Always serving the Villain Fantasy. 🖤, Andro Gin (at 1306 Miami)

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when your final arc is actually good

when they can’t give you a dad haircut cuz you’ve been a dad since episode 1

when you get a full anime adaptation to the last arc

when you trolled pretty much every tv show for 13 years but still got no copyright strike

when you’re the only shonen jump character who’s not a virgin since the start

when people think your show is all fun and trolling


when your live action is the best in 2017 scoring 3 billions in three weeks

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when you get a PS4 game

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when you get ranked 11 out of 100 anime in japan poll

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when you get ranked 19 out of 500 anime in the west poll

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when you see somone still salty over the MyAnimeList ranking

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Twisted Jack in the Box fantasy served by yours truly, Andro Gin 🖤

Song: Doll On A Music Box ; Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

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I always wondered how Lucifer felt after being kicked out of Heaven ripped of his wings and status, being like damn this sucks and then given a whole dominion to run and own ?! like sweet Dad thanks!!

Here’s snippets from my performance last night 👹🖤

Songs: Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright & So Much Better from Legally Blonde the Musical (at Olympia Theater)

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Bungou Stray Dogs or that anime/manga where almost everyone likes to be extra™ with their long coats. 

Allow me to demonstrate with horrible pictures:

(I’ve probably made a big mistake, but this was something what I came up with when I suffered from insomnia, allergies and boredom. May contain a lot of typos and I do not know whether they are intentional or not. + I’m pretty sure I forgot someone from this “list”.. Oh well)

Edit: Yes. I’m ashamed, I totally forgot someone. 

Edit, again: One kind soul noticed that I had forgotten our dear and beloved mafia dad: