EM Gokin Ginrai New Color Photos of Licensed Collector Figure

Alan Moriguchi, a designer for the Art Storm company has tweeted the first color photos of the upcoming EM Gokin Ginrai figure. This extremely stylized take on the Masterforce character design begins to cross the line between Transformers and Gundam, helped little by the pair of semi-realistic rifles it’s displayed with here. We’re expecting this figure to be displayed during Winter Wonder Festival this weekend, so keep watching for more photos to turn up. meanwhile, click through to check out these first three shots!


Botcon 2014 Exclusive Ginrai (Fiery Classics Optimus Prime!) Revealed

Botcon have announced the fifth member of their convention boxed set today and it is an impressive piece indeed. The fifth member of the set is Ginrai, a fiery red and orange redeco of the venerable Classics Optimus Prime figure. 

Ginrai is the second Cybertronian Knight in the boxed set, and by way of an alternate wrist transformation is shown here holding his windvane as a shield - the windvane being adorned with the new symbol of the Cybertronian Knights

The toy’s deco is based on the “Fire Guts” Ginrai featured in the 1988 Japanese series, Transformers Chojin (Super God) Masterforce, which in that series was the final attack of the Godmaster, Super Ginrai and his powered up form God Ginrai. An E-Hobby exclusive depicting the attack was released in the early 2000s, which is where this deco takes its cues from. 

With the reveal of Ginrai the five figures in this year’s Botcon boxed set are known, and they are:

Ginrai from Classics Optimus Prime
Devcon from Generations Scourge, with a new head
Scorponok from Energon Scorponok, retooled to use a remolded Encore Spike as his Headmaster
Ferak from Universe Cyclonus
Cannonball from Prime Ratchet, with a new head

Botcon 2014 is being held over the weekend of June 19 - 22 in Pasadena, California. Visit the Botcon homepage for more information on the convention, the official 30th anniversary of Transformers convention and also the 20th anniversary Botcon!


Something I haven’t posted about in almost a year, but ever since getting a copy of the How to Draw Transformers Prime book (featuring art by Nick Roche!), I’ve had a hobby of doing recolors of the character linearts in the book. The original ‘master post’ has links to the previous ones I’ve posted, but I’ve decided I’m just gonna post them up in groups based on the character’s lineart.

Here we have Optimus Prime, in the following deco choices:

  • Optimus Prime (from the Bathing Ape version of ​the Generation 1 Masterpiece toy)
  • Optimus Prime (from the ‘Lucky Draw’ version of the Generation 1 Robotmasters toy, AKA ‘Crayola Convoy’)
  • Optimus Prime (from Robots in Disguise (2001))
  • Ginrai (from Super-God Masterforce, Fire Guts/Timelines deco)
  • Hot Spot (from Generation 1)
  • Powered Convoy (from Diaclone)
  • Optimus Primal (from Beast Wars)

Check the ‘recolors’ tag to see the rest, and if you have any requests/suggestions, feel free to drop me a note! (Oh, and I’d love to do the rest of the Prime and Robots in Disguise 2015 cast if anyone has any sources for clean, uncolored lineart or would be willing to vector-trace some)