The Child Labored Justice League in a 3rd World Pinas

I started to sketch these guys on a Labor Day Holiday, without any labor day theme in mind. I actually want to draw a pinoy version of of Justice League to have something new on May 4th for Free Comics Book Day. As I started to draw Batman (I always start with Batman because I’m a HUGE Batman fan) I imagined him wearing a plastic bag as a cowl, then the idea hits me to a what if they we’re child labored kids with aspiration ofbeing a superhero, them having inspiration from JL. and I enjoyed making it.

Batman BakalBote

Superman Kargador

Wonder Woman SampaguitaGirl

Aquaman Maninisid

Green Lantern Minero

Flash TakatakBoy

8-28-2015 YES!

It was an awesome run! Catch Lakan at Makisig last leg tomorrow in The Philippine Daily Inquirer. Thanks to mr. Albert Rodriguez for including me in this months roster. Like Us On Facebook Lakan At Makisig : Https:// And Inquirer Comics : Https://

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Lets go go here and have a good komik-good time!

The 1st Komikon Grand Independent Komiks Market. A mini-event from Komikon.

Visit for more details.

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And, here’s the map & instructions going to Bayanihan Center: (from last Summer Komikon 2011)

Lakan at Makisig in Rules of Possesion


Happy New Year Guys,

Again, It’s been a while since the last comic post,

But since it’s 2012, i challenge myself to have 365 comics, meaning 1 strip per day.

Challenge Accepted.

Here’s a story I cooked up, Makisig list some rules on his favor, let’s see how his brother, little Lakan reacts to it.

 hope you like it! Enjoy!

Knock Knock jokes with Lakan at Makisig

Knock Knock jokes with Lakan at Makisig

  Knock Knock jokes with Lakan at Makisig Indieket 2015 Aug 15, 2015. Bayanihan Center Pasig City Pick Up An Issue Of Today’s Philippine Daily Inquirer. Check Out Lakan At Makisig In The Funny Pages. August 2015 Like Us On Facebook Lakan At Makisig : Https://Www.Facebook.Com/LakanAtMakisig?Ref=Hl And Inquirer Comics : Https://Www.Facebook.ComInquirer comics​…

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Finally! a comic post I miss doing comics strip, too much day job prevented me from doing things I love…

Enjoy the rest of the strips

Too much stress at work can turn you into monsters especially when your stressed the whole week

but sometimes in reality… people just do much procatination hehehehe

but don’t do too much OT because you miss out those important thing in your life

I remember when we were little, everytime my father came home from work, me and my sister race out to greet my dad, brings him his sleepers (step-in, tsinelas, slip-on) and we take off his shoes and put the slip-on to his feet.

Until next strips

8-18-2015 Here comes the boom

8-18-2015 Here comes the boom

Thanks to everyone who supported the Local indie komiks scene. Indieket 2015 was awesome!!! Thanks to Komikon Organizers! shoutout to Nino Balita, Aeron Tepace, Ikotron, Arvin Valenzuela, Giospepe and Ardie Aquino! Thanks to everyone who grabbed some Lakan at Makisig!!! I thank you greatly! We’re still in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Check out Lakan at Makisig in the Funny pages. Like Us On…

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Lakan at Makisig will be in the Philippine Daily Inquirer starting Aug 3-29

Lakan at Makisig will be in the Philippine Daily Inquirer starting Aug 3-29

Pick up a copy NOW!!! Like us on Facebook Lakan at Makisig : and Inquirer Comics :

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