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Underrated Sunday: Sgt. Frog

This show has been around for a long time, but I feel like I never hear people talk about it. Which is just sad. Sgt Frog delivers awesome comedy, parodies, political/social jokes, puns, and just a bunch of bizarre space fun, right here on our very own planet Pekopon. This platoon of frog aliens tries to conquer the earth, but instead ends up living with families and doing chores (and building some Gundam models).

The show strikes the same sort of humor as Gintama, so it’s definitely a must-watch for those fans. Also for anyone who likes to laugh.

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please dont make homophobic posts... as an lgbt gintama fan who has to see them its really a let down

I’m sorry, I don’t really see how it is homophobic? It’s just a play with the words and a misunderstanding because of it, that quote actually comes from 90′s series F.R.I.E.N.D.S when Joey thinks of it as a “science question” and asks out of mere ignorance, Joey is known for being a “stupid character”, here we identify it with kagura for her little knowledge about human species. You can watch the FRIENDS episode cut here 

Also if you are indeed a Gintama fan you might have noticed they do make a lot of jokes regarding the community (specially the drag community as seen with any interactions with Saigou and the girls). This blog really holds it to gintama humor (Since my personal humor is also strongly influenced by this show) 

So yea, it’s just a post, not meant to offend anybody, the admin is part of the LGBT community as well, so let’s all chill 

Am I the only one that got tricked into watching Gintama...

with such pictures?

but instead this whole show is 90% this?

I think Gintama would even out-do Supernatural in “having a gif/picture for everything”.

The Moonlight Witch’s Top 10 anime of 2016: Part Two

6. Go! Princess Precure

Go! Princess Precure is perhaps the most obscure show on this list. Precure is a big franchise in Japan but its target audience is young children and its licencing history outside of Japan is spotty, meaning it doesn’t attract too much attention in the west. Nevertheless, this show is, in my opinion, one of the best shows that ended in 2016 and a very personal favourite of mine.

In the past Precure has been something of a rocky franchise. While all Precure shows have very similar premises and plots they tend to vary wildly in quality. As such my enthusiasm level coming into Gopri was not high. The two shows preceding it received a mixed reception and it’s premise didn’t exactly enthral me. So while I decided to watch it I wasn’t expecting much from it.

Ho boy did I end up being wrong.

It says something about this show that I started it with such a low enthusiasm level and ended with it being not only my favourite Precure show but also as one of my favourite shows of all time. The transition didn’t happen quickly. It started with me liking the characters and being impressed with the animation, graduated to me getting deeply involved in the story and character development and finished with me sobbing over the ending. Unlike a few previous Precure shows which have started good and then declined as they went on Gopri just kept getting better and better. The last cour, in particular, was a triumph of storytelling and I was continually impressed with the shows choices.

The show’s handling of its characters impressed me the most. Lots of Precure shows have run into the problem where the show is dominated by the lead (pink) cure to the exclusion of all others which can lead to disappointment as likeable characters get their stories short changed for a character who might not be all that interesting. Gopri however, split the focus among the four lead characters with remarkable evenness. All got their own plots, personalities and character development and by the end, I had difficulty picking a favourite character or whose story was the most satisfying. The side characters are likewise appealing, all with their own quirks and stories. The show’s villains were particularly fun - and a good Precure show always has entertaining villains.

I wasn’t expecting much from Go Princess Precure but it ended up being one of my all-time favourite shows. If you’ve been interested in trying out the Precure franchise but have no idea where to begin this is an excellent place to start: with a show with an engaging plot, well-developed characters and stellar animation. I loved Go! Princess Precure and I hope the Precure franchise has more shows as good as this in store for me in the future.

5. Lupin the Third: The Italian Adventure

Much like Precure, Lupin the Third is a large and popular franchise in Japan, however, Lupin is a much older franchise than Precure. The first Lupin tv show aired in 1971 and there are over two hundred tv episodes and countless movies and specials preceding this show. Fortunately for those wanting to get into the franchise, however almost every piece of Lupin can be viewed as a standalone.

The Italian Adventure isn’t the first modern incarnation of Lupin the Third - it’s preceded by the excellent 2012 show The Woman called Fujiko Mine. The Italian Adventure is, however, a much more typical incarnation of Lupin as Fujiko Mine did not star Lupin himself and took the franchise to a much darker place than it has ever been previously. The Italian Adventure is much more light hearted with more upbeat and occasionally completely ridiculous stories, but it also dips into the darker places that Fujiko Mine took the franchise on occasion. And it’s with that blending of tones that The Italian Adventure shines.

I’m not sure that I would recommend this show as the first step for a newbie. While you don’t need any prior Lupin knowledge to enjoy this incarnation of the franchise it’s a lot more enjoyable if you’re already familiar with this story and it’s characters. (Here’s a handy guide if you’re not sure where to get started). However, I am sure that this show is a near-perfect example of what Lupin has to offer. The show is uplifted by stunning animation and direction which act as a perfect delivery for its frenetic fun and energy, and the writing is stellar as well. The show slides smoothly from darkness to silliness between episodes and The Italian Adventure is not afraid to get really silly. Lupin has never been a particularly serious series (the franchise has featured cloning, time travel and vampires in the past among other things) and I’m glad the show’s writers understand that - and I’m also glad they know when the right time to get serious is.

The writers clearly know how to do the characters right as well. One of the most fun parts of Lupin has always been watching the way the cast bounce off each other and that is executed extremely well here with it being clear how much the writers love the characters they’re writing. Each different member of the cast gets a turn in the spotlight and each turn is handled with care.  (For example, I’d like to highlight episode 5 as not just one of my favourite episodes of this show but also as one of my favourite Fujiko stories ever). In addition newcomer, Rebecca Rossellini slots into the cast as naturally as if she’d been there all along and I was surprised by how much I ended up liking the other new character Nyx.

All-in-all The Italian Adventure stands as possibly my favourite incarnation of Lupin, with stellar animation, direction and writing. If you’ve seen any Lupin before check this version out! If not I would highly recommend watching some of the franchise.

4. Gintama°

Gintama is another long-running franchise on this list, and it’s different from both Lupin and Precure in that it’s faithfully adapted from a manga which is written by Hideaki Sorachi. Gintama° is the most recent adaptation and features the most lengthy step from comedy into drama the Gintama anime has offered so far -  not surprising given that it was recently announced by the mangaka that Gintama is approaching its end.

Gintama is a difficult franchise to get into. Over three hundred episodes have aired and while the series is not particularly heavy on continuity a lot of the appeal rests on familiarity with the characters, and there are a few overarching plotlines that are required to know what’s going on. Once you’re invested in it, however, Gintama has a lot to offer. If you like humorous anime Gintama is the gold standard, with each episode packed with absurd comedy fuelled by endearing characters, and a few darker or more touching stories sprinkled between them. While this season of Gintama has its own share of comedic episodes, however, it also has a much stronger focus on plot than previous seasons.

Personally, I feel that Gintama is at it’s best during its serious arcs. The show’s writing is strong enough to sustain drama and its characters are deep and complex enough to deliver it. Furthermore, Gintama’s particular brand of screwball comedy works well when it’s mixed in with the shows more serious storylines providing an unexpected moment of levity to lighten up a serious moment. The show also knows when the right time to stop joking around and get serious is, and that happens multiple times throughout this season.

As Gintama approaches its climax things change. Previously Gintama operated like most comedic shows largely on a semi-reset button basis. Whatever happened during a particular serious storyline, by the end of it everything would be back to normal, perhaps with a few extra characters hanging around. Gintama°, however, is different. By the end of this season characters that I previously thought untouchable were gone and the status quo has been shaken up beyond repair.  The writing reaches its peak in emotional and dramatic arcs, and there were many moments that had me blubbering uncontrollably or yelling at the screen. Gintama may be approaching its end but it’s not going out without a bang.

Gintama° is undeniably the best Gintama has been to date. The writing reaches its peak blending humour and drama and reaching several emotionally fulfilling climaxes. I’m looking forward to the new season airing soon, but I’m keeping my tissue box handy as well.

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Meme Monday
Fanart Friday! :P

I actually wanted to do something related to this week’s chapter for fanart Friday, and save this for Monday (and continue working on my webcomic)… But I can’t help it! Contrary to other screenshot redraw memes that I did though, this batch is more simple… except the background (sorta)

Anywho~ This particular scene is what really got me started into watching SKET Dance (the Gintama-ish humor and Gackt weren’t enough, sadly). And in case you aren’t aware, that scene is a seiyuu joke (because both Switch and Kensei were voiced by the amazing Tomokazu Sugita… who also voiced Gintoki Sakata)…I won’t be surprised if Gin-chan’s favorite Visored is also Kensei, because Sugita-san~ XD

I spent until halfway this episode laughing at this reference. XD

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More crossovers with gintama! Otose x Kogarasumaru, Zura x Taroutachi, Tsukuyo x Jiji, Team Yorozuya x Tsurumaru.

Bless I’m glad to get more Gintama crossover asks. Gintama is my main fandom after all followed by Tourabu and then BSD. I’ve read and watched a hell of a lot more but yeah main fandoms. Anyway, hope these answers aren’t too lame.

Otose and Kogarasumaru.
Basically, they would get along without conflict since Koga isn’t the type who provokes annoyance from others generally. If anything, considering Gintama’s crude humor I could see her scolding him on pushing that daddy kink of his on the younger swords but other than that I don’t think there would be much to them.

Katsura and Taroutachi.
Tall, long dark hair and a serious face. Of course, Katsura is threatened, aside from being the childhood friend that’s some of the key elements of his character! He’d view Tarou as a rival, probably trying to drag him into stupid competitions to prove who is surperior. Tarou may be used to eccentricities with Jirou but Katsura is on a level of his own and would often find himself as a loss. I like to think the biggest shock to Katsura’s system could be seeing Elizabeth ditch him for Tarou, in his mind Tarou is trying to replace him! Elizabeth just prefers Tarou’s company honestly.

Tsukuyo and Mikazuki.
I think they’d be a good mix for banter. Jijij’s whimsy and being a hopeless old man would likely do well to throw her off. He’d be subject to many kunai throws she certainly wouldn’t appreciate his humour. At the same time, Jiji’s genuine kindness could be something which helps to encourage and guide her if it came to and despite herself I think she could learn to trust him. Idk they could certainly make for an interesting duo.

Yorozuya and Tsurumaru.
Usually Tsuru getting thrown into a mix would make things more entertaining, but I think when it comes to the Yorozuya he’d meet his match. He’s a trouble maker but the strong personalities and vulgarity of the trio (well, more Gin and Kagura) would overwhelm the poor old man. He’d get treated like an old man, Sadaharu treats him like yet another chew toy. Shinpachi would try help him what he can but for the most part he’s out of his league. Assuming he gets to see the good side to them I think he’d be unable to help himself from greatly respecting Gin’s strength.

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to be honest i wouldnt really consider gintama trans acceptance at all considering how derogatory like all the jokes are and how they constantly treat that sort of thing as a punchline which just kinda? contributes to the idea that "trannies" are to be laughed at?

A lot of the jokes in Gintama are derogatory and it’s not focused solely directed at crossdressers. Gintama is very humorous and makes a lot of jokes, but something that remains very consistent is acceptance. Yes, jokes are made about crossdressers, but as a whole, the acceptance of crossdressers is really significant. Saigou, one of the strongest people, a member of the four Devas, is a crossdresser and is highly respected and revered. In one episode he appeared in, Gintoki and Katsura made jokes about crossdressers and Saigou made them crossdress and work for him. Not only that, but there was a whole section dedicated to Saigou’s son learning to accept what his father does for a living and accept his chosen way of life and in the end, they’re both a lot closer. Because they’re family and it doesn’t matter if Saigou is a crossdresser, he’s still strong and loving and caring. That wasn’t a joke and that certainly wasn’t making fun of crossdressers.

Then there’s a character like Kyuubei who wants to be a man to be with the woman she loves. There’s a lot of jokes about Kyuubei’s desire to be a man and how she crossdresses and stuff, but her feelings for Otae are REAL and there hasn’t been a single joke made about those feelings. It can be argued that Katsura crossdressing is just for joke purposes, but I never see it like that. To me, it just shows that Katsura is comfortable with himself and so crossdressing isn’t a big deal for him, especially for when he’s going undercover and using it as a disguise. Gintoki crossdresses and has been shown to continue his work at Saigou’s for money and I really don’t think, considering his disposition, that he minds it one bit and certainly doesn’t think less of himself for doing it. Gintama is largely accepting, you’ll find characters with all sorts of backgrounds and I personally love seeing all the crossdressing!! It shows so much variety and you don’t see this kind of acceptance in a lot of animes, most of them, I should say. Yes, I laugh at the jokes that are made, but just because someone made a joke doesn’t mean the characters are being shamed. It’s like you’re laughing with them, not at them. It would be different if the characters were made to feel bad for their choices, but they’re not, no one is trying to change them or shame them into becoming someone other than who they are and that is acceptance. 

Plus, let’s just look at how gorgeous these ladies are =A=

Watching Gintama
  • What I expected: Humor, comedy, jokes, fun, laughter
  • What I got: dick jokes
  • What I also got: Angst, tears, death, blood, certain hatred towards sorachi, fuck, no, ?????????