gino nobuchika

Sometimes I wonder if Ginoza ever felt a little left behind when Kougami, seeing Masaoka dying, didn’t seem to spare a thought for Gino at all. Surely, Masaoka was dying, but Gino was wounded and psychologically destroyed, and gave Kou a look that desperately called for help.

Kou didn’t even seem to notice that, just said “Pops!”, and went on chashing Makishima.

I think this scene shows very clearly how Gino and Kou grew apart after Sasayama’s death. I feel incredibly sorry for Gino -in that moment he must have felt like the loneliest person in the world.

shipper part of me talking:
Anyway, I still hope they will be able to reconnect, now that Gino has grown a ponytail has gone through some serious character development.