ginny is a bamf


so i have this head cannon…

when teddy is 14 years old he gets his eyebrow pierced and when he does it the person at the piercing parlor asks if he has a parent present and he just says “both my parents are dead.” but then fast forward to the next time he’s at the potters and ginny notices it and flips out and is yelling at him for not asking permission and how disrespectful it is and that he is grounded but the whole time teddy is just smiling and after she is done scolding him he gives ginny the biggest hug and tells her thank you because in that moment he realizes he has a mom

Ginny doesn’t get much appreciation. She was one of the most skilled students in DA and she helped Neville and Luna bring it back to rebel against Death Eaters in her sixth year. Let’s not forget how she helped Gryffindor win the Quidditch Cup when she was only fifteen, and how did she manage to do that? BECAUSE SHE’S A GOD WHEN PLAYING QUIDDITCH. She was able to secretly practice with her brothers brooms, that shows how clever Ginny was to use them without getting caught. And even though she had an epic crush on Harry when she was younger, she decided she was done waiting for him to notice her and that moping around was pointless. So she dated other guys and wasn’t ashamed at all. Ginny was also accepted into the Slug Club during her fifth year. Slughorn only accepted witches and wizards who he thought were determined and talented muggle fuckers. GINNY EVEN SURVIVED LITERALLY EVERY BATTLE THAT WAS CAUSED BY HARRY AND VOLDEMORT AND PUT UP WITH MAJOR BULLSHIT.

Ginny Weasley is a sassy bamf and no one can tell me other wise goodbye.

774. After Hermione took Ron to a Star Wars movie, he experimented for a long time until he invented a spell that made a light beam come out of his wand just like a light saber. He often meets with his brothers to play fight, but they always loose to Ginny.

Weasley is our Queen

Honestly, as a self-proclaimed Potterhead, I’m not sure why it took me so long to get around to making Harry Potter fan art. And who better to draw than Ginevra ‘BAMF’ Weasley herself?

I used Charleen Weiss <3 as a pose reference model and as you can probably tell, I HATE detailing hair. I’ve left so much incomplete and her hair looks like octopus tentacles and I’m disgusted with myself but I’m also a lazy trashcan who just can’t anymore.

LISTEN UP MUGGLE FUCKERS. YOU SEE THIS WONDERFUL LITTLE SHIT RIGHT HERE? THAT’S DEAN THOMAS. I DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU GUYS, BUT I THINK HE’S AN UNDERRATED CHARACTER IN THE HARRY POTTER SERIES. LET ME TELL YOU A THING ABOUT DEAN FUCKING THOMAS: He was born from a muggle mother and a wizard father who left when he was a baby. Dean grew up with his mother, step father, and several half-siblings. None of them knew he was a wizard, not even him. In 1990 he received his Hogwarts letter and was sorted into Gryffindor house. NO SURPRISE THERE. Dean was chill but he was really something. He filled in for Katie Bell as Chaser on the Gryffindor quidditch team in his sixth year, AND HE WAS FREAKING GREAT AT IT. He was also apart of Dumbledore’s Army. Despite his best mate Seamus Finnigan not believing in Harry, Dean remained loyal to both DA and his friend. AND LET’S NOT FORGET THAT HE DATED GINNY. THE GINNY WEASLEY. HE SNOGGED THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF HER. 

When sixth year was over for him, he had to live on the run. Since he had no official proof that his biological father was a wizard, he was accused of being muggle-born and “allegedly stealing magic”. He traveled from place to place and was the last one standing from his group of five (Dean Thomas, Ted Tonks, Dirk Cresswell, plus goblins Griphook and Gornuk). He was caught by Snatchers and was taken to Malfoy Manor then escaped with The Trio and the others to the Shell Cottage. He helped bury Dobby and put a wool hat on him to represent that he was, and would always be, a free elf. LOOK ME IN THE EYE AND TELL ME THAT ISN’T THE SWEETEST SHIT EVER. Dean stayed at the Cottage with Bill, Fleur, and Luna for a few months. He even fashioned Luna a wand during all that time. DEAN THOMAS MADE A FUCKING WAND. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF ANOTHER CHARACTER BESIDES OLIVANDER AND DEATH FASHIONING A WAND BEFORE? HELL NO. THAT’S TALENT THERE, MY FRIEND. Dean returned to Hogwarts and fought bravely in the final battle. I don’t know what happened to him 19 years later, but I bet you all my Harry Potter merch he was successful and living his life to the fullest. Dean Thomas is my favorite character in the entire series and is one of the best and no one can tell me otherwise. 

In conclusion, DEAN THOMAS IS A BAMF

Today on: “Homeboy Did Not See That Coming”

I am the only one bothered by people referring to Ginny Weasley as “The Girl Who Waited” ????? Like, please this firecracker of a goddess is worthy of a much better descriptor than waiting for her childhood crush to like her back. 

Some alternatives for you:

  • The Girl Who Kicked Ass In Quidditch
  • The Girl Who Dated Around Because She’s Worthy Of Having Fun
  • The Girl Who Was So Good At A Hex That Teachers Revered Her For It
  • The Girl Who Kept The Rebellion Alive
  • The Girl Who Befriended The Bullied
  • The Girl Who Refused To Hide Away
  • The Girl Who Called Harry Out On His Shit
  • The Girl Who Overcame Adversities
  • The Girl Who Stood Up For Herself

(I’m sure there are more options but I am too tired and overwhelmed by my love for this girl). 


The thing that pisses me off the most about half blood Prince is that they didn’t include Ginny totally fucking freaking at Harry when she finds out he is following random advice from a book.
It’s such a small moment but it’s one of the only ones where Ginnys continued trauma from chamber of secrets is mentioned.
Even Harry acknowledges that she has still not recovered from the diary, and it’s a slap in his face when he realises that she is right to be scared and angry at how foolish and naive he is being.
She says it to warn him, not to guilt-trip him, and it gets through to him.
It’s why he let’s Hermione take the book- because to Ginny it’s not just a useful book, it’s a reminder of what happened when she listened to a faceless voice in a book.
It reminded Harry what he almost lost, and why he can’t afford to take chances like this.
It was a small moment that showed how much respect he had for Ginny, she got through when even Hermiones logic couldn’t.
It killed me when they didn’t include it in the movie.

Deamus Thoughts; because I can’t these two out of my head

  • Dean is bi; Seamus is gay (though I’m flexible on Seamus’s sexual orientation)
  • Seamus realizes he loves Dean long before Dean realizes he loves him back
  • Seamus realizes his crush on Dean when Dean starts dating Ginny
  • Dean doesn’t get that he has a crush on Seamus until Ginny tells him they’re breaking up because “they’re both substitutes for who the other really wants” and basically spells it out for him because Ginny is a bamf and knows all things
  • Seamus definitely slept in Dean’s bed during 7th Year with a picture of the two of them on his pillow
  • Dean had the same picture in his pocket while he was on the run
  • Neither of them return for their 7th year
  • Dean sort of hides in the Muggle world for a few months after the war and Seamus does his best to adjust because he understands how scary the magical one must still feel to Dean
  • They don’t finally get it together until a year after the war is over and they’re sharing a flat together
  • Dean says ‘I love you’ first
  • Dean loves to tease Seamus about his height and often offers to get him a chair before they kiss so he doesn’t strain his neck
  • Seamus likes to whisper filthy things in Dean’s ear to make him blush in retaliation
  • Seamus secretly likes it when Dean carries him around the flat and also when they’re fucking
  • They spend a lot of time kissing each other’s scars
  • Seamus likes to pretend not to understand football just because it gets Dean all riled up and that’s super sexy
  • The Quidditch vs football bicker battle will never end
  • Dean’s mum is okay with their relationship; Seamus’s mum needs a few years to adjust
  • Sometimes Dean will disappear into their spare bedroom for days just for some quiet time and Seamus totally gets it
  • Ginny is the “best man” at their wedding

What if there was a device that was like a TV that could make fanfiction into a movie or an app . Like you could write your own and put insert it there or say a specific one, and it shows it in movie form. So basically it’s like your OTP becoming canon. And it doesn’t matter what ship it is and it can be as smutty or as fluffy as you want. Like instead of imagining them making out you could see it or smtn. And you could be watching and be like “ pause, this person needs to say this to that person and that person will react like this” or you could level down the smut or put more. And not just fanfiction, you could insert books so they become in movie form. Like with Harry Potter, Ik they already have movies, but in this it will include everything, like Dumbledore asking Harry about the Goblet calmly, or Ginny being a BAMF, or Harry having green eyes and so on so forth. With any book

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child



-Scorpius is a total geek
-Albus is gay af
-Harry isn’t a perfect father
-Ginny is still a bamf
-Draco is trying SO DAMN HARD to be a good dad, especially after his wife died
-James and Lily jr. are adorable rays of sunshine
-Harry loves his kids and his wife and his job and is happy
-Rose is an even more confident version of Hermione.
-Rose is also probably such a protective big sister to Hugo
-The Trolley Witch is crazy af
-Ginny is a fierce mama bear
-Harry is a fierce papa bear
-“How to distract Scorpius from difficult emotional issues. Take him to a library.”
-“Mainly I wanted to be happy.”
-“I’m proud he carries my name.”
-“They were great men with huge flaws, and you know what— those flaws almost made them greater.”
-“My geekness is a-quivering.”
-“I’m Rubeus Hagrid, and I’m going to be your friend whether you like it or not.”
-“People think they know all there is to know about you, but the best bits of you are — have always been — heroic in the really quiet ways.”
-“Keep up, old man.”
“We’re the same age, Draco.”
“I wear it better.”
-“It is exceptionally lonely, being Draco Malfoy.”
-Harry and Albus are basically the same person they are so similar
-Shows that using a time turner –even if your intentions are good– is NEVER AN OKAY IDEA
-Professor McGonagall still takes no one’s shit
-Voldemort had a daughter (with Bellatrix LeStrange, like, what?) and she is as incapable of love as he is
-Everyone was there for Harry as he watched his parents die
-“I asked out Rose Granger-Weasley.”
“And she said no.”
“But I asked her. I planted the acorn. The acorn that will grow into our eventual marriage.”
-Even though Scorpius found a reality where he was admired, he changed it back to normal because he his such a brave and excellent bean
-Scorpius Malfoy in general
-Ron always standing up for his loved ones because Ron
-Harry still blaming himself for everything but Ginny promising that it isn’t his fault
-Harry realizing that he’s made mistakes
-Albus realizing that his dad never wanted any fame, and loves his son no matter what
-Harry and Albus getting past their problems because they love each other
-Albus being proud to be like his father
-Hermione to this day being the real leader of the trio
-Just everything really

anonymous asked:

Did you like cursed child?

Some things were really nice, some things were ridiculous. I liked Harry and Draco’s conversations, Scorpius was a sweetheart. I felt like Hermione and Ron were more like their movie versions than book versions. I was annoyed by how Ron was just that stupid and “hilarious” friend. Generally, idk maybe I’m old and forgot all HP books, but it wasn’t the Harry Potter I knew and loved, it was more like I was reading a fanfic where:
- Draco was that hot, broken boy you just wanted to hug and comfort (◜⁎ˇ3ˇ⁎)ゞ
- Ron was a jealous prick picking on him and serving some boring lines that supposed to make everyone laugh ( ఠ ͟ʖ ఠ)
- Harry was awkward and generally tired and not very good as a father (I mean, that’s fine)
- Hermione was weird (that book cupboard thing, also toffie scene?????? wtf, Hermione/Ron scenes were a harlequin romance)
- Ginny was the most supportive woman in the galaxy
- Snape! sarcastic bamf with a heart of gold ╮(ಠ‿ಠ)╭ who saved the world
- plus two kids who didn’t know what they were doing: an emo with aunty issues and the sweetest cinamon roll.
All villains were so grotesque I can’t even. The gyöngyhajú lány. And that Voldemort au? What was even that? Dungeons of tortures?? Scorpion King????????? I mean… ლ(⊙_⊙ლ) The trolley lady was pretty normal in comparison with the rest… Like, tbh everything was just action (and that’s weird because some scenes didn’t move the plot much) and no emotions, the characters were rather shallow in my opinion (siriusly, not much depth) And why the heck it was about Cedric? We just don’t know ╮( •ิ_•ิ)╭
I wish I could watch it on stage (•́︿•̀) maybe I’d like it better…
So, did I like it? Meh. Do I accept all those things as canon? (╮°-°)╮┳━━┳ Hell no ( ╯°□°)╯ ┻━━┻

ok but how can someone not love let alone hate ginny weasley like?? i don’t understand. she is such a genuinely kind and great person, not to mention she’s a badass??!! she loves passionately, but is perfectly fine/not dependent on any boy. she is so fierce and loyal when it comes to the people she cares about. also, she’s an amazing quidditch player who even went on to make a career out of it. she has never and will never be afraid to call anyone, even her family out on their bullshit. truly an icon.

Let me talk to you about James Sirius Potter. I’ve been co-writing a very long fic from his perspective, and I want to share the way I see him. Because in my personal opinion, he’s too often portrayed as the dumb/asshole jock. I mean, c’mon guys. This is the first born child of Harry freaking Potter and Ginny bamf Weasley. We can do better than that, dig deeper than that. 

These are my own personal, carefully-conceived headcanons for him.

  • He is a surprisingly quiet and solitary guy- has one or two good friends in Gryffindor, is best friends with his brother and sister, and friendly with his cousins. And of course politely friendly to everyone else, because he’s just nice like that.
  • He is talented in Quidditch of course, and plays Chaser like his mom and granddad. 
  • He’s Quidditch Captain and Head Boy in his final year at school, but only because he’s actually a really good leader and legitimately earned it.
  • He is incredibly kind-hearted and compassionate, but also occasionally reckless and brutally protective of the people he loves.
  • He gets good marks in school, but he does have to actually work hard for them.  
  • He’s very stereotypically attractive, and has a popular reputation at school for being a hottie, but he’s actually a bit insecure and incredibly dorky and clumsy, so he has a hard time understanding the image people have of him.
  • He carries an immense amount of weight on his shoulders. First born Potter, first son of the Chosen One and named after another war hero. Most of the things people see about him- Gryffindor, Quidditch, Head Boy- only add to that image. But he doesn’t like that.
  • He’s expected to be a Quidditch star like his mother, or an Auror so he can be on the same path as his father and namesake. But he doesn’t want to be them. 
  • He wants to be his own person, but he has no idea what that means because he’s spent so long trying to be the kid they expected him to be. He has no idea what he wants to do after school, so he just studies hard, keeping all his options open.
  • He’s bisexual, but he watched the stress his younger brother went through coming out as gay, and is afraid to come out for a long time. 
  • When he does come out, the gay community at Hogwarts flourishes, because if their popular jock Head Boy can be queer, then they don’t need to be afraid. 
  • His very best friend is his brother. To each other, they’re Jamie and Ally. They’ve always shared beds, held hands, played together, and whispered secrets. And this doesn’t change all that much as they get older. Lily is close with them, too, but she’s more independent of her brothers, more like her mother. Of course these children are all good friends, because why would you want anything else? Harry deserves a family that loves each other completely, not bickering sibling rivalry. He wouldn’t raise his kids that way, and no child of his could turn out to be a dimwitted asshole. 

tl;dr James II is an incredible, multi-faceted character with so much potential and I love him with all my heart. 


I have been absent from tumble for some two weeks now, but not idle in my margin-sketches, and this isn’t even half of them. Here we have, respectively, James and Lily (bonus angry Snape in the background), Remus and Sirius being (older) BAMFS, Ginny, Ginny, and more Ginny (luv her), Harry, Hermione, and Angelina cuz I have never drawn her before.

ok, there is one thing that drives me up the wall when people try to argue with me that romione is the superior couple

when they (use that bullshit excuse, ‘it’s canon’) try and tell me that because ron was yelling and screaming when hermione was getting tortured by Bellatrix, it means ron loves hermione; while harry was affected but “not to the degree that ron was.”

um, no.

‘Hermione was screaming again: The sound went through Harry like physical pain’. (Ch. 23, DH).

now, look, i’ll concede, ron was screaming himself hoarse and yes that’s all concern. that is love. (but, to be honest, ron has a lot of fucking practice yelling - usually at hermione; on a more serious note, ladies, if a guy is yelling abuse at you when you assert your independence and intelligence, leave. just leave. that shit isn’t cute and it certainly doesn’t a healthy relationship make) but harry felt it.

he felt it like a physical pain

imagine a physical blow. imagine the sudden rush of pain, the breathlessness, the tears welling up in your eyes. imagine the sting, your body toppling over, to the ground.

ron is an explosive person (i.e. storming out of the tent in a fit of jealousy or the gleeful boy that cheered when malfoy got decked - rightfully so). he’ll react as loudly as C4.

harry isn’t. harry is an intense boy that keeps things close to his chest because that’s where they’re safest. he’s a broken, fractured - sometimes idiotic - grenade of a boy.

hermione deserves a man that would never do anything to hurt her because doing so would hurt him. she deserves unconditional love and support from a man that she can get through to, even when he’s flying off the hinge.

not a man that would rather tear her down than admit he’s wrong.

also, all those hinny fans that say that ginny was everything harry needed (or arguing that she’s well developed; seriously, J.K., you’re my goddess but uh seriously??) give me one example of ginny being a well-developed character to the point where her ending up with the hero actually makes sense.

ginny can be described in three stages:

1. wallflower baby sister who obsesses over the BWL

2. dating boys at hogwarts


you must be fucking kidding me. 

in my opinion, harry deserves a character that isn’t suddenly perfect. a character that understands him to a degree that’s just a wee bit farther than WE WERE BOTH POSSESSED BY OLD SNAKE FACE AREN’T WE MEANT TO BE. that doesn’t mean ginny can’t be a bamf – can’t be the brilliant, sassy, wild child that we love. but a little more development of the relationship past ‘is that ginny? wow she looks great! oH MY GOD I’M IN LOVE WITH GINNY DEAN GET OFF OF HER’ would go a fucking long ass way.

though, if i’m going to be honest, ginny being with harry – no matter how great her development might be – will never sit well with me. she will always see him as the BWL. she dreamed she’d marry him as a child. she will always compare him to the figment she made up in her head.

that’s not healthy. especially when you combine it with the infamous weasley temper.

look, if you like romione and hinny (what are you doing on my blog?) that’s fine – your prerogative. if you want to argue it, then okay. but don’t come at me with that shit about “only ron caring when hermione was tortured” or “ginny is perfect for harry”

because i won’t take it. and you’re not gonna convince me with crap like that.