giphy updates

Giphy Turns 1 Year Old, with the Help of the Giphy Birfday Bot!

Last February, Giphy was started as a weekend hack project. What began on a whim ended up taking the internet by storm! 1 year later, we’ve gone from 15,000 GIFs to 1 MILLION GIFs…and so much more:  

Now, we have Giphy GIFs on Facebook and Giphy GIFs on Twitter. We’ve developed an incredible directory of the most talented GIF artists on the Internet. We’ve partnered with worldwide brands, movies, and musicians. And we’re just getting started! 

But first, it’s time to take a break and celebrate our birthday! So, having tackled the GIF technology, we tasked our engineers to do something simple: whip up a quick super-intelligent artificial life form who loves nothing more than partying. That’s how the Giphy Birfday Bot was born! All week, Birfday Bot’s saying “happy birthday” to random people all over the world. If it’s your birthday, tweet at him and he’ll send you a special birthday GIF!

Thanks for making the 1st year of Giphy’s existence so awesome. We’re looking forward to what comes next!

All the GIFs, Now Available in Your Twitter Feed! 

Using GIFs on Twitter just got a lot more exciting! Giphy links now appear as animated GIFs, directly in your Twitter post. Post those reaction GIFs in the moment — your friends won’t have to click links to see those hilarious Anchorman GIFs anymore.

The best part is: you don’t have to do anything! Keep using Giphy links on Twitter the same way you always have. Use the Twitter button to share a GIF, or simply copy and paste the address into a tweet. We’ll take care of the rest!

Want to try it out? Tweet a GIF at @giphy! (And if you’re not following us yet — what gives? You’re missing out!)

Google+ is like that one overachieving sibling who follows all the rules, gets good grades and stays out of trouble — therefore their parents COMPLETELY ignore them. Well, guess what, Google+? Today, Giphy is showing you some love!

Google+ is a fantastic way to utilize Giphy. Pick any GIF out of our sprawling library of GIFs and simply paste the address into your new post. Without doing anything else, the GIF appears, fully animated! Giphy has all the GIFs, Google+ has easy GIF posting — it’s a perfect combination!

Team Giphy is a big fan of Google+ and we’re going to be a lot more active our Google+ page. So, Google+ users: give us a follow!