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A Giorgio Moroder story: apropos of his appearance on a certain new albuma few years ago on ILX, someone named Tilman posted saying he’d been doing research into “I Feel Love”’s production, saying he was “particularily interested in the delay effect that he uses to "double” the synth riff, and the other means with which he creates “metrical dissonances”, e.g. the echo effects.“ He indicated that he’d contacted Moroder directly about this. Moroder replied with this graphic, adding:

"Dear Mr. Tilman
this is the only way i can help you

Giorgio Moroder”

This is the greatest thing ever, of course. Credit to my friend Grady for the reminder.


Right Here, Right Now (Official Video)


Giorgio Moroder - Tom’s Diner (feat. Britney Spears) [lyric video]

Diamonds (Demo)
  • Diamonds (Demo)
  • Charli XCX
  • Charlifans XCXclusives

“100% carbon, straight up, shape of crystals in the garden.”

Here’s the demo of Charli’s collaboration with Giorgio Moroder, “Diamonds”. The song was written when she was 15, but this demo became available to us shortly after the release of True Romance, in mid-2013. 

We couldn’t believe it when we saw that it was to be released officially, as a Giorgio Moroder collaboration, no less! 

Enjoy this demo, and expect more XCXclusives in the future.