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What Harry Potter house would Code Geass characters be in?

I was surprised to find nothing like this on the internet already (if something does exist, please let me know) so I decided it was up to me to give it a spin.

1. Lelouch: Slytherin

It was hard for me to decided whether Lelouch belongs to Ravenclaw or Slytherin, because obviously his intelligence is incredible but at the same time he is very much of the “Ends justify the means” persuasion. Ultimately, I decided that since most of his intellectual feats involve tricking the other person, the term “cunning” readily fits Lelouch, and so into Slytherin he goes.

2. Suzaku: Gryffindor

Suzaku is brave. Very brave. So brave that he agreed to pilot a knightmare without an ejection seat, and then take on entire armies by himself, as well as agreeing to die for the sake of completing a mission. He’s definitely a Gryffindor, although his Geass “To live” would occasionally be embarrassing.

3. C.C.: Hufflepuff

C.C. was difficult because most of the time she is a passive observer, however I eventually decided on Hufflepuff considering her loyal friendship with Lelouch as well as the fact that, deep down, she only wanted to truly be loved. D’aww. 

4. Kallen: Gryffindor

Suzaku and Kallen hold starkly contrasting ideologies, but they really are quite similar. Thus, Kallen is in Gryffindor. It takes guts to fight tooth and nail for the liberation of your country.

5. Lloyd: Ravenclaw

I figured that Lloyd would fit right at home among boffins of his kind; even if they’re not so keen on him.

6. Schneizel: Slytherin

I had the same dilemna with Lelouch here, and I actually very nearly proclaimed Schneizel a Ravenclaw, with Lelouch still as a Slytherin. I thought this way because Schneizel’s plan for peace was built more out of cold rationale than any desire to advance himself. But then I remembered the end of Turn 23 “The man who has not mastered the use of the mask cannot hope to defeat me”. Yeah, almost had me fooled too, Schneizel.

7. Ohgi: Hufflepuff

His love for Villetta superseding his duty to the Black Knights proves Ohgi to be a true Hufflepuff. As well as not really possessing any of the qualities to get him into the other houses.

8. Anya: Ravenclaw

Anya is always collecting information with her camera to compensate for her lost memories, and although she seems emotionless and detached, she is always curious, like when she asked Suzaku about his Japanese clothes.

9. Gino: Hufflepuff

Keen to get to know everyone from the emo new Knight of the Round to his classmates at the school he is briefly at to the enemy terrorists themselves,  Gino’s overbearing friendliness makes him a neat candidate for Hufflepuff.

10. Cornelia: Gryffindor

I considered putting Cornelia in Slytherin, taking into account her ruthlessness as well as her elitist and racist tendencies, but ultimately what Cornelia is most recognised for, both in-universe and out of it, is her sheer badassery on the battlefield. Furthermore, her bravery in military matters is complimented by her bravery in social and political matters as well, when she breaks off from the royal family to clear her sisters’ name.

11. Euphemia: Gryffindor

Surprise! Bet you all thought she was a Hufflepuff - she definitely has the “Can’t we all get along?” tendencies of one. But in Harry Potter, your brave characteristics tend to override the others you may have, thus why Hermione isn’t in Ravenclaw. And Euphemia is pretty damn brave. She just doesn’t take imperialist shit - knighting an Eleven and setting up a Special Zone to the horror of the aristocrats, not to mention charging into a battlefield to save Suzaku. There’s more of her sister in her than she or anyone else realised.

12. Charles: Ravenclaw

It’s really a rollercoaster on this list, isn’t it? Not Slytherin? But why? Well, Charles wanted to create a world without conflict and without lies, where everyone was equal and lived in harmony. That is the most un-Slytherin philosophy there is. So, a Hufflepuff? Not if you believe Lelouch’s accusations against him in Turn 21; would a Hufflepuff really abandon their children in a foreign land they’re at war with? Thus, Ravenclaw. He had to be pretty smart to know how to use the Sword of Akasha.

13. Tamaki: Gryffindor

Tamaki happily goes charging into dangerous situations, under the misguided belief that he can win. He’s pretty brave. Or, more likely, just really stupid.

14. Villetta: Former Slytherin, Current Hufflepuff

Such are the joys of character development. Villetta was pretty dastardly when she started out, being a Pureblood racist and all. But then the miracle of memory loss hit her and she started becoming a Hufflepuff. There were some bumps along the way, like that awkward time she shot Ohgi, and then that other one when she tried to kill him, but eventually Villetta finally gave in to love.

15. Mao: Hufflepuff

All Mao ever wanted was for C.C. to love him. He just showed it in the worst way possible.

16. Rolo: Hufflepuff

Same deal as Mao, really. Though Rolo could almost qualify as Slytherin given his actions to everyone who isn’t Lelouch, he really just wanted a brother who loved him. Lesson learnt: Hufflepuffs can be dangerous psychopaths just as much as Slytherins.

17. Xingke: Gryffindor

Xingke showed immense courage and determination betraying everyone each in turn in order to demonstrate his true devotion to his Empress. And he did this all in spite of a lung disease, which wasn’t really expanded on, but it’s still impressive.

18. Kaguya: Ravenclaw

When we first met Kaguya in R1, she seemed to be more hufflepuff material as a Zero fangirl. In R2, to my surprise and delight she turned out to be a very astute and capable politician, eventually becoming one of the most prominent members of the UFN. That takes some brainpower.

19. Rakshata: Ravenclaw

I hope that she and Lloyd would share a dormitory. They could make some amazing collaborations, if they don’t tear each other’s throats out.

20. Bradley: Slytherin

At long last, a character who is just a pure and uncomplicated dickhead.


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