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Can you do one where Harry celebrate it with his kids and Teddy? And I want to see like cute daughter - father moments bc I feel like there are non, I want me some cute Harry and lily moments

I am not very familiar with next generation but I will give it a try 

  • Harry refuses to celebrate Halloween for so long, he finally caves in, Lily Luna has the stubbornness of both of her grandmothers
  • they visit Lily and James graves in the morning and stare at the old pictures.
  • Harry tells them stories he heard from McGonagall about the Marauders, he never leaves Peter out neither should you
  • Teddy doesn’t need a costume, his body is a costume itself
  • Lily Luna insists on wearing one of Ginny’s Holyhead Harpies jerseys, shrunk by Ginny
  • Ginny and Harry are both very excited about her very first Quidditch match even though it’s years away, they high-five each other and then they have a small fight
    • G: She’ll be a chaser
    • H: no, she’ll be a seeker
    • G: chaser!
    • H: seeker!
    • stop IT!
  • Albus wears glasses and draws a lightning bolt on his forehead and messes his hair, look dad I’m you! 
  • Harry shits his pants thinking it’s really himself but then he is just so proud
  • James is, of course, extra, sometimes Harry forgets his middle name is Sirius
  • He’s a mixture of the two people he’s named after, he has antlers but a dogs face, thanks to Teddy who’s good at transfiguring other peoples faces as well as his
  • Ginny is furious because so many things could have gone wrong
    • J: Mum calm down
    • G:Do you want to live with antlers the rest of your life James?!
    • J: Teddy will fix it
    • G: He is not allowed to do magic outside of schOOL!
    • T: Have a little faith in me Aunt Ginny
    • G: Don’t you dare pull puppy eyes!
  • Ginny dresses up as a Snitch because Harry would love it but she’s a very pretty Snitch and Harry’s dumbstruck
  • Harry dresses up as a broomstick and carries Lily Luna around all night because HARRY’S AN AWESOME DAD CURSED CHILD I’m calm
  • Teddy goes to the same houses with different hair and face several times, they give him candies every time, James is furious
  • Teddy is a good big brother, so he shares all that candy with the rest, the kid is a true Hufflepuff
  • When they come across a family interested in Quidditch the whole household loses it because OH MY GOD IT’S GINNY FROM HOLYHEAD HARPIES! 
  • Or sometimes people would tease Albus like Oh are you Harry Potter, that’s so cute, bless his soul until they look up and see Harry and they just forget what they were about to say
  • and these people just give all the candies they have to Ginny and Harry, the children just stare 
    • T: but they are famous
    • J: dad has more candy than I do, I refuse
  • Harry enjoys himself on a Halloween though he never thought he would

“I should have told you about Mila," 
"Oh… No. It’s fine." 
"We’ve always been a casual thing, though, right?" 
"Yeah! Very casual.” She swallowed hard. What was wrong with her.
“So you’re okay with this?”
“Fine. I’m Fine.”
“Are, you, Sure?”
“Positive.” She gave him some sort of horrific salute. What was she doing!? “You, should, um. Get back to her." 
"Right. I’ll call you later?”
“Call? Me?”
“Is that okay?”
“Sure!? Why not. Okay. Yes.” She was going to vomit. She was actually be sick. What was wrong with her? “I’ll. Um. Look forward to it.”
“You sure you’re okay with.”
“If I wasn’t I’d say something. Psh. Hah. Please.” Yup. She was going to puke.  



My name is Bia, I’m 20 years old and I live in Portugal, but I’m planning on moving to LA as soon as I can.

I’m currently working as a Production Assistant, but I’m only an intern yet. The ultimate goal is to have my own tv show.

I’m good at making people cry with my Swan Queen videos, and being unintentionally too sarcastic when responding to anon hate. I have also mastered the art of running against door frames and apologizing to them.

I also have OCD, which is a big part of my life because, well, I don’t really know what it’s like to not have OCD. But I’m working on it.

My favorite movie is Moulin Rouge and yes, my hills are definitely alive with the sound of Swan Queen.



This ship has changed my life in ways I had never imagined.

Swan Queen has made me laugh, cry, roll around on the floor, scream while running around the house, confuse my entire family as I babbled about a bench, unstoppable triggers, “but maybe we are”, “our son”, romantic zooms, “but maybe I need you”, sacrifices, and basically every single aspect of this incredible ship.

I can’t possibly put into words just how much Swan Queen means to me, not just personally, but also just how much I know it would mean in terms of Queer representation as a whole.

As a child, I was never into fairytales. I loved The Little Mermaid, because I wanted to live under the sea. I loved the Lion King because I wanted to be a lion. I loved Mulan because I wanted to be a warrior.

But still, I never really felt like I truly saw myself in these fairytales. I was never interested in being saved by Prince Charming, or Prince Philip, or any other prince really. I wanted to be the one who got to save the girl.

And, above all, I wanted to feel like there was a place in the world for someone like me.

Swan Queen has given me hope that maybe, just maybe, queer children today won’t have to go through what I went through as a child. Swan Queen has given me hope that the world might be ready to welcome people like me into their love stories.

Swan Queen has truly given me hope for a Happy Ending.



Swen. Ohhhh, Swen.

What can I say about all of these wonderful people?

Swen has endured so much, suffered so immensely, had so much hope ripped out from under our feet, been through Ginnygates, and Colegates, and all of the other ‘gates, and it sucked, it sucked bull testicles, but we’ve also all gone through all of this together.

And that’s us. Together. When we unite we’re not just a fandom. We’re a family. And this is something no other fandom has. This unity, this beautiful and powerful force and dedication, incredible hope and positivity that I’ve never seen, ever, in any other fandom.

Together we can accomplish anything.

We hold onto each other and we organize events, and twitter trends, and we win polls, and we have grown from nothing into this gorgeous collection of some of the strongest people I’ve ever met.

I mean, come on, we’ve been through some really tough times together. And we break down, but we’re always here to pick each other up and rebuild our hope and turn awful things into something positive.

Words can’t express how proud I am of each and every one of you.

And how thankful I am to be on this incredible ride with you all.