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“Yer m'friend, course ah fuckin' care.” - Gin

Orland audibly sighed into the communicataroni at Gin. “Listen.” He sounded a little bit annoyed. “I-I g-gotta h-help out, u-um, s-somehow. A-and. U-um. I-I g-got d-discharged, s-so, u-um… I-I c-can’t help th-there, a-a-anymore. So, u-um, I-I’m j-just going to, u-um, d-deliver th-these s-supplies, and, u-um, s-stuff. C-can you stop w-worrying s-so much? J-just. I-I’ll be fine.”


&&. ( things i would also love to see:

the female being the dominant partner in an opposite-sex relationship for once and not immediately assuming that just because there’s a man in the relationship that he’s the more dominant one, )


Help me, I’m losing
To the ghosts in my head I am fighting
Waiting on answers
I can’t win this on my own

Oh, but I bleed
For someone to believe me
And see what I see

If only, if only my head would let me free
Then would you take a chance on me
If only your story was who I wanna be
If only you would roll it all on me

your fave is problematic


  • works for a spy
  • easily distracted from work
  • too good for this world, too pure
  • refuses to watch stranger things in the dark
  • finds depressing six word stories
  • shares them
  • does not eat the sleep gummies
  • stays up too late
  • makes gifs that make me sad
  • and by me i mean everyone
  • steals fun
  • once laughed at me for getting swine flu

THE DEPTHS OF A HUNGRY SEA — [ listen here ] a mix for rangiku matsumoto and gin ichimaru of bleach. 

1.  are we all forgotten - paper route 2. shattered & hollow - first aid kit 3. standing on ghosts - two door cinema club 4. how much more - stars 5. only love - anthony green ft. nate ruess 6arsonist’s lullabye - hozier 7. a knife in the ocean - foals 8. blue - angie hart 9. boy with a coin - iron & wine 10. if i lost you (orchestral mix) - shiny toy guns


One of my favorite aspects of Bleach is the silent war thats been going on above an ordinary neighborhood that would fill you with nostalgia of your hometown; with cityscapes and sunset skies and power lines, unknowing whats really beyond your ordinary life. No matter what people say about the anime, you cannot deny the effort that Bleach put into it’s openings and endings. There was love in this show.

a little winter Shiro doodle to help calm my nerves

Study of Spirit: Styles of Gin.

To know gin is to know life. As a bartender it is very important to know your gins well, whether you are matching the right botanicals to go with the rest of the ingredients in the cocktail or suggesting the correct gin for a G&T. To help you understand the basics of gin I have made a list of different types you will come across.

Here are the different styles of lovely lovely Gin:

  • London Dry: The most popular from all the types. Named dry as it does not contain any sugar to make it sweet. Originally only made in London, but now can be made in any part of the world as long as it sticks to the rules. Mostly around 45% ABV, and characterized by citrus notes and aroma coming from the use of dried orange and lemon peels.
    Famous brands: Beefeater, Bombay, Tanqueray, Gordons, Broker’s.
  • Plymouth: England’s only protected gin with a geographical indication that can only be made in Plymouth, using water from Dartmoor. Known for his mere seven-botanical recipe it is a less drier gin with more earthy notes.
    Famous Brands: Well…. Plymouth.
  • Old Tom: The father of London dry this is a Victorian style gin from the 1800′s made the old way. Old Tom has a fuller body and is much sweeter. That is because during the Gin boom many bathtub gins didn’t have the best equipment to distill a clean gin. The final product had many impurities and imperfections that made the gin taste bad. The way to cover that was to add more botanicals and sugar to the spirit. This gin is used to make many classic cocktails such as the Martinez, Tom Collins, Gin Rickey.
    Famous Brands: Hayman’s, Ransom, Tanqueray Old Tom.
  • New Western/American (International): These are new gins on the market that focus on putting less emphasis on juniper and more emphasis on other aromatics.
    Famous Brands: Hendrick’s, Gin Mare, Aviation.
  • Sloe: Gin infused with sloe (blackthorn) drupes and sugar. It is more of a liqueur than a gin, holding up at around 25% ABV. Most commonly drank during christmas it has a berry sweetness to it.
    Famous Brands: Many famous brands have their own sloe gin for sale. Gordons, Plymouth, Sipsmith.
  • Genever: The great grand daddy of gin comes from the Netherlands. Genever otherwise known as Dutch gin is unlike any other gin you will taste. Made from malt grains, it gives it a darker color and flavor that is more similar to a light-bodied, botanical whiskey.
    Famous Brand: Bols Genever.

    Remember to drink responsibly! :)

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If the captains were Yamamoto’s kids...

As requested by @delatorrefernanda96 :)

Let’s pretend that the captains are all children. And not just any children, but Yamamoto’s fifteen children (!!). What kind of kid would each of them be?

1. Rose: The one with too many extracurricular activities

Between band and orchestra and art and drama, it sometimes feels like Yamamoto spends all of his time driving Rose to practices and performances.

Rose: The Muse is certainly a demanding mistress!

Yamamoto: But you’re sleeping at some point, right?

2. Soi Fon: The sporty child

While Rose takes all of the arts and music activities, Soi Fon does all of the sports.

Soi Fon: Today on the battlefield I will demolish my enemies.

Yamamoto: You called the playing field a battlefield again.

Soi Fon: I keep telling you that’s not a mistake, Dad!

3. Unohana: The child who can do no wrong

Much to the frustration of the other kids, at times.

Yamamoto: While I am gone I am leaving Unohana in charge.

Shinji: Dad she murdered like fifty people.

Yamamoto: I trust her.

4. Shinji: The child who can do no right

Sometimes it seems like Shinji just can’t catch a break.

Yamamoto: Who broke my teacup?

Aizen: Hirako did.

Yamamoto: Grounded.


5. Aizen: The two-faced child

So far as the dad knows, Aizen is a glowing beacon of innocence. The other kids think of him more as a horrible bully.

Shinji: Stop following me around, Aizen!

Aizen: Dad told me to watch you to make sure you don’t get into any more trouble.

Shinji: Literally all of the trouble is your fault!

Aizen: [shrugs]

6. Tosen: The bitter child

Tosen spends a lot of time in his room, contemplating the injustices of his life.

Tosen: Dad doesn’t care about justice.

Tosen: If he did, he wouldn’t let the other kids get away with so much.

Tosen: I hate him.

7. Kenpachi: The rambunctious child

It seems like he is always getting into fights.

Kenpachi: I made a new friend today, Dad!

Yamamoto: Bloody nose or bruised knees?

Kenpachi: I gave him a bloody nose!

Yamamoto: I could deal with this, but

8. Hitsugaya: The straight-A student

He spends a lot of time in his room. Studying.


Kenpachi: For a tiny guy, you sure are angry!

9. Byakuya: The tattle-tale

Byakuya prefers to think of it as following the rules. And making sure those who break the rules are punished. 

Shinji: Dude I can’t believe you actually told the teacher that Rukia cut class!

Shinji: I thought you guys were friends!

Byakuya: We promised to uphold the rules of the classroom, you know.

10. Gin: The mischievous kid

Gin really likes to pull pranks on the other kids. They tend to be a bit…mean-spirited.

Gin: That’s a nice science experiment, Toshiro.

Gin: It would be tragic if something…horrible happened when you turned it on.

Hitsugaya: W-what did you do to it?

Gin: [walks away]

Hitsugaya: WHAT DID YOU DO TO IT???

11. Komamura: The loyal child

Komamura just really, really wants his dad to like him. And so he tries as hard as possible to be like his dad and do what his dad wants.

Komamura: Look, Dad! I’m taking kendo classes, just like you did!

12. Kyoraku: The carefree child

Which is a nice way of saying that he doesn’t try at school, at all. He’s too busy making friends with all of the ladies.

Kyoraku: I may have straight Cs, but I also have like three dates, so whose the real winner?

Hitsugaya: I am. I have straight A+s.

Kyoraku: Eh.

13. Ukitake: The favorite child

I mean, can you really blame Yamamoto?

Ukitake: I’m not feeling good today, Dad.

Yamamoto: Stay home from school today, son. I will stay with you.

Shinji: Dad! Sosuke just hit me with a branch!

Yamamoto: Walk it off.

14. Kensei: The mom child

Who ends up doing a lot of the actual parenting, given how swamped (and not super involved) Yamamoto is.

Kensei: Okay, everyone! Dinner is ready!

15. Kurotsuchi: The science kid

Kurotsuchi always seems to be up in his room, trying out new science experiments he heard about. He sends away for kits when he sees them on TV. Then he modifies them to do *interesting* things. Yamamoto is proud of how smart he is!

Kurotsuchi: Look at this cool poison I made!

Yamamoto: So smart.


gotei 13 captains: then and now