“Oh, I loved my [onscreen] children! I loved them! The fourth film, I wasn’t in it, and I got postcard from them saying, ‘Come back, Mom! Dad can’t control us!’  
The whole feel of the job was very homey and very family. I’ve never known a film [series] like it. I suppose it’s because we were there for 10 years and we saw the children grow up and the rest of us grow old. It didn’t ever feel like work.”
—Julie Walters (Mrs. Weasley)

Every great wizard in history has started out as nothing more than whatwe are nowstudentsIf they can do it, why not us?


 Dice Voldemort: Leo, Aries, Sagitario,Géminis,Acuario,Escorpio

Dice tu-sabes-quien: Tauro,Cáncer,Virgo,Libra,Capricornio,Piscis

But guys, Can you picture a twelve year old Giny weasley with her eyes shut thight, her hands on her ears, ehsipering “go away” to the sound of tom riddle’s voice? Can you picture her staring  at a piece of paper, not wanting to write anything on it because she can’t stand the thught of someone’s handwriting  appearing next to hers? Can you picture her still hearing his voice at every little mistake she makes? Can you picture her while she wakes up screaming hoping someone would hear her, hoping someone would go to her, but no one does, and it feels so much like being inside the diary again?   Because I can, and it breaks my heart