Of Hot Spring and Typhoons [1/?]

Title: Of Hot Spring and Typhoons
Fandom: Gintama
Pairing: Kamui x Tokugawa Soyo / Okita Sougo x Kagura
Rating: PG-13 -> M/MA
Word Count (MS Word): 2,462

This was supposed to be a fic for Soyo’s birthday last July 16, but my work-life balance was a mess for the past few months that I have been unable to write a proper fic.

This was also supposed to be a one shot, but I figured it would be more fun to break it into chapters that would delve into two characters’s viewpoints per chapter, as I think the fic would make more sense as I go along.

Lastly, the rating will go up as we proceed, because reasons.


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Okay I’ve been thinking about what draws me to Gintama and I hope this is coherent because I’m still gathering my thoughts on it, but I think something that I really appreciate about the show is that despite the character’s lives and the recent serious arcs, the majority of Gintama is always sweet and funny. 

We know the characters haven’t had easy lives - Shinpachi and Otae lost their parents at a young age and had to deal with threats and debt, Gintoki fought in the war and had to deal not only with his trauma there but also with the grief of having killed his most beloved mentor and losing one of his best friends, Kagura’s mother died and her brother and father just up and left, Okita’s sister was sick and then died, etc. etc. It goes on and on. 

But we don’t see this pain in every episode. We usually see them joking or just being casual. Kagura will be laughing at Shinpachi or Gintoki, Okita will be insulting Hijikata while Hijikata starts yelling at him, Otae will be chatting and smiling with Kyubei, Tsukuyo will be trying and failing to teach Seito things, etc. And that doesn’t mean that their trauma is gone. We know how much Shoyo’s death haunts Gintoki, we know that Kagura wants her family, we know that Hijikata and Okita will always have a reminder of Mitsu between them. And yet, we still see them living their day to day lives, having fun and being around their friends. 

And I find that so wonderful to see because honestly? The general view on depression/trauma I’ve seen has been, “oh, look, they’re laughing. They can’t possibly be depressed.” People expect characters to reflect what we generally see on TV - in most things I watch, characters are shown as being upset 24/7 (which is simply not true) and it usually perpetuates the idea that depressed people are suddenly no longer allowed to smile, because people will assume that smiling is suddenly a reason to believe that you’re just “exaggerating” your own trauma/emotions. But in Gintama, that’s simply not true. There are characters who are angry or who do drastic things (such as Takasugi, or with Zura wanting to change the government, or Kamui, etc), but there are also characters who are trying to live their lives. And that doesn’t erase their trauma at all because it’s still important and big in their lives, but we see them moving and working on it at their own pace and acknowledging these things while still being allowed to have fun and be happy sometimes and that’s just really really important for me to see. 

Fourth installment of the buziaki series! 

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[Kinda spoilers until the latest chapter (600)? And maybe some kind of AU, headcanon of mine that takes places two year after the current events.]

#2 first date kiss

“Hey, Sadist, you’re late.”

That was the first thing Sougo heard from her on that Saturday afternoon. Not that he expected kindness from her or anything of the likes, since it was her, but maybe, he hoped, the girl inside that beast would appear and soften her, even if a little.

It seemed it was not the case, even if today was their first date.

How they had gotten there was a long ass story, that started the day the Shinsengumi returned and finished when the war against the Amantos ended, and all the moments in-between. They had saved each other so many times that he had lost count, but what he would never forget were her eyes, and her desperation when they all thought he’d died, and the way she hugged him, crying, when he had woken up two months after.

And oh how he had finally accepted that he liked her, and when she finally realized that he was more than just a sadist rival.

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never become my friend

I should finish stuff for the Okikagu week, or fresh up my mind for school (soon te end of my holidays ;w;) 

And what do I do? 
Chat with a friend. (Hi @jesskull20 again 8′D ) 
And use my 666/100 photoshop skill level 

Fuzzy caterpillars are Jouishishi 
Spidertsuro has children, they form the Spidoshuu. 
Kagura is fucking troll. 


  • Otae:This is not a joke! We have to get our hands on the grand prize!! Didn't we agree to share the 100 tubs of Haagan Daz!!
  • Oryou:So why are you throwing the sculpture that we need to get it?
  • Gin:Haagan Daz? The grand prize is Haagan Daz? Dammitt, are you kidding me? The only reason I bothered to work on such a cold day was because you said there was a reward! Rot in hell, all of you! How care you make a fool of me!!!
  • Me in 15 years:*looking at a photo of my favorite character* my beautiful son
  • Child:yes mom?
  • Me:not you