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Hello. For a request, how about Bruno's Gang's [separate and including Trish, please] reaction to finding their fem crush or S/O asleep against the counter at HQ, covered in flour and batter and surrounded by different baked goods. And when she wakes up, she shyly admits she's a bit of a stress baker and just had a particularly tough day. //anonymous--wings

Bruno Buccellati

Bruno figures that if you fell asleep in the kitchen, you must really be tired, so he lets you sleep and cleans up quietly around you.

He’s almost done when you wake up. Sticky Fingers is a helpful cleaner. The baked goods are lovingly put away in tupperware, stacked on the counter. You notice they’re divided up, some for each gang member, including yourself.

You smile at Bruno, he’s so wonderful and helpful. He smiles at you, you’re so sweet and he thinks it’s cute that you take out your stress with baking.

Bruno says he’ll finish cleaning the kitchen, insisting you rest instead. He walks you to your room and tucks you in, but then decides to crawl in bed with you. The kitchen can wait, he wants to be with you now.

(cut for length!)

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