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Chonmages - Gintama Explains It All (Episode 151)

Barber: No, no. It was so it wouldn’t get too stuffy when they put their helmets on. In other words, it’s a symbol of how the samurai are always prepared for battle.Like the spirit of a samurai.

Gintoki: Spirit, huh…

Barber: But these days, they’ve given up the Mage hairstyle and the spirit. Now they want their hair all curly or dyed. Wouldn’t the Land of Samurai be shocked to know? It’s a disgrace. Isn’t that right? So what’ll it be today?

You never give up, Pops.You can tell that story for the rest of your life and I still won’t ask for a Mage. A straight perm.

Barber: You never give up, big guy.That won’t be enough to fix your hair. Your twisted personality is twisting your hair. Just go with a Mage.We have to fix you from the inside.

Gintoki: Cut it out already. A Mage is the spirit of a samurai? That’s just an excuse those balding oldies came up with.“This isn’t a receding hairline. It’s so I can wear the helmet.”