Sorachi sensei from gintama vol 56

Thanks for buying Gintama volume 56. That’s a my thing, but the lovely dog that I keeped in my hometown died. The dog that when I had the chance to go to Tokyo, completly forgot about the person that loved him, and when I rarely made a comeback, showed me his teeth and bark to me. We had such relationship very similar to Vegeta and Kakarott, 

Before the serializzation, when I was still at home working on Gintama’s name, and I troubled my head, he used to be next to me and that Bakageta… “Z—- Z—-” fell asleep, and I thought “Sure to be a dog is good, they don’t need to find a job”. it’s strange how she sight of this lazy dog, gave me regrets and push me drawing my manuscript. he has such a value, and maybe without this guy we never had Gintama. In so many ways you were my strenght, so thank you very much Chappy. it’s with your help if that strange old man was able move from his home and find a job. I still hope you were here next this old man  showing  your teeth, or barking at me for more 10 years and then sloowly fall asleep. Come to bite my ass one more time and make me do some easy money with royalties, I will buy you a nice bone, that’s because you will always be my precious friend.