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Sub the distaff with a yarn spindle - strait up, just imagine Frigg/Jarnsaxa on the battle field using it like a dart & chain.

I was actually constructing a phrase, “[lunge] with a distaff, spin with a spear”, which is supposed to be a poetic way of saying “overturn gender roles and be earg”.

that is actually a pretty effective description of what a sídsguma or sídswyf looks like fighting with distaff and spindle or performing sídsa by the way.

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I’m going to have to go with Nurture on this. Every thing that I have studied about human behavior & personality has pointed to an 80-90% influence from our early imprinting & any re-imprinting that we do later on in life. The rest being Nature.

I think that whiteness and patriarchy training may have the same correlations.

Except for the Nature bit of course, whiteness and patriarchy having roots in nature is nonsense.