5- Who is more aggressive in bed?
   Tae. She’s dominant. (Since I know you like dominant Tae) She’s the one who pushes Gintoki to bed and ties him up and sit on him and lets him moan so much. Gintoki would be an M for Tae.

8- Favorite position?

  I don’t know what it’s called but for SM nights, Tae rides Gintoki.  But for “I wanna spend time time with you” type of nights, it’s usually the both of them hugging each other naked while fucking.

16- Who makes breakfast?

    At some point, the two of them made a deal that Gintoki would cook and Tae will be in charge of other chores. Gintoki cooks like a head chef; he picked up some skills living during the war. But, but, but, after two years of living with Gintoki, Tae finally learned to cook an egg properly without burning it.  She secretly practices when Gintoki is out or asleep. Plus Gintoki taught her a few things on cooking. Tae’s best dish would probably be tamagoyaki; not burnt but cooked perfectly. 

18- Where would they go on their honeymoon?

   On some cool planet!!!! They originally planned just to go somewhere pretty in Japan but Otose gave them a pretty expensive wedding gift (tickets to a planet where they can relax and fuck) and it’s for a month!!!! Plus the Shinsengumi gave them money gifts + Okita ruining their wedding with a bazooka so they got to relax on a planet somewhere.

22- Who takes over the beauty/style department?

   Definitely Otae.  Gintoki has no sense of fashion, seeing that his outfit is some kind of school jersey from another planet.  BUT probably Gintoki is good with hairstyling so he deals with that shit.

omg sorry it’s late and short