EM Gokin Ginrai New Color Photos of Licensed Collector Figure

Alan Moriguchi, a designer for the Art Storm company has tweeted the first color photos of the upcoming EM Gokin Ginrai figure. This extremely stylized take on the Masterforce character design begins to cross the line between Transformers and Gundam, helped little by the pair of semi-realistic rifles it’s displayed with here. We’re expecting this figure to be displayed during Winter Wonder Festival this weekend, so keep watching for more photos to turn up. meanwhile, click through to check out these first three shots!


So I know not everyone has seen Transformers Super GOD Masterforce, the series with the greatest title in TV history, but I wanted to share with you, from memory, my favorite character from that show: King Poseidon, the loud and disproportionally angry Seacon Combiner with a heart of dirt.

He was in a handful of episodes and didn’t really do much (which is impressive since there are a lot of useless characters in Masterforce and only a handful regularly do things) but he gets defeated so often and I remember him sucking so much that I kinda love him.

ivoryroseheroinedx said: Magnus Prime is Ginrai


Point one: His bio says he has missile launchers.  These are Ultra Magnus weapons.

Point two: His function is CITY COMMANDER.  This is Ultra Magnus’s function.

Point three: His name is Magnus Prime.  This is Ultra Magnus’s name.

Magnus Prime is Ultra Magnus.

(his Titan Master partner is Ginrai, though)

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on Optimus Prime? I can not say i like him as I prefer darker hero leaders or characters.

Hello there, Lovely Anon! Since you didn’t specify, I’m going through some of the continuities I’ve watched/read, I’ll put it under the cut for length reasons. Yeah, we’re doing this. Alright, so.

Optimus Prime.

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