giou clan

Forced bond [AU]


⊰It was quite a pleasant evening, the leader of the Giou clan enjoying a small cup of tea in one of his many offices, while checking a few reports and speaking to an old friend through the phone.⊱

❝Do you have free time today? I think I will finish by four, so if you are f-❞

⊰The phrase, however, couldn’t be worded properly as Takashiro was not safe anymore. How the necromancer failed to observe the approaching general was a mystery, but a fact was for sure- right now, a high class duras, an opast was attacking him, and his office was turned to a mess.⊱

Old Man

vagxntem​ Starter

◤It had been a long time. He hadn’t seen the head of the Giou clan in centuries, not since his samuari days when his appearance and attitude was slightly different. The two meet in battle with a hoard of duras’s. Ironically the two ended up fighting [ TOGETHER ]. Whenever, their interests coincided the two fought. Takashiro offered many times to be his contractor to which Dimitri declined. He would [ NEVER ] be a slave again, not even to Takashiro. He just wanted to live a free and peaceful life among humans.

That was until today. Zwielts attacked him out of nowhere! Dimitri was minding his own business, but that wouldn;’t stop the predjutice bastards! He eventually waved surrender and told them to take him to the head of the family, swearing the two were old friends. Which was why he was in magical handcuffs being walked into meet with Takashiro after all these years. He smiles once he enters, “Long time no see, OLD MAN.”◢