“I should have told you about Mila," 
"Oh… No. It’s fine." 
"We’ve always been a casual thing, though, right?" 
"Yeah! Very casual.” She swallowed hard. What was wrong with her.
“So you’re okay with this?”
“Fine. I’m Fine.”
“Are, you, Sure?”
“Positive.” She gave him some sort of horrific salute. What was she doing!? “You, should, um. Get back to her." 
"Right. I’ll call you later?”
“Call? Me?”
“Is that okay?”
“Sure!? Why not. Okay. Yes.” She was going to vomit. She was actually be sick. What was wrong with her? “I’ll. Um. Look forward to it.”
“You sure you’re okay with.”
“If I wasn’t I’d say something. Psh. Hah. Please.” Yup. She was going to puke.