run fast, like a fraction
of a second ,
get emotional, like it would the first time,
I realize I have a heart,
not having a moment for breath, dreaming,
without have no regrets,
without never turn back on my paths ”

~ the secret diary ❤🗝


I started the Modern Wicthes Art Challenge (created by Vicky Pandora from Modern Witches Daily blog)

I’ve got no idea what I am doing witch these doodles but I guess that’s a good pretext to experimentation (good or bad…)

- Day 1 : Witchsona
- Day 2 : an altar
- Day 3 : a Familiar
- Day 4 : a working place
- Day 5 : a witchcraft tool

“Babacık,” – diyor, açıklıyor genç kız, -
“Konuk getiriyorum; onu tepenin
Ötesinde tenhada buldum
Ve bu gece obamıza çağırdım.
Çingene olmayı diliyor bizim gibi;
Ardından yasalar kovalıyormuş,
Ama arkadaş olacağım ona ben,
Adı Aleko, nereye olursa olsun
Yanımda yürümeye amade.”

Alexandr Puşkin - Çingeneler