ginruru asked:

Reblogged my work for your amazing contribution! Incredible words ^ ^ I follow you!

For that one?

You are a good son, Loki. I will never stop believing in the light in you. But maybe, you will trust this words only, when it is already too late.

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Thanks for following me *also has started following before*

Sorry, had to answer officially ^^ When someone that great writes me a message and tells me I did something right, I NEED to ^^ *jumps around* You make funny and wonderful art ^^


Teen Wolf AU: Derek’s a wolf and Stiles a fox. Looking for his mother, the youngest finds the biggest danger. The darkest and murderous creature that exist in the forest. It seems like everything will end for the little fox… But then a hunting trap catches the wolf’s claw. That’s when the ingenious Stiles achieves to get Derek free and become friends with him. Or at least the oldest tolerate the hiperactive little fox. Because it’s difficult to have so much patience for the insistence of the child to do the grumpy wolf smile.