maybe gin sometimes keeps hiji company when the shinsengumi is swamped with paperwork… and gin gets bored at some point and uses hiji’s lap as a pillow… and a little afterwards hij falls asleep on gin

gin-san can’t get up and their arm is getting cold y'know…

ginhiji commission done for gintamajustaway !!! aaa 。゚(。ノωヽ。)゚。


Tumblr asks get eaten easily, so please contact me through lillixie*!

★ Payment upfront via Paypal, unlimited slots
★ When I start your piece, I’ll mail a commission update at the end of each week
★ I’ll draw anything human, including designing FR gijinkas! Or if you have a particular style you like, ships (PG-13 pls), or if you want a background, comic pages, etc go for it man. I reserve the right to refuse any commission.

Even you aren’t interested, reblogs are always super duper appreciated!! ♥