“I should have told you about Mila," 
"Oh… No. It’s fine." 
"We’ve always been a casual thing, though, right?" 
"Yeah! Very casual.” She swallowed hard. What was wrong with her.
“So you’re okay with this?”
“Fine. I’m Fine.”
“Are, you, Sure?”
“Positive.” She gave him some sort of horrific salute. What was she doing!? “You, should, um. Get back to her." 
"Right. I’ll call you later?”
“Call? Me?”
“Is that okay?”
“Sure!? Why not. Okay. Yes.” She was going to vomit. She was actually be sick. What was wrong with her? “I’ll. Um. Look forward to it.”
“You sure you’re okay with.”
“If I wasn’t I’d say something. Psh. Hah. Please.” Yup. She was going to puke.  

anonymous asked:

I know Lana had zero ill intentions when she used the word 'sisterly', but it had an undesirable impact nonetheless. SQ as a romantic ship has been invalidated from day one, whether thats from fandom harassment or the refusal of recognition from the writers for a good two years. We've had to deal with people saying they're enemies, it's incest and now, haters will pull the sister insult. I dunno... I guess it just sucks to ship SQ and constantly feel like I'm wrong for shipping it romantically.

Like I said, I understand. I’ve been in this fandom long enough to have been here through all the Ginnygates and Colegates and everything else that has happened to us.

But we’re finally getting recognition. Sure, they still fuck up. But dang it, it’s like we can’t enjoy ANYTHING. From what I’ve seen, Swen, as a whole, is happy right now. We rarely get anything to be happy about. Can’t we just enjoy this one thing? We’re all aware of the issues. We all know there’s a lot of fucked up crap going on.

But just… let’s us have this one thing. We have a whole hiatus to deal with these issues. Let’s just enjoy the positivity we have going on right now. We’ll have time to deal with the bullshit later.

We can’t always run on anger.