Samsung Smart Bike

Frame by Giovanni Pelizzoli & student Alice Biotti

Samsung chế tạo cả xe đạp thông minh

Samsung chế tạo cả xe đạp thông minh

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Samsung đang hợp tác với nhà thiết kế xe đạp Giovanni Pelizzoli để tạo ra một chiếc xe đạp thông minh có tên Smart Bike. Chiếc xe độc đáo này sẽ được trưng bày tại sự kiện Milan Design Week 2014.

Theo thiết kế, người dùng sẽ đặt smartphone của họ vào khoảng giữa tay lái của chiếc xe đạp. Chiếc điện thoại sẽ hoạt động như một chiếc gương chiếu hậu bằng cách đồng bộ với camera ở phía sau xe. Những…

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Samsung’s new Smart Bike features lane-marking laser pointers, rear camera + more...(Video)

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Cycling in the city can be a genuinely unpleasant experience at times. As well as having to breathe in exhaust fumes for the duration of your journey, our car-centric cities often leave scant room to dedicated bike lanes, meaning cyclists have to share the road with vehicles big and small, often resulting in accidents and near misses.


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[CIÖCC] Pelizzoli, master artisan

A nice interview with one of the greatest old school framebuilders still alive, Giovanni Pelizzoli.

He made history with his ciöcc steel frames and he was one of the first to use aluminium tubes in racing bikes.

Fun fact, he is still operating his business under the Pelizzoli moniker (he sold the rights over his ciöcc brand years ago), and this video is filmed in his shop that happens to be 200 meters away from where I work.

I see him cranking on his lousy mountain bike every other day, and his son even helped me with a flat tyre one day.
They are very nice people, and their frames are still hand made with love and dedication.