headcanon on summoner/mindfang

actually, this headcanon was written by ginong45! I would like to translate it in here cuz it was soooooo nice and sadT_T

While the Summoner and Mindfang loved each other, soon they had to accept that their love and the Summoner’s revolt could not coexist. Although the Summoner knows that, but he will not be able to kill Mindfang just for the sake of his revolt. Although he is charismatic and strong, his mind will not be strong enough to decide to kill her. (As the Summoner is the youngest among ancestors, I suppose that Mindfang is the Summoner’s first loveT_T) As Mindfang noticed that, not wanting to ruin the Summoner and his revolt, at last, Mindfang might use her mind control power to make the Summoner kill her in front of the Summoner’s army. Killing the highblood in front of the lowblood army may improve the morale of the army a lot, all but the Summoner who was forced to kill his lover. That may be the reason why the revolt was failed at last.