One of 5 sketches I managed to create on my first week off from school and homework. Another Chibi Gin.

I have 3 more Chibi and a Secret Santa pic to turn digital.

Thinking I might offer up the Chibi poses as YCH discount commissions… We shall see what happens. :)

Crappy phone photo of something I just made. It’s probably me in pony form. Ink on the tail end. Animation board as the mark. Design on paper always changes depending on what she thinks of but it’s always a rough skeletal sketch/shapes.

I wrote down all the pencil colors I used in their color. Maybe I used too many?


I hate photos of myself but I was asked to show it so here it is. I just went with lightening my color up and a cut. I kinda chickened out on asking about random color tips. Half because of work, other half because the stylist has a major sinus infection and lung infection and I didn’t want to kill her with chemicals. But there you go. Me and my new cut in all its smiling glory. XD

December 20th - Fave Electric Rodent - Plusle & Minun

This only proves that the Pokemon style DOESN’T adapt well to any style. But I’m not redoing it. 

Why these 2? Because some years ago Troy and I bought a Plusle and Minun beanie plush. We put them in our cars then. They are still in them. Minun in his and Plusle in mine.

December 6th - Fave Fighting Pokemon - Meinshao

While I haven’t had the chance the use this one, I think it looks cool. My final team doesn’t have any single type pokemon. If only this one wasn’t single type, I’d have likely chosen it over Lucario. I save Lucario for steel though. 

Trivial fact - after felines, members of the weasel family are my fave animals. So only fitting I pick this one. :)

I started this on April 12th. i woke up from a very bad dream where I woke crying. Let’s just tl;dr it and condense it to I killed lots of cats in the dream. It disturbed me greatly and this drawing is my penence for even dreaming such a horror. 

While I initially envisioned something more, I guess it’s just not in my skill set. It’s mostly I don’t know HOW to do what I wanted to. XD But I’m still happy with the outcome. I learned more about Manga Studio 5 as well. It’s brushes don’t work like SAI so it’s a whole bunch of experimenting. 

So here it is, Tripping Kitties. 

At work I decided to join MERIT. It’s a morale employee team type thing. Anyways, they wanted to announce it in the newest letter, but they know I’m shy and don’t like photos, so they asked if I had an avatar they could use instead. I realized no one at wok would understand my Gintama Ginpu icon, so I had to create something less furry. Something more human. So here’s me in my typical work get up.