ginseng and honey

Drew the Cardamom Thyme from @loverofpiggies future comic, Lucidia~

IDK I put a few of my personal headcanons in here, but Ahhh. I can’t wait to see what she’s like in the real deal.

Headcanons being:

  • She enjoys green teas, especially those with ginseng or honey.
  • She likes sweets, but particularly loves cheesecake or desserts with a “smooth” texture.
  • She enjoys reading books about magic theory, especially ones written by humans. She finds them really funny when it’s completely wrong, but she has found several theories and practices that she agrees with or finds interesting.

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a - age: 18 but i still laugh if someone says poop so really i’m 5

b - biggest fear: i don’t like ppl looking at me? idk, sometimes its alright. kinda depends on who’s looking at me, how many ppl there are, why they’re looking at me, etc.

c - current time: 8:40 pm, or 20:40 w/e u like :)
d - drink you last had: arizona green tea with ginseng and honey.
e - every day starts with: hahaha, i’ve been staying up past midnight for the most part, so technically every day starts with either tumblr or homework, whatever’s keeping me up. otherwise, other than turning off my alarm and getting out of bed, every day starts with me taking out my contact lenses.
f - favorite song: uhhhhhhhhh. *braces self against the sudden wave of song titles that barrages my mind* I’d really rather not have to choose :’)

g - ghosts, are they real:  maybe

h - hometown: The local trashcan ;) jk I was born in California. Bay Area/Silicon Valley to be a bit more specific.  

i - in love with: my computer, games, my bed, one piece, my fave songs, idk there’s a lot. 

j - jealous of: people who never existed, so technically nobody. 

k - killed someone: no ;) 

l - last time you cried: i think the last time i cried out of emotion was probably more than four years ago, after i fought with my dad about something (probably about me not doing hw whoops), and I was so angry i started crying, which made me even angrier lol rip. ironically though, i sort of? cried a few months ago because I put my contact on wrong, and it made my eye pour out water like a faucet. It was funny, one eye was like a waterfall and the other was dry as a desert. 
m - middle name: don’t have one

n - number of siblings: three

o - one wish: for the universe to never have existed. it’s less depressing than it sounds, i swear. otherwise, i’d have to say that I wish for everything to be okay/better, but that’s so vague and arbitrary. 
p - person you last called/texted: my parents
q - questions you’re always asked: “don’t you want to join in?” idk, I feel like i get lectures and blanket statements more than questions. 

r - reasons to smile: lots. one piece, good music, nice weather, nice ppl, good food, pretending ur not annoyed, etc. dunno, personally i sometimes smile for no reason. 

s - song last sang:  god forbid i ever sing in public. ok i had an answer typed up (i didn’t remember the last song I sang), but as i was gonna post, Ave Cesaria by Stromae started playing, and I unconsciously sang a tiny bit. 
t - time you woke up: today i got up at 8 am. had an 8:30 class :’)

u - underwear color: orange
v - vacation destination: anywhere’s good with me, as long as i’m prepared. 

w - worst habit: PROCRASTINATION. im kind of a hoarder too. i know i have other habits that other people would consider the worst to deal with, but i personally don’t really consider those as bad as my procrastination and hoarding. 

x - x-rays you’ve had: i’ve had x-rays on my teeth, for the dentist/orthodontist. that counts, right? 
y - your favorite food: ice cream probably. i’m trying not to think too deeply or else I’ll end up listing a hundred things. 

z - zodiac sign: its a secret ;)

INTP, ENFP: snacks
  • INTP: yo enfp i'll be back in a few, i'm gonna get a snack
  • ENFP: okay just grab me some ice cream, it's downstairs.
  • 30 minutes later
  • ENFP: jeez where were you?
  • ENFP: wait is that movie popcorn
  • INTP: yeah
  • ENFP:
  • INTP: oh and i made chocolate mousse, if you want any it's in the fridge
  • ENFP: how-
  • INTP: *pulls out half gallon jug* you want some green tea it has ginseng and honey