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me: gintama was supposed to be a story for the common man, a small tale about a former war veteran/hero who started out with nothing, learned to love, and lost everything. gintoki was just a regular guy who didn’t need any big dreams or huge aspirations, he just wanted to learn to forgive himself for his past mistakes and live a good life, nothing big. the plot wasn’t really much of a plot at all, just showing how even the most broken person can become whole again by trusting himself and the people around him. gintama aims to show people how you don’t need your entire life planned out and have an overarching goal to work toward. gintoki and the rest of the characters show that it’s okay to live out one day at a time. take things slow, embrace your flaws and seek to become a better person one small step at a time. but now? the sensei who was a light in the lives of gintoki and his disciples, who helped them understand that it’s all right to not always know the answer, became an extravagant Main Villain that Gintoki the Main Protagonist is Destined to Defeat. the once ordinary child trying to live his life to the fullest became an object of karma. where is the natural, everyday gintoki, the one we all looked up to as a Protagonist and a Main Character precisely because he wasn’t? where is the boy thrown into war and suffering and now learning to heal himself with others, representing a journey so many depressed people have to face? why is the kid who wasn’t destined to become anything, who just wanted to live his life standing tall and proud, now suddenly a cheap plot twist used to emphasize the role of fate and clichéd Good vs. Evil drama? perhaps it is too soon to be disappointed abut this storyline yet, but when will gintama truly be the gintama we once loved again? when will we return to the hero who was extraordinary because he wasn’t, who represents the small things precious to us that we try to protect everyday, who tells us what it really means to be happy?

psychic: what the hell

GinTae Week -19 Oct. to 25 Oct.

Hello gintae shippers of the world, please gimme a little bit of your time and hear me out. 

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