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Strings Update -- GinHiji/HijiGin

Strings Chapter 23 – Art by @kvei

Not a minute will be wasted? How absurd.
Don't you know that love itself
is made up of unnecessary things?

An unnecessary flutter of the heart
An unnecessary sense of insecurity
Unnecessary struggling and unnecessary endings
But, who would ever claim they were all unnecessary?
No, everything in life is gained
by those so-called "
unnecessary things".
– Katsura Kotaro / Gintama Ep. 98

as eccentric and airheaded Zura ja nai Katsura can be but there are also instances that he is surprisingly profound and i think the above quote of how he describes love is just beautiful and if it goes with Katsura/Ikumatsu.. gdi these feels ;~~~;

and mind you, they are the most canon implied ship in Gintama because their real life counterparts lived happily as husband and wife.