after being in this fandom for a little under a year, i’ve noticed a huge lack of femslash content, so i figured it might be cool to have a femslash week to celebrate the various f/f ships in gintama!

it’ll take place August 14th-August 20th 


day 1: on a date
day 2: in battle
day 3: future
day 4: au/crossover
day 5: outfit swap
day 6: selfies
day 7: free day

rules can be found here

make sure to tag entries with #gintama femslash week !!  

  • Shinpachi:I won't allow you to continue to insult Miss Otsu!! Miss Otsu will never fart or take a dump! Everything comes out in the shape of a cute egg!!! Just like a goose.
  • Kondou:Do you think that you're protecting your purity like this? What you think is even more disgusting! Even an idol has to fart and take a dump. Look at reality in the eye and live, you idiot!
  • Shinpachi:So you reckon my sister farts too, huh?
  • Kondou:Of course I can accept that fact. Only I believe miss Otae's fart should be pink colored.
  • Shinpachi:You're the one who refuses to face reality, you jerk!!!

Hitokiri Okita Sougo(23 years) & Young Kagura(14 years). If they meet, that will be like this because Okita can’t wait any longer to marry Kagura…….. in my opinion.

Hitokiri Okita Sougo(23 tahun) & Kagura Muda(14 tahun). Jika mereka bertemu, kejadiannya akan seperti ini karena Okita sudah tidak sabar lagi untuk segera menikahi Kagura……… menurut saya.