La cupola del Brunelleschi con la neve da lucesucarta
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Firenze 19/12/09



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the!! final!! installment!! i got lazy about tracing the vongola emblem (yes i admit to tracing it, damn you amano for making elaborate emblems) and then got less lazy about making the rest of the pages look nice and neat, so the quality jumps from part to part haha. anyway. it’s done. aw ye.

Hαppy Bιrтнdαy Ellιe || 12.27.16


#khrweek day 5 : lightning [option b : favorite arcFuture Arc]
My flames…..Were born in the world you`ve taken over. These are everyone`s flames! The fact that you`ve hurt all those innocent people….. I`LL MAKE YOU REGRET IT!”.

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anonymous asked: KHR + 18 (most likely to become president/prime minister)