• what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:how did sakamoto tatsuma manage to convince elizabeth to go to earth? or did he legitimately buy him when he visited the renho? do the renho have a slave trade system?? did tatsuma actually buy elizabeth's freedom like he did with the chidori slaves and send him to earth to start a new life? or did dark vader just order him to go with tatsuma as a part of their business deal? or did he just willingly leave even though he apparently mentioned the fact that he had a wife and kid out there somewhere at one point???? and how did the whole monday elizabeth thing become an arrangement? why did it become an arrangement? how did zura just so happen to stumble upon eli's doppelgänger and why did general eren agree to just fill in as his friend once a week? what kind of sketchy business deal is that? and what does eli do on mondays? does he go visit his wife and kid?? why does his unbreakable friendship with zura have a weekly schedule and vacation plan??? is his loyalty a sham?? does he get paid to be zura's friend?? is he only in it for the money? how can zura pay him if he doesn't have a real job??? is sakamoto the one signing his paychecks? does he still not hang out with zura on mondays even though monday elizabeth isn't around anymore? who IS elizabeth??????
 Okita sougo & Kagura after gintama ch [ 551 ] ❝

I Just Couldn’t Control Myself But make this ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) , The Credit of Okita foot steps and the okita when he put down his mask is for the amazing pixiv artist [ 2 ] , i used it cuz i didnt have time to do it by myself *iwanttopostitbeforethenewchapter// the insp of the “Later” is for [ papabay ] , and again sorry for the bad colors and art …

also you Can Zoom The last Photo By Press On It ^^

in the middle of making prints for otakuthon, hope i finish everything in time u-u

also i’m gonna have to start watermarking my stuff since i found someone reposting my art :/