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If I was yo boyfriend i'd neva letchu go, I could take you places you aint eva been befoh(like haunted places and shit) baby take a chance or you'll neva eva know, i would kick your ass at games and leave you cryin' on the floor. SWAG SWAG SWAG ON YOU CHILLIN IN DA T-BELL WHILE WE SIPPIN MOUNTAIN DEW I DUNNO ABOUT ME, BUT I KNOW ABOUT YOU SO SAY HELLO TO DA JELLO IN 3 2 SWAG.

omg you are the best <3


SO disregard the other videos I posted, because I really really really hated them with a passion. I decided to re-record them and for valentines day, and started with Say Something by A Great Big World.

if u dig it, some likes, comments, suggestions, and rebliggityblogs would be much appreciated. :D 


Watch my friend Gino’s Say Something cover!