ginny i'm looking at you

 Hello yes I’d like you all to read Carry On by Rainbow Rowell because it is a wizard story and a love story and the characters are complex and interesting and discuss both real world and magical social issues and the main character is your typical foster kid who turns out to the the chosen one (sort of) but he’s also gay (possibly bi) and complicated and kind of a dunce. his love interest is a gay vampire with a non-nuclear family and a bit of a bad side who seems to have depression. the female lead is a smart, feisty, explicitly chubby half-indian girl. the ex love interest is a girl who really doesn’t care much for magic and is tired of being someone’s happy-ever-after. you will love them all i swear and the plot is (surprisingly) golden as well, despite having to explain a complicated story in just one book while mainly focusing on the characters

it’s like a love song to harry potter that’s a little more socially aware and really what more could you want in a book

684. Harry, taking the scrapbook with his parents' memories that Hagrid gave him, finds a few empty pages in the back and fills them with pictures of him and Ginny. It is now one of the most treasured items in the Potter house.

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No but I don’t think people understand

you can still like a female character even if you don’t like a ship involving them

and conversely, you shouldn’t bash on female characters just because they’re getting in the way of your goddamned shipping