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roller gal giorno!

i was telling my friend about the time i saw shatner at wizard world comic con last year and he told us how he used to prank DeForest Kelley on the set of one of the star trek movies. every day, Kelley would make a bagel and he’d put the bagel in the toaster and then leave it, and so Shatner would go and eat it before it finished toasting, and when De came back he’d be like “um… I thought I made a bagel” and Shatner would say “um no, I don’t think you did?” and he would do this multiple times in a row to make him think he was losing his memory.


@tofula and I got around to designing Gio and Noah’s kid. They don’t actually get her as a baby, they adopt her when she’s about 6-7 ish.

We thought it would be cute if she already liked the ocean just like them so her fave animal would be sea turtles

She starts off by calling Gio and Noah by their first names rather than calling em dad at first and they were totally fine with it.

Ok, now I’ve seen this photo:

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posted by Cristiano, Hugo, Dolores and Katja… and aside from Cristiano not one of them tagged Gio when they did (almost) everyone else on the photo (well ok, Hugo didn’t tag anyone at all *lol*)…

Such a strange thing (not) to do… 🤔

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Nicknames: simba, piper, pip, various versions of that
Ethnicity: british
Favourite fruits: strawberries, grapes and pineapples
Favourite book: uuuhhh i don’t really read a lot rn so probably one of the early maximum ride’s for nostalgia’s sake or cinder, winter and fairest from tlc
Favourite season: probably spring/ early summer!! it’s nice seeing everything all green
Favourite flowers: snowdrops, bluebells and water lillies!
Favourite drink: strawberry lemonade
Dream trip: aaaaaahhh i’d love to go to venice someday/ italy in general! also doing the whole america thing and actually remembering it that’s gonna be cool
Number of followers: 862!

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name: Jennifer
nickname: Jen, Papa Bear, Koala (only for @kisano ♥)
zodiac sign: Leo
height: 5′3 / 161 cm
orientation: bi
nationality: Chinese/Vietnamese American 
fave fruit: Strawberries 
fave season: Fall
fave flower: Roses
fave scent: Coffee
fave color: Black, Gray, & White
fave animal: Bears♥
average hours of sleep: 7
fave fictional character: Robin/Nightwing
number of blankets you sleep with: 2
dream trip: Japan, England, & Korea
blog created: Sometime in 2011

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  • Last Movie I Watched: that one james bond movie, Tomorrow Never Dies. it was on tv last night
  • Last Song I Listened to: Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood :’) one of my favorites
  • Last Book I Read: uh… de’s biography. wait, no, star trek: the original episodes.
  • Last Thing I Ate: a mini muffin
  • Where I Would Want To Time Travel To: time travel?? god idk. go back to the 60s and kill gene roddenberry, smooch deforest kelley, and set things right. 
  • Fictional Character I Would Like to Hang Out With For a Day: ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. leonard mccoy
  • If I Could Be Anywhere Right Now I Would Be: im not good with this question lol… somewhere else. a different reality, different universe.
  • Current Fandom Obsession: star trek ofc

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