gino nobuchika

Sometimes I wonder if Ginoza ever felt a little left behind when Kougami, seeing Masaoka dying, didn’t seem to spare a thought for Gino at all. Surely, Masaoka was dying, but Gino was wounded and psychologically destroyed, and gave Kou a look that desperately called for help.

Kou didn’t even seem to notice that, just said “Pops!”, and went on chashing Makishima.

I think this scene shows very clearly how Gino and Kou grew apart after Sasayama’s death. I feel incredibly sorry for Gino -in that moment he must have felt like the loneliest person in the world.

shipper part of me talking:
Anyway, I still hope they will be able to reconnect, now that Gino has grown a ponytail has gone through some serious character development.

What I want for Christmas
  • Santa: what do you want for Christmas?
  • Me: psycho pass season 3
  • Santa: just that?
  • Me: well now you mention it..
  • I want Kogami to stop being a little shit and come back to Japan and he better apologise to Akane. Also he needs to sort everything out with Gino bc sexual tension and shit. Shimotsuki better sort her act out and stop being a bitch, (or just kill her, I couldn't care less as long as she stops being mean to Gino)DON'T FORGET A GINO SHOWER SCENE PLZ. Kogami also need to meet Sugo, and that's a must. DID I MENTION A GINO SHOWER SCENE?! Hinakawa needs to be protected at all costs and wrapped up like a burrito and I just want them to all be happy ok?!
  • Santa: ....
  • Me: ....
  • Santa: ....
  • Me: oh yeah I want a Gino shower scene plz, everyone wants a Gino shower scene.