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bossard  asked:

headcanons: modern!au squad on a group excursion in the city!

this is gonna be all over the place–and i guess in the setting that i usually use so forgive me for that–BUT

  • gunter and auruo share a small rental house about a 10 minute car drive from the downtown area. but neither of them have cars, so. yeah. auruo has his bike and gunter usually walks wherever he needs to go. 
  • erd lives in a flat in the downtown area just above an old restaurant. when it comes to getting around the city, he skateboards everywhere. 
  • petra lives with her father in a home just outside of the downtown area. she’s the only one with a car, albeit she rarely drives it. she, like gunter, prefers to walk most places. 
  • erd’s left arm is tattooed in black ink: detailed on upper arm, minimal on the lower. he’s trying to convince gunter to get a small tattoo. 
  • when meeting up in the city, they usually gather in one of squares and just kind of go from there. erd, of course, brings his skateboard with him, and he rides along as the others walk. 
  • if they’re out on the town at night, they probably go to lulu’s chocolate bar for some delicious desserts and drinks. this is one of their favorite gathering spots, even if it is a bit more on the “popular” side of things and tends to be pretty crowded. one of the waitresses knows them and they almost always get seated at the same table.
  • erd and petra will separate from the group and go pokemon hunting from time to time–especially once they get to the various squares just outside the historical district. gunter and auruo kind of hang back and check out the statues and fountains. 
  • they keep an eye on the listings for the local theater and go to the film festival every year. erd and auruo also enjoy going to see student films by students at the surrounding college, and petra joins them when she can. which is pretty often, considering the theater is maybe a five minute walk from her house.
  • there’s a giant friggen art store in the historical district that gunter loves to visit and drag the others into. sometimes they have to steer him away from it because he can’t leave it empty-handed, he always has to purchase a new set of pencils or a sketchbook or a tube of paint or something. 
  • just across from one of the college’s dorms and a few minutes down the road is a haunted house that mysteriously caught fire a few years ago and the firemen still haven’t figured out the cause of it. usually the front doors are boarded up, but auruo’s had the misfortune of passing said house on a day when the doors were not only unboarded… but one was open. it creeped him out. erd wants to venture into the house, itself, someday, but the others are like “don’t you dare”.
  • heck, erd just wants to see one of the city’s ghosts. he’s determined to run into one. he gets especially determined during the halloween season–with all the ghost tours that start up and the creepy atmosphere of the city and squares at night. 
  • gunter does “art drops” every couple months, where he goes out to the city and hides a small piece of art that he did for someone to find and keep. the rest of the gang usually goes with him when he makes the drops so they can all take a picture of the hiding place and post it to their social media, for a follower to possibly seek out. 
  • there’s a frozen yogurt place called “la berry” that they love to visit. erd especially loves it because it’s one of the spots in the historical district that allows dogs and even has some water dishes just outside of it for said dogs. erd wants to pet all the dogs.
  • petra discovered this little gas station sort of thing in the outer areas of the historical district where you can get all kinds of really yummy (and cheap!) snacks and coffee. like. a giant coffee for $.79, and that’s with a whole cream bar and sugar and stuff so you can fix it however you like. gunter and auruo frickin love this place and stop by it all the time on their way into the city. erd likes it for the food. 

One of my favorite aspects of Bleach is the silent war thats been going on above an ordinary neighborhood that would fill you with nostalgia of your hometown; with cityscapes and sunset skies and power lines, unknowing whats really beyond your ordinary life. No matter what people say about the anime, you cannot deny the effort that Bleach put into it’s openings and endings. There was love in this show.

a little winter Shiro doodle to help calm my nerves


I have seen a lot of Pokemon Color schemes go by but normally they are of other Pokemon. So I wanted to try it out with characters instead. 

My Pick would be Tier because she would make a freaking awesome Vaporeon!