“You corrupted my soul and now 

you can’t handle the monster you’ve created”

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Hey Liza, would you happen to have a link to that tease by Ginnifer about the curse breaking. Just wanted to look at it now, cause I didn't really pay attention to the wording the first time.

From EW spoiler room:

Can you reveal when Snow and Charming will both be awake on Once Upon a Time? — Miley
I cannot reveal when, but I can give you a tease about how. “The manner by which they are brought out of the sleeping curse is moving,” Ginnifer Goodwin tells me. “I became emotional every time I read the script and it has nothing really to do with David or me.”

I Support OUAT Season 7 And So Should Everyone Because...

I love the cast and crew. I have stuck with this show through thick and thin. Through terrible plot turns, reprehensible storylines, and the heartbreaking happiness of my beloved Emma Swan. I am so sad that she will not be continuing on along with the rest of the immediate Charming Family as we know them. It won’t be the same no matter what they do or how they spin it, reboot it, or rework it.

That being said….

I love Colin, and Lana, and Robert, and all the rest of the cast. They have contributed some of the more talented performances throughout the run of the show. They are fantastic actors. But they are still actors. We tend to think of actors in the mindset of movie stars and A-listers who make tens or hundreds of millions of dollars for any project they work no matter how small.

The reality is that acting is an inconsistent career that can leave a professional out of work for long stretches of time if the projects aren’t coming in. Colin has interviewed stating that before OUAT he had been basically out of work for a year and on the verge of giving it up because he had a family and it just didn’t seem to be working out. I can name maybe a couple of tv appearances for Lana outside of OUAT. And Robert is perhaps a more well known, established actor, but I would imagine that having steady work while looking for other projects (see Trainspotting 2) has great appeal if he chooses to come back as well.

As a fan of them and their work I support anything that keeps them working. And for the professionalism, and dedication that they have shown this show and it’s fans, especially in the face of so much hate and disgusting harassment from disgruntled trolls on social media, I will continue to watch this show. I will continue to support them because I still love this show and I still care about its characters and their journeys, wherever they take us.

So please let’s all wish season 7 good luck.


Ginny and I have been friends for years. A part of the appeal of the show was to work with her. I just saw a quote the other day that made me feel really good, where she said that when they came to her and said they were thinking of hiring Jennifer Morrison to play Emma, she said there’s no one else in the world she’d rather be stuck in another country with. I thought that was awesome because I feel the same way. You hear stories about how actors can be tricky and selfish, but that doesn’t go on with us at all. We genuinely love and care about each other. She is a generous, loving soul, so that makes it easier when you already have a friendship and chemistry” - Jennifer Morrison.