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anonymous asked:

It's sad that during fake illness arc, Sougo was so sadist and cruel to Kgura. Why? I like them but I don't support that kind of relationship :/

Y’know, we’re talking about Gintama. And Sougo. He’s a bastard to basically everyone that is not his sister, it’s in his character (Why do you think he’s called prince of sadist, or Do-s ?). 

However, he wouldn’t have done this if he knew that Kagura wouldn’t survive it. He knows that she’s strong enough for his sadistic pranks, that’s why she’s his ideal counterpart. Plus, she surely had hurt his feeling too, because in some way or another, Kagura’s important to him (not in a romantic way YET) and faked illness. 

Illness, Mitsuba…Well, no wonder why was he especially cruel this time, knowing his past, it’s his way to give her lesson :D Plus we got an indirect confession. (”If their love for you real, they’ll notice…” And I wonder who noticed first, huhu?) 

Anyway, don’t mind this kind of things if you like Okikagu, it’s a “Treat’em mean, keep’em keen” kind of relationship :) 

anonymous asked:

Why they hate Kagura?

@lunosamentelunitoo answered perfectly. I can’t read Japanese so I’ll show you her answers: 

Basically, what I expected when seeing this poll, it would have been weird for Kagura to be hated when I see so much love on twitter, from Japan. Also, Gintama fandom is bigger, and like any more or less popular work, there will be also more haters!